Marantz TT-15S1 Turntable and Perfect Vue Dustcover Review w/ Upscale Audio s Kevin Deal

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“This is kevin deal from upscale honey and today. We re going to talk about about i m wearing my ducati t shirt and that gets me always pumped up. Though it s winter time right now and i can t even ride cuz. It s not very good gets me all excited thinking about precision and italian motorcycles and all of that stuff.

It s not that oh my god i got to do something about precision s and that s what we re gonna do we re going to talk about the marantz tt 15. S1 turntable. But before we talk about this turntable. I got inspired by this i got inspired because when i saw it and i said how much is it i said.

Oh my god this thing is so beautiful well it doesn t come with a dust cover okay well let s see how much is the dust cover. It s what you know there s a couple of manufacturers that make them i go oh. What s that one it s 250. What does it look like looks like ass it looks horrible.

And that s not another manufacturer and it looked a little bit better. But it was kind of expensive. I go you know what i ve had it with these ugly dust covers. I went through the best fabricator in los angeles.

The best these guys make parts. I ve seen when i went there they had a lotus sitting out front uh. So what s with the lotus. Oh we re making a special thing for their sun rific.

Oh. My god that s what i m talking about who else do you make things for oh we make things for the getty museum and we make things for this most miss smithsonian we make things that go into museums and i said that s it our new brand of dust covers is called perfect view museum quality dust covers. What does that mean i hate..


It. When these things just look like cheap plastic and they charge you so much money. I want something that s gonna look like glass. So this is a prototype almost done and i want to tell you what makes it different.

It s 8th inch acrylic. But what they do is on the edges. They put what s called a museum finish that means. It s highly highly polished and by doing so it just looks that much better plus.

When they glue the edges air cannot get in and it s not gonna be fog become foggy with time and it s gonna age better. And it s gonna look like glass. And so why is it i don t have it ready for you today because i found out about another material that costs 25 percent more but i m gonna do it anyway. And it is called green edge.

What does that mean the acrylic when you look at it from the sides. It has a green edge to it so it makes the acrylic look like the dust cover. Has actually been made out of glass. That has been glued together how much more is it 25.

I said i don t care that s what i would use on my turntable that s what i want and that s what i want for you guys so for people that buy their marantz turntables from us look at the website. You re gonna see how much it is because i m gonna make it the same price or less for customers that buy their turntables from us because i m on your side. And i don t want you to get something that is so beautiful and then dumb. It down with a cheap desk cover.

So that s what i m talking about and it s gonna tell you when we have them already on the website. We ll give you all the information there but i am so excited about this because i ve been bummed out every time. I see some other ones that customers are using..


So what makes this turntable. So bitchin listen. I don t subscribe to clear audio. Good music halt bad project.

Good vp of it i don t subscribe to that as you go up and down in the turntable realm on our website. You have to think about the package think about the package and more specifically think about the cartridges that are giving you the cartridge is the transducer as important as the tonearm is and the plants and the platter and all of that the cartridge is really what you are listening to so. If you buy a 1500 turntable. And it s got a 99 cartridge on it it s a 99 turntable that s all there is to it so what s happening here.

They are using the clear audio virtuosa wood cartridge and depending on where you look it s between a thousand and eleven hundred dollars for that cartridge that s what i m talking about it s an elliptical diamond moving magnet. It sounds amazing. It s open and it s fast and now you don t have to worry about buying something and then having to upgrade the cartridge later so three point eight millivolts out it ll work with any photo stage that we sell it s going to go into the moving magnet input. And you are going to be rocking the tonearm is the satisfied black tone arm made in germany by clear audio.

It uses the magnetic anti skate which works so so beautifully and it is german german precision now speaking of precision let s talk about this motor. It s an ac motor. Which means that it is cog less belt drive. The motor is completely isolated from the plinth because it is detached.

I m gonna say something to you don t forget now whenever you start your turntable. When you re turning on the motor first you want to turn the platter. A little bit then flip. The motor on that will extend the life of the belt.

And it s good for the motor. Because you re not putting extra stress on everything else okay. The platter is really super cool to look at this i mean i hope you have the overhead shot here..


Mr. 420 do you mr. 420 are you there okay. I thought maybe he was sleeping again today so look at that i mean look at this a crow.

I mean. It is absolutely stunning. So really really super nice plants amazing feat by the way look at how heavy these feet are and how big they are and massive that s what i m talking about to get proper isolation. I mean you feel like you ve got something for your money here.

I love that for you guys i mean i don t like it when people will overpay for tchotchke. I mean this thing is so so so bitching the cartridge. I m telling you i know that cartridge because i ve heard it and i put it on a lot of other. Turntables and it is an absolute.

Joy. 1499. Then go to our website look at the drop down. See what you get it for with the dust cover.

Now you re gonna have a complete package. The is absolutely something that is worth owning oh and it also comes with the souther clement clever clamp you know it doesn t look like much to be honest. But it is very very functional. It is just a piece of plastic.

But that s why they call it clever because of its functionality. And it can be very very helpful. If you have some warped records is that the sexiest thing in the world..


No i don t think that it is is it functional. Absolutely and who cares. I mean you can spend more money on another one later so listen go to our website. None of our sales.

People want commission. I want to see one more thing to you is there any downside to the student table. No i will have to say that the little. Oh.

My god i forget the name of the little thing over the spindle sometimes these have been out of adjustment. We can check them for you. But we will kind of go over it with you i have dedicated analog experts here that are world class and so there it s held on with three set screws and if it gets a little wonky and shipment. We can show you what to do to just make sure.

It s nice and stable. So you know that s part of buying from upscale audio is that we will follow up with you after the sale and make sure that everything s perfect if you want us to check a lime. If you want listen i mean. It s about attention to detail that s why we sell more turntables than anybody in the country now right i mean we re just rocking.

It in this world go to our website call mona. My non commissioned salespeople. I promise you i m gonna treat this like it s my own turntable that s the way i want to work for you guys. ” .


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