Makeup Challenge! 10 DIY Good Mermaid Makeup vs Bad Mermaid Makeup! – YouTube

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” s something caught in the net. It s an evil running every mermaid wants to to be the most beautiful creature in her ocean. So i ll make my eyebrows. Bright attached blue self adhesive rhinestones to the end of your eyebrow.

Add rhinestones over your eyebrow in a row. These eyebrows will even shine underwater. What did good mermaid come up with she ll add light crystals as an accessory attach three rhinestones at different angles to the center of your forehead create line starting from them using little rhinestones at two rhinestones between the eyebrows. This base art makes our mermaid look like a sea goddess look who s here.

It s a baby stingray. It brought us. Some eye shadow cut. A stingray silhouette out of glittery foam paper copy the shape on white foam paper fasten the layers together slightly bend the fins make a dotted pattern using silver acrylic paint clean the cap of an eyeshadow container hot glue.

Sea salt crystals to it attach a decorative seashell and a coral on top and glue the stingray to them music the ocean gifted blue eye shadow to the evil mermaid..

She can make her eyes look even deeper thanks to the stingray. Helping her a cute turtle drops in on the good mermaid. Its shell is so sparkly in the sunlight put loose eye shadows into an empty makeup palette. Add rubbing alcohol and press them down make ahead.

Bloopers and a tail out of light clay shape. A shell on the lid music pressin big rhinestones music attach self adhesive rhinestones coat the flippers in the head with acrylic paint hello little turtle. What do you have for me. I shadow and all my favorite colors this shiny turtle gets one point for the good mermaid.

No way i won t let you win swim out of here. What a great day. Oh. The sea has a gift for me again.

What s in there it s a lovely coral outline a seashell on a face powder compact carve out the shape using a toothpick poke the seashell with curly makeup glitter fill in the hollows with liquid cream eye shadow music make oral out of foam..

Clay and hot glue. It to the lid music at a plastic fish attached pipe cleaners sea shells and pebbles make it look like the bottom of the ocean apply blue hot glue to the sides of the lid so it looks like water it s an underwater face powder compact the coral is so beautiful i need to retouch my makeup after swimming someone swims by it s an evo mermaid. She s chasing her jellyfish cut broken face powder and take out the crushed part clean the bottom of the container mix the powder with pearly makeup. Glitter add some makeup glitter to the highlighter mix it well and place the mixtures you made into the container making stripes and drops of rubbing alcohol press.

The powder and the highlighter down apply hot glue to the lid put sequins into half of a plastic ball attach the ball to the lid of the powder compact coat the joints with clear nail polish and sprinkle with pearly glitter hot glue ribbons to the bottom of the powder compact make it look like jellyfish tentacles hi sister. But the evil mermaid isn t very friendly and she has a very nice powder compact the score is one to one our evil mermaid swim here from the north sea and she brought her us octopus along take an empty us container add different kinds of makeup glitter. Two lip balm melt it in a microwave turn over the lid with a grid and pour in the lip balm refrigerate. It until it sets completely make octopus tentacles out of polymer clay shape pink balls into suction cups pressin hollows on the suction cups with a modeling tool bake it following the package instructions scrape an eye on the hardened surface of the lip balm melt lip balm with black makeup pigment and pour it into the hollow music paint the us container purple and coat it with.

Clear nail. Polish attach the eos to the tentacles. Music this us. Octopus.

Always takes care of my lips..

His tentacles are so cute. He s a real friend. The good mermaid also has a beloved pet. A lipstick fish shape a lipstick to look like a long seashell add details with a toothpick use a brush to apply pearly makeup pigment to the surface set a plastic partition between the tube and the cap wrap the container and light clay shape.

A fish with fins add a tail attach sequence as scales music kote. The fins. The tail and the head with pearly acrylic paint attach a rhinestone to b. And i add details with a marker wipe the pattern off the lipstick tube using rubbing alcohol check out my fish sister it has a seashell inside let s do our lips.

But evo mermaids octopus is rarer the evil yo s. Wins. The score is two to one now we need some brushes let s get them out of the water hot glue. An eyeliner brush to a long seashell use a dry brush and pearly acrylic paint to color the seashell.

A brush made out of pearly seashell..

This isn t very impressive take this crab use smart aleck shape polymer clay into a crab claw join the parts shape it with a modeling tool music make it following the package instructions add accents with gold acrylic paints hate ducks on the cloth attach an eyeliner brush music keep your claws to yourself it turns out that this crab claw is used for makeup. Let s try doing each other s makeup yellow is for the good mermaid and the cold shade is for the evil mermaid. This round is a tie. So it means that everyone s a winner in this makeup battle did you like our mermaid makeup battle let us know in the comments whose makeup.

You liked the most good mermaid and her warm tones or evil mermaid. And her cold colors and don t forget to give this video a thumbs up subscribe to our channel and click on the belt. So that you don t miss new mermaid ideas from trim trim. ” .


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You are a good mermaid, or bad It does not matter! Our new mermaid makeup ideas will surely appeal to every girl!

Supplies and tools:
Face powder compact
Utility knife
Makeup glitter
Liquid creamy eye shadow
Light clay coral
Plastic fish
Hot glue gun
Rubbing alcohol
Half of a plastic ball
Clear nail polish
EOS container
Lip balm
Modeling tool
Polymer clay
Makeup pigment
Acrylic paint
Pearly makeup pigment
Plastic sheet
Light clay
Foam paper
Eye shadow
Sea salt
Empty makeup palette
Decorative stones
Self-adhesive rhinestones
Small container
Makeup pigments
Makeup primer
Plastic seashells
Long seashell
Eyeliner brush

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