Mass Effect Andromeda: Best Ways to getting Remnant Research Data

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” s going on youtube today. I m going to be bringing you guys a video video on how to get at least the ways. I know to get remnant research and the reason. I m doing remnant research data is because from my experience playing the game and spending tens of hours on end playing it i noticed that all the other research data milky way and kili esposa research data is pretty much abundant but revenue research.

That is not and so in this video. I m going to be talking to you guys and showing you guys how to get that research data alright. So the first way. I proposed you guys get a lot of remnant research data scan everything every time you re in a remnant ruin or looking for a remnant technology.

Always without your scanner and look for anything that you can to scan by scanning things. As you guys already know you re going to get research data. That s the number one way to get it. But what happens when you re running low on ruins and things like that talk to pb pb.

As the sorry would say is a goddess..

She is a goddess for remnant technology. All the missions that you go to for pb are going to be remnant missions and are going to require you to go to different remnant ruins sometimes backtracking to the same ruins. But opening up new destinations inside those ruins that you wouldn t go before or that you could not go before and that will in turn unlock more things to research. Which in return will give you more research data another good way of getting remedy research data.

Guys is to take it from the remnant architects. Now the remnant architects are these huge gigantic remnant machines that you fight that pose a danger to your outpost. They only become available after you have settled an outpost on that planet or moon. That you re on when you set up the outpost.

Go talk to someone inside the outpost. Someone with a mission symbol for their name. And they might sometimes they might ask you to lower this thing out or sometimes you may just be able to go right to it but the point is that when you defeat these remnant beings their husks will go into orbit around that planet and when you leave the planet go back to the tempest. Go click on the remnant being that s in orbit and you get research data out of it i think it only gives you about 60 research.

But after come after like defeating a couple of these things it will add up over time alright guys the final way..

I know about getting remington research data is actually through strike team missions. See whether you guys know it or not strike team missions. If completed successfully by your strike team we ll bring back crates and these blue crates sometimes a research data loop crates and these research data. Lou chris can you know give you helius milky way or remnant research technology and as you guys can see here.

I m getting a lot of revenue research technology. Now for the common loot crate s. It s only about thirty remnant research or research technology. Every time you get some i ve never gotten an uncommon loot crate.

So i don t know but i could imagine if if it exists and probably might be 60. But the point is just like the remnant architects these this research data. Adds up over time from these loot crate s to conclude this video guys. Why is it important to get remnant research data well in my opinion.

I think remnant technology is not only some of the coolest because i mean come on now who doesn t love shooting a beam out of their gun..

That s awesome on top of it being cool to look at it cool to use reminisce weapons. Actually play an important role on well your ammo. They they don t have any ammo that s the thing. That s the coolest part about them is that they have max ammo.

Now they don t have a bottomless clip. They will overheat and will have to recharge. But the recharge rate is really fast on top of the recharge rate being really fast. If your weapon needs to recharge you can go ahead and switch to another weapon.

And it will recharge for you or go ahead and use your powers. And it will recharge for you. While you re doing that and then when you whip the weapon right back out it s at a hundred percent recharge and to me that s the coolest part about remanent weapon technology is that they don t have a maximal capacity that you can sit in one spot and not have to worry about your amla tree alright guys so those are all the methods. I know how to get remnant technology.

If you guys did find this video informative..

If you guys didn t know one of these methods. Before please do give this video a thumbs up to give it some more exposure. And also if you know of any other ways to get revenant technology. Please don t be afraid to put it in the comment section down below.

Because this is an informative video. I am trying to inform you guys of different ways of getting it so if you guys know anything that i didn t mention in the or that i missed. Please don t be afraid to put it down in the comments below also if you guys want me to do more videos like this in the future for mass effect andromeda more informative videos on how to get certain things please put that down in the comments below. That s it for this video guys have a good one ” .


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Research data (In this case Remnant) can be used to research blueprints which after being researched go into the development stage to be built. I find myself constantly running low on particularly Remnant research data. If you guys find yourselves in the same shoes then watch this video, and hopefully, you ll learn something new, and hopefully I will too! Sorry in advance for the sorta sketchy commentary, I don t do videos like this much (but I am playing to a lot more) so I don t have much experience doing commentaries. If you guys enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up! And if you enjoy my other videos too, why not hit that subscribe button 😀

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