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“Guys this time. I m marco and today. We are so excited to give you you guys a tour of our mexico city apartment. We ve been working really hard it for the past few months and of course.

It s not 100 done. But we re excited and i m going to show it to you so come on cover charge. When you first walk in and we have small rock where some of our essentials. These reusable cotton bags.

Which we always bring with us so we don t use any plastic. I m going to go out. I have my little purse that i picked up in hong kong from a market and of course. He goes leash first room on the right is the kitchen.

When you step into the kitchen. You ll see that has really cool and modern design. We re actually super lucky. Most apartments in mexico city.

Don t normally come with a fridge and washer dryer. But ours came with both. Which is really cool thank you agrees and some of our essentials are teapot and our percolator nikki. Got the data for cuban coffee.

My miami people know this is a super important home essential over here we ve got our blender. Our stuff for coffee here s where we keep all of our spices and ingredients for making smoothie bowls english stars so we don t use plastic we have a stove bowl that we ve got in kenya on our honeymoon. It s hand painted and this is where we just put our essentials like some vessels my sunglasses and of course every year. We have a multi hit day which if you don t know what that is it s used for making guacamole or our sauces.

Let s go to the next room. So over here. We have the dining room. Where we have our dining table in the suite.

And you wanted to have a little and share different discussion. Great chips and we got most of her furniture. At a local mexican store. Called gaia.

Which is a really great store by the nitrogen program good price. And it s all being in mexico. Which is really cool and here is where we had our gallery well since we both love art all of these pieces and art prints are just a mixture of prints..


We found on society6 from some of my favorite artists that i ve been following for a long time of their we thought it would be a cool way to support artists and technical prisoner and don t forget about this guy over here of course. We had to add this little mexican element. One of these mexican star lights. Which we got for about 50 bucks.

Let s see whether black that s good. So over here. We have our living room my personal favorite room in the house because it s super cozy. This is obviously where we hang out a lot and watch tv that we don t watch a ton of tv.

You mostly watch documentaries tethers were lame the inspiration for this room was again kind of try to tie in the concrete floors with the black. I normally like a lot of white furniture. But for this apartment. We decided to go with a lot of darker colors like black.

So of the stretch for me. But i think that it really ties in with the concrete design of our apartment. I really like the rug you re standing on where where d you get it i actually just picked up this red on a recent trip to morocco. Which was admission because i can take it all the way home.

I think of four separate flights in my hand. And it was actually really big becoming you all balled up i kind of had to sneak on to a few planes. But i made it work our sofa is also from guy on the story mentioned. Earlier as is this tv console.

And this painting. We recently picked up from i see another little. I don t we i just picked up in morocco this pillow this looks very moroccan where d you get that which i bought from a tannery in fez. Which is pretty much a best place to buy one of these and we just stuffed.

It with some cotton in africa district. Over here. We just have our record player. Which we actually haven t gotten to work yet because we need to buy a preamp and we have some coffee table books that we just have displayed my favorite comedian aziz ansari his book modern romance which you guys should totally read some records and we re planning to bring a lot more from miami.

Soon but it s kind of hard to bring these from the us to mexico. So that s gonna take a little. While my favorite drop a like for john coltrane. Are you jazz people out there you notice we kind of have a lot of plans in the house.

So they re super important to us so we got to show you them to here s a planet that we picked up recently. Which is a snake plant and if you are interested in getting into plants. But you re worried about killing them this is the easiest plant ever to take care of actually..


This is the easiest plant emergency care. I honestly think this one is even easier a lot of times. It s always over here. We also have our little baby monstera in this corner.

We have a palm which i don t really recommend these for beginner plant owners. Because it s been the hardest. One to take care of it needs a lot a lot of water for some reason. And it s kind of hard to give it enough so.

The next show you guys is love come on in in our bathroom. We have this super. Awesome. Rainfall shower.

Which has been a dream of mine to have for a long time. So i love that this apartment has a little sagging on the bathtub. But it s okay to have this really pretty tile. Which is also emits colors of grey.

So that s why we decided to go with a great little rug right here and over here. We have our sink and this big mirror. I picked up these little baskets from target. When i was in me and brought them back so we can store our bathroom essentials.

Over. Here have little print of a map of mexico city christmas gift rainbows light. Which is really important for me adorable for our bed. We decided to go with white for our duvet and we actually have this comforter.

