Miraculous Ladybug – Season 2 Episode 11 – GORIZILLA (ENGLISH DUB)

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“There s something i d like to talk to you about can i have a a few minutes of your time. Yes of course. Oh really i ll tell natalie let you know as soon as i m available it ll be too late then shouldn t you be practicing the piano yes. That s impossible nately.

Where is my son betweenness managed to leave this room. Without either of you noticing find him radiant. The fragrance. Okay bye first time i saw you in that i told myself well i got to meet this guy.

It s so cool. What if i was like your biggest fan. Yeah. Sure hmm you have got one you alert you live near here tonight at your place.

Thank you for saving me people are going crazy over this ass on an ad. I have no idea that s awesome. I don t know about that in fact. It s really quite embarrassing actually.

I snuck out without permission who s supposed to be at home right boys hadrian. And his girlfriend into flour adrian. I m so sorry i got you in this crazy mess marinette. Let s now everyone thinks you re my girlfriend with my marinette lucky charm.

We can t stay here who are you and where s my son return that phone. I don t know..

But he s hiding something for sure since his bodyguard has failed to keep an eye on a tree and there s only one way for us to uncover a secret no don t waste. Nice. This is your vehicle parking job is this in the middle of paris. You think you own the street solving.

A police officer. The failed bodyguard who came before his to his anger and frustration perfect father for my akuma fly away my little akuma and evil eye thing gouri scylla. I am hot more i m giving you the tracking abilities you ll need to hunt down. The person you ve lost and accomplish your mission good thinking.

There annette. Without these disguises. We never would have made it here no it was very dated up into the star theater. Remember.

It s not actually. This is where i was heading when those crazed fans suddenly showed up thanks you my father won t find out you weren t allowed to go to the movies. I am with my bodyguard her natalie of course. But i m not sure my father would have allowed me to see this particular movie.

No no don t worry. It s a very rare movie that i ve never been able to see it s not on the internet and my father s hidden. The only dvd somewhere at home. See my mother played the leading role.

Wow. We had no idea..

It s only being shown once today in this theater. I couldn t talk to my father about it so i decided to sneak out unnoticed. I don t think the unnoticed. If it went too well actually oh well at least.

I ll get to see it not to mention. This is the first time. I ve ever come to the movies with a friend adrian. The helmet at the movies with his girl bree wearing a towel are you my bodyguard cory sill.

The first part help your mission. Now don t let go of adrienne. Not until ladybug and cat noir come to rescue him lady bought. She s alone.

The f. Adrienne is cat noir. Then he ll have to transform to help her gorilla attack. Ladybug helicopter.

It really isn t a good time to play now pink ladybugs miraculous while we wait for chat noir. Even back. Oh soon you might wind up like a gooey pile of danner bear. I can t flat not the open like this i m sure ladybug is a plan.

My truster lead. You are captain awad and transforming nori s ever get them back and don t mess up this time..

I just knew i could count on you know leave your earrings are flashing is there a problem. It means it won t be long before i transplant back. But don t worry make it carefree dreamy. Now you will be able to slip out atria will you you ll be area well.

I m coming adrian. Do you have any idea. What is a to mit to me you re about to transform back so you should just leave me here an all day hidden while i wait for cad noir to turn up. But if the supervillain finds you before she gets here he s my bodyguard he won t hurt me and uniquely to actus me.

But we really need you and your cataclysm to make this work hurry up what if cat noir doesn t turn up oh well hey. Trust. Me. I m sure he d be here.

And what rabbit are you planning to pull out your hat. Now you can t be tied to our and adrian at the same time. And what if i can don t worry adrian. I won t let him touch a hair on your head adrian captain our side by side so i was wrong just as well corey.

Sir lamorak to be done with you this is cat noir express delivery list did you order a giant piece. Oh wait i know i can tell on you kitty. What is adrienne dang. It one of these days.

I ll find out who ladybug and cat noir really are and when i do i ll make them pay for eternity. Adrian are you okay totally fine right..

See. If i were you i wouldn t hang around too. Long. Unless.

You don t mind revealing your secret identity to oliver gus gets you thanks for your help. Adrian. I knew i could count on you i m sorry i had to ask you to stand in for me earlier. You must think i m not very brave you kidding i got to be an adrian i m really sorry i posted that photo on the internet.

You must be mad at me is your email yeah. If you can manage to stop running after me screaming. I m sure we could be good friends. Where are you at the spinning.

We re waiting sit down adriene. All you had to do is ask me i m sorry father i tried to talk to you. But you were so busy in fact. I always feel like you don t want to talk at all so you should have trusted me son it s important for you and i to be able to trust each other if you were to begin hiding the truth from me.

Then i d naturally start imagining all kinds of things right father did you ” ..

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