Mickey Mouse Clubhouse S02E21 Pluto to the Rescue

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“The rescue welcome to our clubhouse. We sure are gonna have fun today. Oh wow. Wow.

Hey. That s the emergency phone sounds like somebody s in trouble goofy and guys i am even get what what goofy alden. I just feel the greatly snowy my that s what so many unique wow he sure is mr. Snowman soleil.

There s no way really now we re stuck on this is oh matin. And it s snowing yeah get us down from here. Don t worry guys. We ll figure out a way to come and rescue you thanks maggie oh hey you could bring us some hot chocolate gosh.

This is gonna be a big rescue mission looks like a job for pluto. The rescue dog everybody say look out to the rescue we need your help to rescue goofy and donald oh jingle bells jingling winter scarf mouseke mugs for a warm drink on the go and some mystery mouska tool. That s a surprise tool that can help us later. Okay.

We ve got our mouska tools. Let s get to work. Goofy and donald gonna. Serve some hot chocolate hot chocolate yummy mini s famous hot chocolate is ready to go gosh.

We re gonna need something to keep the hot chocolate born while we go up mistletoe mountain. Oh. Maybe. There s a mouseketool that can help good thinking.

Minnie. Everybody say oh toodles. Oh hmm. We ve got jingle bells.


A winter scarf. Mouseke mugs and the mystery mouseketool which mouseketool can we use to carry the hot chocolate in and keep it warm. I think one of these nights will get again we got ears. Say cheers three mouseke mugs in different sizes.

Well we only need one. But it s gotta be big enough to hold this one can hold no you can meet your goofy. And okay come on rescue teen. Let s go up to the telescope and see where hoopoe and donald are on mistletoe mountain.

Everybody say see you later mini telescope helps us see things far away will you help us spot. Where goofy and donald are on mistletoe mountain great take a look there s mistletoe mountain yossi goofy and donald yep. There they are near the top gee looks like donald and goofy built snow animals. All the way up the mountain.

A snow monkey a snow dog and that s no rabbit sudo can help us spot. The funny snow animals as we go up the mountain let s go pluto. It s a two plane through the snow. There s so much to do it cos.

There s two roads. Which one leads to goofy and donald. Hi. Boy.

Hiya. Daisy goofy and donald are stuck up. On mistletoe mountain. So we re coming to the rescue.

Oh wow. It s a good thing you brought who to the rescue dog daisy. Did you see any snow animals on the mountain well yes. I did see some snow animals great cuz.


They mark the way up to goofy and donald. Which way should we go well the snow animals are on the path to the right so. Which path is on the right. Oh gotcha that s the right path.

Thanks daisy yes help. Ludo rescue. Goofy and donald. Who knows on the trail hmm.

See any snow animals oh. No yeah. There s one what kind of animal is it do you see any more snow animals where yep. There s another one what kind of animal is it well a dog right.

We must be getting closer to goofy and donald. Don t worry fella. My friends will help us oh yeah great come on let s get an oscar tall. Everybody say oh we need a mouseketool to pull me out of the snowbank.

Do you think we can use the long winter scarf like a rope. I think so too all right not helping opal me back made it thanks put up and thank you to rope rescue team oh hi. Mickey hiya. Pete.

Why we sure could use a ride up mistletoe mountain. Hold on i have to rescue goofy and donald well sure i ll give you fellas a ride. I just wish we had something to let everybody know we were coming through. Though cuz.

He s like tiny yellin. Well maybe. We have a mouseketool to help you pete everybody say. Oh toodles.


Oh. Well. The jingle bells and the mystery. Mouseketool left hmm.

Do you think we could use the jingle bells to let everybody know that we re coming through on pitch sleigh. Why sure don t steal a jingle. Bells using a loud enough sound well looky. There we got a sub wow.

Let s see how many jingle bells. We have cut with me one two three four five six seven eight jingle bells. Altogether. See maybe you could put the jingle bells on the harnesses of my reindeer.

But they should each get the same number right twig let s drop it sure thing pete okay first we need to divide the jingle bells. Seemingly hmm put one two three four five jingle bells on this roll. And one. Two three jingle bells on this row.

Do these two rows have an equal number of jingle bells uh nope because five is more than three if we move one jingle bell from the 5 here and add it to the three jingle bells. There. Now does each row. Have an equal number of jingle.

Bells. One. Two three four one. Two three four dog troll has the same number.

Put. The jingle bells on pete s ring. There. One.


Two. Three four jingle. Bells for twinkle and one two three four jingle bells for sprocket nice jingle jingle bells a job there mouse now everybody will hear us coming what are you waiting for there s so much to do look another snow animal. What kind of animal is it a rabbit right oh what a funny bunny yeah.

Okay rescue teams we must be getting really close to go obey later that s the second biggest no bad. I ve ever seen this snowman so big we can t get around it and goofy and donald are stuck on the other side. We ve been warmer. Oh golly.

How are we gonna get to goofy and donald and rescue him idea pluto let s dig through the snowman s gosh. This is gonna take forever hmm maybe. A mouseketool can help us out everybody say left is the mystery mouseketool. Everybody say mystery mouseketool.

What s today s mystery mouseketool bucket. Do you think that ll help us scoop out the snow and tunnel through the snowman si you betcha we put all our mouseketools hey. Okay rescue team boo don t dig hold out the bucket rescue good rescuing pal. Now.

Let s all warm up as some of minnie s hot chocolate and marshmallows. It s a good thing. I brought my travel cups with me excuse me. My helmet.

Oh these are all warm and toasty. Oh hey anybody need a ride home come on everybody let s take a sleigh ride down the mountain and back to the clubhouse. What heroes jingle jangle helping pluto rescue goofy and donald and thanks to you toby you re welcome vicky device boy what a snowy hot dog day and you know what that means it s time for us to do god damn we got here one out ” ..


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