Minecraft Sky Factory 3: How To Build Refined Storage

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“Everyone only draven here again thank you for tuning in today. We re going to to be doing another tutorial in minecraft sky factory. 3 today we re going to going over the basics of a simple refined storage situation so basically a storage computer for all the different guns and materials that you ve been gathering so as normal we re going to use several different types of components to put this together. I ve already created a power source a small reactor going if you need to know how to build a reactor.

There s another tutorial for that i ll link that in the credits of this video. So be sure to check that as well so there s a bunch of them and stuff. We re gonna need they re not on the specific order. But we re gonna need some end your energy conduit to get power to the different machines and your conduit is some conduit binder and some conductive iron.

We re going to need machine casings. We ll need several of these as these are the building blocks for multiple of the other components. And this is just some quartz enriched iron ingots in full square. There we re going to take that we re gonna go to we re gonna need one controller for that we need quartz enriched iron silicon a diamond and a machine casing.

We re also going to need a grid which again is quartz enriched iron machine casing construction core destruction core and to improved processors i personally prefer the crafting grid. Which is an upgrade from the grid. There s several different types of grids you can use but the crafting grid requires a normal grid. Crafting table and an advanced processor next we re going to need a disk drive just quartz enriched iron machine casing and two advanced processors to go with that we re going to need a storage disk.

Which there are several different sizes. The smallest and easiest to make is the one case storage disk that takes quarts enriched iron. Some redstone. Some glass and a 1k storage part next.

We re going to need a solder and that is quartz enriched iron two sticky pistons. The solder is how you make all of the processors and the cores now there are three more parts here. And i have a white network transmitter network receiver and a network card. We re gonna talk about those in a few minutes first we re gonna start with just the basic of the storage that we talked about what were your rubber parts nice got some stacks of those here one of those okay so first things first right off the bat first thing.

You need is the controller drop him here..

He s gonna need some power now that that s going pretty blue colored oh. So you have your controller going after you have your controller you re going to put down solder the solder won t work without the controller. But you don t have to run individual power to it it works as long as it s next to the controller. There and the solder is what you re going to use as i mentioned a moment ago.

To make your processors and your course. Such as those for them. Okay. Once you ve got that up and going next.

Thing you need your grid. I have a crafting grid here. But then on top your controller. You don t have to be in this exact configuration.

But this is the most simple crafting grid is where you re gonna get all the supplies are gonna your mail. The interface with the last thing you need is a way to store it itself. And that is going to be your disk drive the disk drive when you right click on it it s gonna show you how much storage. You have right now you don t have any this is where you re going to insert your disk drives your storage disks.

So your storage disks go inside. The basic one will hold up to 8. Here and as you can see now it says. 0 of 1000.

So i can hold 1000 items in a central inventory here. So let s see how that works we re gonna go ahead. I m gonna grab some conduit binder. I m gonna grab some conductive iron oops and then i m gonna drop.

It okay as you remember that is what we used to make our energy conduits or it needs that as an example here so open up your interface you can just shift left click those items and now they re gonna be up here and it s gonna list every peak item that you put in your inventory will now be up here..

There s different ways that you can look at that ascending and descending different displays craftable zno. You can also sort by quantity or name or their id. Okay so we re going to build some energy conduits and this is what i like the crafting grid. So basically we re gonna go down here.

I m gonna put energy conduits. Yeah. We are click on that and click the little plus symbol. If you have all of the items in your storage.

It will now show it right here and you can literally just drag off and make as many as you d like if it s missing. Something here. That means you don t have enough of that in the inventory. You ll have to make it.

But once you re done with a specific pattern just click the x and that clears it out i mean your inventory by dragging and dropping or by shift left clicking now that information is all in there as well so that is the basics of refined storage. There are other components and things that you can add to this. But this is really all you need to get a basic storage system going. Which is way more convenient than a bunch of chests.

A bunch of drawers. The crafting grid makes crafting very easy now again. I recommend making some of the larger and more of the actual storage disks to increase because it will fill up quickly. But that is your basic setup.

Now the next thing. We re going to talk about is having a second grid system connected to this one wirelessly and that s what these three components here for there are three things you need there s a network transmitter. Which takes machine casing construction court destruction core three advanced processors and three enderpearls and then a network receiver. Which is the exact same components.

But in a slightly different configuration and a network card..

Which is six quarts enriched iron. Two pieces of paper and an advanced processor. So let s see how that works so remember here. We re gonna grab those components grab us a network card and we re gonna go ahead and see we have another section of the map depending on how far away.

It is distance matters. But see you have another section like a farm maybe you have the chickens and such you want to have another access this time to keep bringing all of your loot and items to put back into this. So you want to create a second one. So.

What you need is a network receiver and put that over by where you want your next grid to be slap yourself. Another grid on top crafting grid will work okay so there s that the next thing you need is your network card. The network card. What you wanna do is you want to put it in your inventory down here on the bar.

You want to right click on the network receiver. Okay. Here s what i did that if you scroll over here inventory. Now you ll see that network.

Card. Says. It is linked to 2 3. 4.

5. 8. 1. 1.


That s the coordinates of that receiver. So we ll come over here. I m gonna put network transmitter down by connecting it to this it does not need its own power connection. It has power now we re gonna open up the transmitter.

We re gonna put the network card inside now as you can see this has power it s up and running it does not need access to a power source once those components are connected once. It is you can click on it you now have access to your same inventory. And another remote location those three components will allow you to have a whole another separate section. You can slap another transmitter down.

You can have another set somewhere. Else you can have multiple different interfaces connecting to this central storage. All using the same thing. You just needed another pair of receivers and transmitters and another network card.

And that will let you set up another location using the exact same steps now these do draw quite a bit of rf. Which is power from your reactor over here so at some point. If you add a lot of these you will need to upgrade to a stronger reactor or power source. But for a couple of them and the basic machines.

That s more than enough so that s really all there is to basic refined storage and then wirelessly connecting a second interface to your wireless storage as well both locations now have access to be able to craft remotely and that s it thank you everyone for watching today. If you have any other questions or comments or you like this video be sure to like and subscribe to my channel. Also if there s a tutorial in something specific in sky factory. That you haven t seen yet and you d like me to make please feel free to put it in the comments as well and i d be happy to put something together.

I ll try to put out a couple of these every week. So thank you so much for tuning in have a great week. ” ..


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