A brand called buffy not sponsor at all. But this is literally the best comforter in the entire world. It s so cozy and it s sustainable because it s made from eucalyptus and we went with the linen sheets. We also have a linen color for this due date.

But it s currently in the wash. We got this light bed frame. Which is a low platform bed from gaya as well this rug. I actually just picked up from morocco.

And i got a crazy deal on it because it s used and i saw that outside of my shop. And i really liked it so i bargain with the guy and got it for only 40 were just crazy. Because a rug like this new would be at least 200 maybe..


Many region anyone s curious about what my favorite part of the houses. It s definitely that painting that painting is i just love walking into this room. And seeing it i think it brings a really really pretty accent. And i don t think i d be happy without a matisse in my apartment.

And over here is actually a star map from the day that we eloped in big sur california. The next plant is the one in our bedroom right by the bedside. Which is our older monstera which i think s a plant market new social goat. If you have heard anything about such an oak oh.

It s a cool place to ride these colorful boats in mexico city really fun and that weekend trip. But they also have this amazing plant nursery with a bunch of cheap plants and if you wanna see more about xochimilco. We actually have a video from a day trip there so we ll put the link for that in the tree. I knew that i wanted a full length mirror for a room.

We found this one at another cool store in mexico. Cynical alameda and i really like it because it s me where the mirrors shorter on the sides are longer and never seen that before so i would liked it another great thing about this apartment is this built in closet and storage. It comes in super handy. And it also has these little cubbies which we haven t totally filled.

Yet over here. We just have to move our books. I have all of my essential oils since i d like to diffuse such oil is pretty much every night and they also keep the mosquitoes away because there s no a c in apartments in mexico city. So we have to have the windows open and in the hotter days mosquitos so diffusing oils really helps for that and i have a little ball that i actually just picked up today for a dollar fifty from a limit on the street hood handmade days.

I just put some of my earrings and here s our closet might seem small. This is pretty much all i have for my clothes. But we both are really passionate about minimalism. So we re trying to keep a very minimalist wardrobe to be more sustainable and not produce more clothing waste.

And i think it actually makes you a lot happier when you have less things. But love every single thing. Anywhere. Bruce is having a closet full of clothes and feeling like you never have anything to wear you just show my closet speaking of minimalist marcos fun looks really empty right now.

But it s only because half of his clothes are in the wash. Though do we got we got two pairs of shirts and a few jackets. This is my closet nope the rest of them to wash. Yeah.

The rest is in the washes. So this is my favorite in the whole house. This is a runner that i got in turkey in istanbul..


And i just think. It s so pretty and adds such a nice pop of color against the grave of course. The most important part of any apartment tour. The router our router is from ec.

It s a mexican telecom company. So the show you guys is our spare bedroom. Which is just an extra room that we have and they used to host guests. We also use it as markos office.

Because i work at we were during the week. But marco burns from home so he gets to work here so this desk. We got from gaia and the chair was from a lolita and this road was also from guidin over here. We have my favorite planet in the whole house my zipper mafia aka.

Dumb cane and it s called that because it s actually kind of poisonous if you consume the snap. It actually like numbs you temporarily so that s let s call it dunking. But my favorite and it s so pretty what do we got over here. And it s growing so much we have this new little leaf new sprout when we got it it only had i think seven five or six likes maybe.

Six leaves and now it has which is crazy this is our sofa bed. Which these lie back in lay flats and make a full size sofa bed. We also got is from gaia as well as this pillow and of course. I m a yoga mat.

This is also where i do yoga in this room has the same layout with these built in closets in storage and then the last plant. I m going to show you guys in the house is my tacos. Which is probably my second favorite plant. I love pop those and they re also very easy to take care of but just be careful about those because we got some mealy bugs on them because it was left in one of these cubbies in our bedroom.

Which shouldn t have enough ventilation and that is a problem to get to mix well happens. That s pretty much it for our apartment tour. I hope that you guys enjoyed it i personally love designing so much and i had so much fun creating this space. So i hope you guys enjoyed it to make sure of course to like and subscribe.

If you like this video and please comment below tell me what you think of our apartment. But doesn t know if you want to know more about how we found this apartment and how we decided on it we actually love this place so again. Thank you for watching and next time ” ..


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