Mirror to Roku for iPhone / iPad – Vlog 11 AirBeamTV

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“I ve drunk a latte. Hey. I m simon and i m here at airbeamtv airbeamtv to get you started. Mirroring your iphone to your tv.

Via your roku streaming so let s get into it the first thing to note is we are using a roku 4 player because we re pretty classy so we need to download the mirror for roku app. First of all head to the app store on nyour iphone search for airbeamtv and in there you will find mirror for roku nget that downloaded and we are almost ready to go next. Thing is we need to make sure our iphone and our roku are both connected to the same network for the roku. Ideally via a wired connection for the best performance.

So i can see inside electronics. Yes they re both connected to the same network..

So let s get started. We need to open the mirror for roku app for the first time and because they are both connected to the same network. Our roku box will pop up in the menu here now this place is doing alright. So they ve got two roku boxes nbut.

Realistically you ll probably only have one. Ours is airbeamtv1. So i just tap that and look at this guy. It pops up over here.

It says add. A channel on the roku..

So all i need to do is click ok . And it will add the receiver app to the roku box. So that you can wire the stuff in between and simple as that it s installed so now that that s installed we can go ahead and click our roku box again and it will say connecting to your tv tv. Found.

And nconnected next. Step turn on notifications ah. That was very nice. All this wants to do is send a notification to your iphone to tell you that mirroring is happening so we can click allow and allow and with that we are almost ready to go so.

Our airbeamtv box is there that s the roku little checkmark next to it all we need to do is click select mirror for roku to get started. So..

Let s do that now mirror for roku start broadcast there ll nbe a little delay of 1 to 3 seconds. We call that what it does mean is that you can t do high intensity gaming from your phone to the tv. But there it is there is nmy iphone mirrored onto the screen thanks very much phonecam your work nhere is done so now what might you want to do perhaps you want to show some pictures that you ve got stored on your phone on the big screen easy just open nyour photos app turn the phone on its side and the same thing will happen to the image on the screen. So you can see it in all its glory.

Perhaps you ve got a npdf or something on your phone. That you want to display larger. So that everyone nin. The office or an event can see it simple enough open it up again on your nphone turn it on its side and then you can see the whole process gear in all its glory double double process gear and some ngreat lorem ipsum and finally maybe you want to show videos from your phone over there well if they re stored in your camera roll you can simply show those on the big screen.

But perhaps you want to watch videos from the internet well in norder for the sound to travel from the phone to the roku. We recommend using ndolphin browser you can find that on the app store and it works just like safari nor chrome..

I have opened up a video here in dolphin browser. I press play on it i turn the sound down on my iphone. And then i can turn the sound up on the tv rotate it on its side. And there it is sorry sorry if that s too loud.

I m gonna turn that down it s slightly obnoxious so there you go all you need to make sure is that you don t have your phone with the little mute switch switched off nkeep that on sound down on the phone sound up on the tv perfect. And that s how easy. It is if you do have any questions or queries feel free to get in touch with us via facebook messenger or good old fashioned email in the meantime tell everyone in your whatsapp group. ” .


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