Minecraft /data Command Tutorial [1.14+

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They are already pretending you are utorial on selectors that hopefully you ve seen or maybe you know selectors by now if i want to do i can do execute as at a nbt equals and this lets you choose and book for mbt. So you would do selected item just like we did there and then the selected item that i m looking for is one that has an id of and i just copy what s exactly above and i copied everything that was up there put all the proper commas and it says hi. Because it did find me. If this was not true.

Then it wouldn t do anything just like it didn t do anything right there. It only said hi once okay. Yeah. That s a little bit more than i wanted to go into on that know there s data get block that a gift block is the same thing.

Except it works on blocks so blocks have less data because they just most blocks. Don t have any data let s see data gap block. And i can use tab completion to get the block that i m looking at then it s not a block entity. So it doesn t have data.

But chess do you have data and the chest tells you what items are in the chest. So there s lime wall of a count of 64 in there. Which is true so this is kind of useful if we can change it just saying gets it s not really useful as you would do a scoreboard get. It s not useful scoreboard set is more useful and that s what we re gonna do here let s stay with the start with the block.

One we re going on to data merge. So data..

Merge let you put data somewhere. So we re going to put something on this block. What data do we want to put on we want to put on and usually you need to start with these parentheses. Because the way you type.

It here is like this so data. Merge and then lock like that so maybe you knew from before. But if you want to lock a chest. You have to do setblock chest lock just like that okay.

But let s do let s check out this chest. Does it have a lock on it no do i really maybe i don t want to have to break the chest and put in a new chest. Maybe i just want it because it has like items in it that i don t want to move well. I can use data merge and i can add this mbt that i want to add to it just like that and now it s locked.

So you can do that too. I don t ever find myself using data merge block too often. But it is a good one to know if you just on the run need to add a lock to a chest or something there s other uses. But then there s data remove which i have pretty much never used now the way that you do it here is path not mbt when it says.

The word path. You kind of like lists out things so anywhere you see something that says like name. And then there s quotation marks the path to that is just gonna be named. But if you see name colon brackets with other stuff inside it id quotation marks.

Then the path is going to be named and then you come to these curly. Brackets and you put a period and then you type the next thing inside that you want to go to so i d. So that will be the path now if you see one that says. This with square brackets and curly brackets well normally.

It s gonna have curly. Brackets. And you would have like id. 1.

Comma. And then you would have like other curly brackets sometimes sometimes you don t what you need to do is to get the path is the name then you need square brackets yourself. And a number between the square brackets to specify which elements of 0 is the first element. 1.

Is the second element and that s just how the counting works and then dot id. So this will pick the first one s id. Which says id ok. So that s just an example of how it works we can use some other stuff.

But this will let you remove stuff if you put a path. So it will remove anything that is under the lock attack it will even remove the lock. So i removed that and now the chest is unlockable and if i do doubt i get blocked. There s nothing associated with lock.

There it s all gone. So let s do so for example this might help you with some of the path testing. Let s put acacia acacia sandstone. If i do doubt i get block.

It says this that i get block this okay items you can see so we want two path to the sandstone not the acacia. The sandstone so we need to make this path. So sandstone is here right or yeah. It s here so we need to first go into items then we come across these brackets.

So we have to put brackets ourself and we have to make a choice. Which element. Do we want the first element. The second element or the third element well we want the third element.

But you start at zero. So..

The zeroth element. The first element. The second element. So two is the element.

We want then if we hadn t er it ll tell us all this mbt associated. But maybe we just want to figure out the count of the sandstone. So then we just add dot and we add count and the dot lets us go inside the parentheses. That s sorry.

The curly braces and then we add the word count to specify which one in the curly braces. We want and it returns one because there s only one in sandstone. Another thing you can do is instead of putting a two because this might be useful for dynamic system systems. Where everything s changing.

You don t know where the sandstone is and the players inventory maybe you re checking if a player has sands still in somewhere you don t know where it is but you still want to get information. So you can t just put a number here because the array this is an array it gets bigger and smaller depending on what you do so what you need to do is you need to search it so you can put parenthesis to start searching so you can search for something that has an id of minecraft sandstone. So this will search for an item in the array that has the same stuff that you put inside there. And it s still returned to count of 1 b.

And just to let me remove the word count so we get the whole message. Just see it found the mbt and took us to that location maybe. I m saying the wrong words for what it s actually doing. But that s theoretically what it s doing next you can do data merge on entities.

This might be more useful you have an entity that has data you just want to change. It a little bit without resetting. The whole thing so this armorstand has is visible. But let s make it invisible.

So we need to pick the armorstand type equals armas and that is nearest to this command block and only one of them keep in mind that data merge entity does not work with e. It s gonna show up red. You need to select only one and so you have to always use limit equals 1 p. Data that the second thing is data merge does not work with players at all you can t change players data.

That s another thing unable to modify for so that kind of sucks. But there s some workarounds and i ve gone over them in previous videos on my execute over tutorial so you can check those out. But i m not kind of covered messing with data into player anyway. So entity invisible.

So this will make the armorstand add an invisible tag to the armorstand. So we do that and it s invisible and then this removes the invisible tag and now it s gone ok cool. Let s move on so. The last one is data modify.

This is the most useful and most complicated of them all so this one lets you make the chest have something specific that you want this one data. Modify is gonna let you put something from something else so i have data the chest has betta. It s gonna put my data in the chest data. This is really cool because we can do some really cool stuff here.

