Messages from Architects around the World – Coping with Coronavirus Ken Wai, Aedas

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” m ken way of it s working. The shanghai office in china returned to shanghai shanghai back in the middle of february. And it s been up and back here over seven weeks. Now at that time.

Quarantine foreigners were not compulsory and many restaurants and teaming venues were closed. Now shanghai never had a full lockdown as a city as risk was welcome to roof in the epicenter of wuhan and hobby since the cove in nineteen is very special. It s got a symptomatic character as characteristics. The office took very early planning.

We established guidelines for social distancing and hand sanitizing and use of masks and the team members actually returned in stages based on location and associates risk areas it took almost four weeks for the full team to return to work on a full time basis in the office during this period. Would practice a lot of home working online meetings..

But we find an experience that online meetings and home working is only as good as internet connection. So we re all looking forward to the flu implementation of 5g technology in china. That will be a big help in future. We find a home working effectiveness actually relatively low and needs constant monitoring.

Once the office is fully running or staff. Remain. Wearing masks for up the day and china. Actually uses big data to monitor potential risk group has no qr code.

So nowadays. I cannot go to any meeting with my client or go to any public venues..

Without this code. Now. There s also potential issue is that we work in a very full ii enclosed office environment in the audience system at the moment are switched off until further notice so as the weather gets warmer. We think that could be a potential health risk so we re monitoring that very closely in terms of our business wise.

We find there s no major of reduction workload. So far. But there are some slight delay on our projects. This is due to the fact that a lot of our clients stakeholders government s actually working at home as well so we hope the situation will improve invoicing is still quite constant and on a timely manner.

But we are monitoring. Very closely for cash flow..

So what are lessons learned with kovat 19. I think in future architecture practice has got reworking even more flexible in terms of staffing. The way we work home working is definitely a very important practice of any practice and home working. It s essential for a lot of stuff because they are staff of kids who are still out of school have in return school yet they have to look after the family or elders and maintaining a strict discipline for hygiene is very important for the office.

We have to improve on the way we work online as well we find this in experiences for any online meeting. Any group of numbers over and above for we should designate someone as a meeting manager to ensure that the meeting is actually held properly you know in a management. And all files should be shared wealth and funds. Before the meeting and for those working at home.

The team manager or project manager or the architect projector. Involve should monitor the progress of the team and staff..

Constantly and to a kind of weekly report on the progress. Perhaps the only upside. We can think about this is that you can now spend more time and design. Improving our quality.

Which for a very fast rate design environment in china is ” ..

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