Making a REAL RACING SEAT into a Chair!

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” s custody that s custody that problem has a disease that s butt sweat. That that s amore. But so i do does let dandruff. It s a butt scratch s crap near athens ii with armrests and everything so you can t shift gears.

Welcome back to the channel guys today. We re gonna be doing something kind of different kind of cool you guys know that when emerson bought its 240. It came with the corbeau bucket seat this has been chillin in the garage and the shop and whatever he s had that since he bought his car you want to just tell them why you don t use it i don t really like dealing a bucket seats. No adjustments horse answer ever okay the springs right here the spring cut through the foam.

And now all you feel is these train tracks on my back. But then car bones like oh or you guy we hooked you up and we got the new seats. That s true and the new ones are adjustable. So they re not as you know and then ever since you put the new corbeau seats in the car he likes them way better for daily purposes because they still incline into like a fixed bucket.

But when he wants so you can recline them for a cruise. If you guys have this in the video. I ll put a link to it you guys go check out the actual corbeau install. But this is the one that came to this car and it s been sitting because he wanted to do something cool it so didn t look into this at all there may be a better way to do this.

But we don t really know it we just thought of what would make sense for us like what we thought would work that s what we re gonna do so i found this computer chair on craigslist for free and the you know they re giving it away because it s costly pile of crap. But the wheels and everything is good so what our plan is is to take the wheels off that screw them onto a piece of wood and then screw the piece of wood onto the bottom of the corbeau seat and then we re gonna have like a racing seat gaming chair or computer chair or whatever you want to do with it you ll probably play xbox in it more than anything. It s like a real racing. Seat.

It s not like when you buy the ones on amazon. They re like racing. Seat computer chairs. This is like an actual probably expensive corbeau racing.

Seat that we re gonna turn into a chair. So i just knew that it needed wheels. So i found a free chair. Because why would we buy a chair just for the wheels.

When you could get free chairs that are garbage. But you can take the wheels off of them and basically these are the only ways to mount to the seat. So our plan is just a piece of wood across here right and then drill..


The wheels. Which just have like a narrower base into the wood and then it should be good like the height adjustment and everything works on that chair. Still so i actually well it says. It works we haven t tested it because the chair is kind of custody.

So we don t know for sure. But that s we re doing today it s it s a little different. It s not an install. It s kind of fun so let s do it me.

Oh yeah. It talk to you why we should probably cut. It down. A bit as long as this piece of wood supports our path.

So pass me a marker. So i m literally just gonna make it like not even an inch wider on both sides this might even be just a little bit too big. But we ll start here and see how that works off to do my song. Stickers looks good.

I got like a bunch of things off. Yeah. Okay. What should we what do we do for a thumbnail.

No i ain t thinking do we should we take a thumbnail. But before we do it dude. I m camera guy how much t shirt. Actually can i use the camera angle.

Oh wow. This is way better. So. We re gonna do another sketchy.

Not straight. You know jigsaw pet today brought to you by yours truly robbery. Repairs is gonna do it and recently taken over title sometimes does it well it s not longer than the other oh..


They re the same they re just once pulled up higher dude. Why you dredge up my sauce. Here. You can eat it just sweater on this yeah yeah i bought this what kind of accent.

Listen scottish. You know what this is a beauty contest okay this can work you could take a paint pen such as this white matza. Touch up paint paint you go with this you just put some paint around there put some painter. Out there did have to say it again you guys understand yet ready and now you cut the florals.

I guess we need to drill to both sides. Yeah. We broke about every single drill. Bit here.

I know the other day. We actually we carnage. Oh. I can only want to tell them why disappointing really just know that we broke two or three drove it the other day and there s not even a good story to go with it speaking of carnage drill bits.

There s still a piece of one in here this one broke lethal to you like it just like snapped right down the side and everything it so what we re gonna do okay. There we go i hope the garbage man takes this chair for the other sure dude really no no that s just wood ah dude. The chair what we re gonna do okay yo can we make that music video this week. Please it ll be so funny we all have coffee right.

That s okay. I don t even care for monetizing. It ll just be funny as hell this song. I thought we re gonna do the other stuff.

I don t know what it s called with you know when i leaned up the block. She said. I ll probably give you run off and i m like boosting to around here just make them all a little bit nicer. It s a little wonky.

But like you re never gonna see its underneath your house. So i don t think everything about it. I think..


That s good we could do the room into a couple songs. I keep thinking of new songs. We could do it amigos song and just make a rap with the circus. We re gonna have to put our own nuts and bolts here because we re not gonna have nuts about these thread in see ya that was just a little bit more towards the back of the chair than the front.

So you want to do the same sort of thing right we want it like right about here. So just get a margarita market. I have these take it off bolt that to them and put this whole thing there sure do you want to use these or do you want to try i don t think i have enough salt. But well i have soap operas those erik s work on these any reason is people were a student at seeds good for the last time.

I m gonna take all this part and we probably could have thought this through had done this once now. I m gonna do my for everybody out there that s like gonna comment tell us how we could have done this better. And how we should have painted the wood and out nothing else to do we re just doing this for fun. I think this isn t like a showpiece.

We re not like building this oh my god we should wrap it for you know what i mean like what it s not like it s just for us for fun. So we really don t care now for the 50th time. We can put this thing back. Though.

This is the first thing. We ve ever done on this channel. That has gone as planned and taken less than half an hour. Thank you dude.

This is comfortable this is actually really nice it like it s it kicks your feet kind of up off the ground. Like you were would be in a car you know when it s all the way here to help you because of the way it like projects your legs up as if you re supposed to be driving. You just like can t even touch the ground. It s kind of weird.

Though it s like reclined even though it s not this would literally be perfect for just gaming. Just sitting here like playing xbox or whatever would be like the mintus chair ever i was gonna have them well that would ve been fine too. But now you can do six stunts like so it s not a perfect chair by any means. But if you guys have an old racing seat or even just a really nice factory bucket seat or even just go by like a fake recaro seat or whatever this is totally something you guys can do with any of those options.

And it s actually really nice isn t it you re ready to game. And this airs out and like the fact that it s raw. What under there you don t even notice like you wouldn t even notice..


Unless you were legit under this is your drifting or what also hosts now we need to get you a five point harness. Too we could just buckle you straight in for when you re gaming. What s the matter you get a head rush. Oh no i m not spinning.

You want me to spin fast. How about you just spin me faster. Oh. The camera is coming loose whoa.

It reclines see that destruction test. It holds up i feel so like i feel. Almost unsatisfied like we just did it too fast. Okay question hey daddy oh wheel it into the office room for now i ll use it to edit my videos it ll make them way better trip.

There we go twice up darken your corneas been inside all day. Counting up like. This is the tally chart for like rap. Dip paint and people that had stupid answers so that s the tally chart dude that looks so good that is such a sick computer chair to just have like especially for someone like me that like does car stuff.

I know we should just buy like more knockoff seats. This would be sick and actually i ll make one for myself. Doesn t this thing look mint just sitting here dude. That s awesome anyways that s it i hope you guys enjoyed today s quick little bill.

That was a little bit different something new. I m actually really stoked like you just sitting here right now using this i want to go buy more bucket seats just to do this i know you can buy like bucket seats that are you know computer chairs. But i think it s sick how this is a corbeau and here s that s gonna be able just gonna go get some talk to me make tacos hangout. So i hope you guys enjoyed today s video.

I will catch you tomorrow. Thank you guys so much for watching peace out then stay committed. ” ..


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