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” s good everybody is cheb would jamal. Underscore hockey and today. We re a she she back with another topic of the day discussion and today. We re actually going be focused on this interesting particular topic now i ve always thought about this before i m especially as i got older.

I got more enlightened got more with the people like to say woke. But we don t talk about all that stuff right. But pretty much the topic as you see in the title of the video. We kind of breaking down from my perspective right from my perspective.

Pro black. What pro blackness is what does it mean to be pro black and also trying to i guess break down this dis myth or urban legend. Or this thing basically can you be pro black and date. Outside your race.

And so those are the two main things we re going to try to tackle today. Again this is all from my perspective. So you know there really is no research. I need to do i am a very black man as you see in this video right i m like right so.

This is gonna be all over my perspective. So kind i m trying to open up that conversation for people who are gonna be watching this video. So let s start with pro blackness so what does it mean to be pro black really a good fundamental definition of someone who s pro black is someone who supports embodies lives just being black in terms of loving themselves and loving. Another person that s within our community uplift in the community spread light spreading wisdom spreading advice making sure that we re supporting black businesses.

So we can make sure we are rising up advancing up economically and also just anything that s dealing with uplifting really so you can uplift in any sort of ways. But really if you want to look at main things uplift in you can say uplift politically a blip. Economically up live physically really uplift each other in terms of our relationship with one another and so that s kind of like a basic breakdown of what someone pro black would be right and so if that s the case based off what some people may think. It s gonna be kind of weird because some people have different definitions of how they would explain pro black.

But to some people to be pro black that means especially if you look in terms of a relationship that means you can only date. A black person or not she can t should let me fix that that means you should only be dating. Another black person a black queen right we look at our nubian sisters right. It s queens.

They are all women of queens man let me go ahead and fix that right but seriously though our black sisters out there they are queens. They really are and so that means if i am a pro black man which i m not answering that yeah if i m a pro black man that means. I should only be dating me a nubian sister right and so that means. I should be only be focused on putting my money into black businesses and black dollar right once you get that fundamental definition.

I think when people take that definition of what being pro black is people become too narrow minded and so by them becoming narrow mind again this is me my perspective. I m not saying. This is what i know right i think people become very narrow minded and when they re narrow minded become very tunnel vision in their thinking. It leads to them having a narrow perspective of just that vague definition of pro blackness so if they already have a narrow perspective of pro blackness that means the only thing.

That s on their mind. Within. The pro blackness is black that means is that shit is more so..


This is the only thing i am going to focus on or the only thing i will focus on in the sight gap. It comes to the point where you re getting it to the this like isolation. Right. Now da.

Introduced this word. Isolation. Right. Let.

Me. Bring up my. Brother. Malcolm.

X. Let. Me. Bring up malcolm x.

Really quickly. I ma bring up. Martin. Luther.

King. In a second. A little bit. But mostly malcolm x.

Cuz. Malcolm. X. s was a beautiful man.

Powerful. Some of the stuff that he was speaking on it s a shame that he i killed. I really go back. And listen to some of the stuff.

He was saying. Malcolm. X. Is true.

He was truly saying. Some things dad that really made sense because back then you know obviously he can be seen as a radical some of the stuff that he was saying you know you know obviously the white people. Then you know they was curious..


But they was wondering why he was saying some of the things he was saying stuff like that even a black leader to what stood out to me personally is you know where he mentions how when he brings up martin luther king. Where malcolm x was talking about martin luther. King huh martin luther king. He wanted integration.

He wanted us to be able to integrate with the white people then back then so we can you know obviously mingle with one. Another. You know be to be able to have have that that relationship with one another. I m not talking i romantically.

I m talking about interns. Just us it seems us living us embodying and inhabiting the same earth. But the thing with michael x. Is malcolm x.

As she wanted he wanted separation not permanently. But temporarily and some people get lost in this word separation right and if you understand the meaning behind. It that you would actually agree so reason. Why malcolm x.

Was actually preaching on the philosophy of separation. Is because malcolm x. Seen it as we wasn t organized even till this day us as a black community. We are not organized right and so he wanted us to be able to separate from all that is bad in the turmoil and troublesome and all these all the birds.

He wants to separate from that tim right so we got to get right ourselves. We got no we got a unified one another we gotta get on the same page. We gotta be on the same frequency. We gotta be thinking the same love it all these things like more attraction being in alignment.

One another because if we re not in alignment. One another and if we re not moving as a unit and how can we expect for the advancement or for anything to prosper for anything to grow for anything to blossom for anything the manifest. None of that what happened if we re not on the same page with each other so we must first separate and then organize ourselves get to where we need to be we re still gonna look look right still love all justice for all love for all. But we need to get it find understanding of who we are as people and the thing about that is it still hurt us to this day.

It still hurts our community to this day. My community. It still hurts us. It s painful to see when i see my brothers hating each other that s sad please don t do that but also again with my perspective of how i view pro blackness.

