McCree Reads a Fan-Fiction of Himself (OVERWATCH)

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” s had a mohawk and rootin tootin hootin. You look off in the distance. You you can see a wild creon is natural habitat let s take a listen that not a lot of a tree voice. Wait different will say i know i just got enough in some weeks.

I m gonna get hurt they got color tv. Here they got color tv. Oh dude. I m in ai.

N t no tv in here. We were lied to this is a fucking refrigerator. A mccree who is this a good looking guy on the dartboard. I don t know no they never get the nose right riders on the storm.

The hungry fire in hand the guys more ravenous. The man s challenge. Its mother doubt of all the voices in his head his own sense of authority and oh wasn t going to wait around and let mccree do as he pleaded anymore falling victim to makris game was it something gradually tender lunges at the manic wrapping your arms around the crews initially flattening is look on the elbow escalating so subtle you gotta keep going you can t stop. Now.

Mccree hens are lunges the man rapping is on and the cream forcefully planting his lips onto the others so much pressure pressure and power went into the kiss relay mccree stumble back a bit is their feet tangled making him regs and released so not the full their tongues intertwined. Nothing about this kiss was slow sweet like before it was a message sticky it not like a drunken kiss was meant to me finding as they try to devour each other hold still leaving a bad taste in their mouth. Still galaga techie walk around hey you go rocket take you after dinner motherfucker dear god yes you mccree hugs handle tightly even wraps into animals those things got a foot fetish look fuck let me do that again i m gonna die from the cuteness spoke talking on the fires of hell i m going to call me cute bonanza..


The creek is xander s chica. I ve never seen you be so cute and we ve had a good words. No that s not a good. I m gonna go ahead and make the executive decision to end that wow.

It s my favorite map. The sliver of light once it then the only this yeah. What what dude you didn t hear about the new map. It s literally.

The newest sensation listen i m gonna call you get a doll right me. You re not you are now jim and i don t want to be jedediah for the fuck s jedediah. You want you to die. I ll be your huckleberry no you ll be mine jedediah.

Listen listen look chloe you re jeremiah. I ll be your francesca. I ll even be your jerome. But if you think for one second.

I m going to be your jedediah whatever the fuck culture. That s from you got another thing coming mister. No no your mind year to die..


You re pretty any pretty hard set on this we re gonna find a different name. Please anything else. All right mosby mike okay. You mean mr.

Mosby from the suite life of zack. And cody nine. I d be happy to jedediah mosby. No 465 laughs.

I will do this empire. What are they serve in this empire prison thank you livin onions bacon and bacon we served roadkill burger taco tornado and we ll cheese national teachers over sunday fudge sundae a sombra you make me feel samba enough with the wordplay johnson. That s all right hey stop liking me stop it. Did you just get a dime.

If you just punched that mexican to death well it okay well don t put it like that now i seem like a terrible person hey jenna nyan cat got your tongue put that cat number off what the fuck you even specially put that cat in a bra that s my favorite thing. You know the famous saying cat got your tongue put it in a broth of put it in some soup. Broth. Hazing you with the cul of an ana boosted.

The creed. I boone that s pretty close. I was a good guess lightning mcqueen omg are you triggered right now machree well..


I ain t standing on a junk rat traps to know who got off the stick can i order. A mick water and a mcnugget show. You a mcnugget. Oh are you okay are you okay.

A mcnugget on the table. Oh oh oh oh. It s a poop joke. First poop joke.

On the gums channel. Everybody put put the first joke. Everybody jebediah. You actually got drums.

Wow. You know that may be the first time. I ve ever heard that question. And i boy do i have the answer for you no you can t get crumbs wouldn t ye would oh no because i m not got drums.

I m fucking jedediah. Remember you brought this under your selfie occur sid cowboy. You re owning it i love it you re owning it know the names jedediah..


Where s my cousin sally holy totally oh hey chunk rat oh nice to see you buddy i didn t know we were doing that video yet what hey huh well where am i well what s going on maclean what s a fact listen you stole my hat. I ve tied you to a chair you re gonna level up my character on overwatch all right um well i m good at i ve watched your spine. I could do that blaine because she s talking to himself what do i do one why do you live here or what a mullet in your head. Oh.

It s not like that s not happened before somebody told me i don t know what to do literally running their own show now alright on a plane a um. Everybody likes me that s amazing. Oh oh my god i miss creaming. So hard right now.

After that win. And look a bit pretty big out of my macrina song. It s the little guy downstairs. Oh the latrine i like to call.

I m the cleanest. I like to call a ma huckleberry. I like god no that s but i like to call on my pucker berry fucking shit. I m done with this video.

We re done ” ..

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