So let s see what this one i have typed up here does we are going to modify so it s similar to merge what we re modifying so we re modifying the block at that position and we are going to pick the items at 0. So this is the first item in the chest. We are going to set so your options here are append insert merge prepend set. I just use set for when i want to change one thing from another thing so set from entity.

So this would be some you can do set from block. But set from entity. The nearest player and we are going to grab whatever there are holding whatever they re selected item is so what this is doing is in the block. It is making the 0th item.

The same as the selected item of the nearest player right. Now. The 0th item is chest. But let me put 64 die right in my hand.

And when i click it put 64 dyer right in there when i click it now nothing happens because i don t have anything in my hand. So it can t set it so it just comes up with an error..

So you can use this to i don t really know off the top of my head. What you would wanted to do with this. But there s multiple things that can do you can use with this data modify command in my most recent easy shops video. When you click the buy sign this it checks.

If you have this amount of cost and gives you the diamond if you have checks it gives you the reward if you have the price right so if i have 6 sandstone. It will give me the diamond and you could move this anywhere and the way it worked with a lot of those kind of stuff. So whatever the player was holding gets put inside a choker box. And then it does some manipulation and counting and math and stuff to figure out you know whether you re supposed to be able to buy it or not so it uses that kind of take stuff from the selected item and put it in somewhere.

Else kind of idea. So there s a lot of stuff you can do with that. And this is i m just laura brush lee briefly going over the basics. And there s a lot of little things you can do if you know more like pre pen okay so i ll go over these stuff really quickly.

Without an example up end append means. If you have a you put something after basically just like the word would suggest prepend means you put something before merges. Merge and insert means you put it in at a certain location. So those insert prepend.

A pen kind of have to do with the the erase right so if i want to prepend it would put it here if i let s say i have some stuff right. I have a couple things that are invisible here prepend. We ll put it here right teeter upend would put it right here and insert you can put it right here. If you want so there s just ways to manipulate a race.

But it s kind of complicated and weird that s why i prefer to stick to just set. Usually also something to keep in mind is another cool trick you can do is that we can just take off all that we can just say items. But keep in mind. We re picking an array.

Now so we are choosing to change the entire array of the command block. So we need an array over here so inventory is that our array from the player. So anything that the player has the block will have the chest will have so we re gonna do this and then we re gonna do that and boom. I have the same stuff.

But keep in mind with this it does truncate this row here this row gets deleted. So just keep that in mind. If you want to if you want to try using this to take the inventory and put it in the chest. You re going to lose a row.

So better mine now coming up towards the end. I know. This is gonna be a long video now we re going to mess with some a quick example of using it for entities. So if i summon this entity.

It has a name that has jason so as you know names in one point. 13 14. Need jason formatting for the name. So you can t just put.

The word. Hi. You have to say text. Hi.

And with jason. You can do selectors. So you can do selectors. But they don t work in names of entities.

So i can t just because i can use jason it doesn t mean all of the jason works. So this jason doesn t work so it won t actually say my name afterwards. It will just say the word hiya p. Which is not what i want i wanted to say hi.

My name and so let s see how we can do that so. If we put a sign a sign that says hi..

My name the sign will work with jason. And it ll say hi nearest player. Which is cloud wolf. When i make this sign.

It s not going to update constantly keep i don t you should know that by now. But anyway. So then i can summon this honest and that doesn t proper we work. But i can change that armorstands custom name to be the same as the text.

One which is the first line of this sign well let s look at the sign to see what the sign says let s look at the data. We can use data get to figure out what data we want to copy from it so we have all this hubbub garbage. But it looks like text. 1.

Is the beginning of something we want so let s write text 1. So if we write text 1 it returns something with a quote single quotation and a bunch of double quotations that have a bunch of weird kind of stuff. But it kind of makes sense you don t have to worry too much about all the junk. But it does say hi and it does say cloud wolf and it does also say have some special information like hover text and stuff who cares let s throw it in and see what happens on the to the armor stand.

And the understand seems to be fine and here we go my name is now on the armor stand. So you can use this process in a data pack. Which i have many tutorials on to do all three of these things in a row. Very quickly so one two three and if you do them in a data pack in a function file.

One two three they will happen before i can even see a difference so to me. It looks like i just spawned a number stand with my name on it but in reality. I did three things before it so that s just how data packs work you can do things. Without the player.

Even seeing a difference anyways that was just a quick run through of data get that emerge data modify that data remove. So hopefully you guys found it useful. There s a lot of cool implications of being able to copy strings and stuff and manipulate data. And hopefully you guys can find some kind of cool use for this now one extra thing because i like to do this just a quick closer i like to throw in some challenges at the end so my challenge to you is going to be to use this data stuff so that when a player dies.

Their items get thrown into a chest. So as soon as i die my items get thrown into a chest and i lose my items. But you know since they re in a chest. Now if i find my spawn point.

I can come back and get it and trust me. I know this as possible. I ve already done it i ll show you an example real quick. If you want to see this is in a game that i made in about two days.

I haven t really done any streams playing the game. I did some streams making it but i couldn t because for some. Reason there s some bugs with 114. And chunks are not updating for players.

But nevertheless the code does work so i m gonna go into creative and i m going to grab all this junk and and then i m going to this is just giving you example of how it works improving that you can do it it doesn t have to be perfect. It s okay. It s you can lose a line. Okay sorry.

I had to actually start the game for it to work. So let me kill myself. And as you can see a chest popped up there so if i come back to the spawn point. You probably already saw it but a chest pop down and if i open the chest boom.

It has my items in it and i lost all my items. So as you can see it works. Sorry that was a bit long anyways guys other than that thanks for coming and hanging out. And i ll see you in the next one probably maybe ” .


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