I view pro blackness as really just uplifting each other supporting each other you got my back i got yours. But it doesn t mean i m going to forget everybody else i m not gonna ignore everybody else i m not gonna stop loving everybody else. But the focus or part of the focus is going to be on that community. But we got to all be on the same page and one another see first it should start with us having a unified definition of what being pro black is it first should start with that it can t be well being pro black.

It s just me only sticking with you know my fellow. My fellow fair melanin skin brother and sister right no it got to be it gotta be more so i like the idea program like this being like like a mentor mentality right i mean talent in terms of how you carry yourself saying they were christians to be christ like if someone is christian. It doesn t mean they only hang out with other christians..


It doesn t mean they re only talking with other christians. It doesn t mean that you know exam. If i am a christian at biman christ. Like think like geez jesus out there trying to talk to people.

He was out there trying to preach the word out there trying to enlighten people enlightened people to bring them to the other side to get an understanding for why he do what he do if that s the case. Then that same ideology simple logic applied to being pro black right. Although i m with my brothers and sisters i m i m trying to uplift ourselves uplift our community you know different things that we do in terms of being a strong support system you know for them and for each. Other scheanette same ideology be spread you know we should it almost should be a catalyst this should be an example.

There should be something that other people need to see honestly people need to be seeing this right. But it s hard to see it if we re fighting with each other right so i hope. I answered this this this whole thing about being pro black. What s the what s this definition of being pro black and why it s important for someone to be pro black.

But also understand that being too narrow minded in this pro blackness could lead to actually your own downfall to our community s downfall to other people looking at us as if we re doing something wrong because if we re not unified in this then we re gonna fail. So based on my perspective yes. I do think it is possible for someone to be pro black and date outside their race. But i ma play devil s advocate and this is actually something while this is actually a devil s advocate point of view.

Get i agree on because you got people out there like dr. Umar johnson and again i m familiar with the hidden colors. I got all of them right i got all my hidden colors. I have a standing and and i get why you know someone could say you can t be probe like and dead outside your race.

Because that person outside your race. You know that their culture that they have that they live in even if it s not them themselves they still live within that culture that realm. I m just naming right really when predominantly when someone would say it like a white person based off of you know the history and stuff like that right. But just i m just keeping it right keeping it open outside your race.

So anyone other than black right dave won t understand fully about that black culture. They won t be able to fully get you like someone who lives within your own cultures. Someone who is you someone who that s the same skin and sure they won t fool to get you and to something agree i can. But the thing is i don t like that that much because we should already have this mindset of being able to are being able to teach people to educate people having that conversation it all starts with talking if someone has the ears to listen.

Then i should be able to properly explain to someone who i am as a person. What my culture is what it represents what my culture means to me what i mean to my own culture. You know what i should be living for what pro. But being pro black means and i should be able to properly explain it to someone and then get it especially if they were listening and care and the same thing on the reverse and if someone s trying to tell me about who they re who they are where they re from their culture.

Their background. Understand human nature never change this right. But also there s room for a girlfriend room from potential so that means we as people we can grow the man. I was yesterday it s not the man i am today so that means there s always room for growth that i can always rise above the climate rise above any turmoil rise above any adversities that may be in it so someone having that ability to be able to date outside their race.

That person should be able to do that but only if that person is properly prepared to be able to really truly learn another person s culture. And i like if you do not care about another person s culture. Please don t entertain them don t be right again since we re dealing with dating right i already covered the first up this is the second part right do don t entertain them don t bother them especially if you do not have this this the heart..


The stomach. The mind so open up to open up that level of awareness to be able to learn what you learn that information learn what it means to be this right. If you do not have the heart for that the ears for that don t do it so i do think. It s good possible.

I do think a person should or it could be able to you know date outside their race and their successful relationships and stuff like that that that works. But when stuff goes down right people. I guess people like they have sighs to pick you know if a situation happen like let me let me use this example. If you have you know person a let s say per se is black person b is white right there they re in a relationship and they re sitting down and watch your tv.

And they see some on the news and they get used using a scenario. They see. A white cop. Kill.

A black person right. What is that conversation. Gonna be like are you ready for that conversation right if you re not ready to have certain conversations and stuff like that you think you re gonna be uncomfortable. It might not it might not be it.

But it is a part of learning. It s a part of growing. Just be open and be ready to hear these certain things there are things that people us as people we need to know and that s pretty much it for the video man that s my perspective on it like i said i broke down to me for my perspective. What it means to be pro black.

I broke down for my perspective. If people who are pro black are allowed to date outside the race or should be allowed to date outside the race of course and at the end of the day. Rather it doesn t matter. If your probe like an eye probe like bro you can do whatever you want especially if it s within like laws regulations morality and stuff like that man you are free to do whatever you please this is just my perspective.

Who am i at the end of the day. That s it for the video man makes you like comment subscribe. Do all that good stuff hit the bell to be notified nifty new to the channel make sure you check out there filling in links down below and speaking of a feeling links right go to the her lullaby comm website. Right have these books.

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Leave some of my email like other people do more importantly go to the discord challenge. And that s pretty much it for the video to support you more underscore a hawk. ” ..


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