Make Free Unlimited Calls in all over world on Mobile & Landline numbers

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“Guys in this video. I am going to show you how you can make free free calls all over world you can call home and abroad with no charges call on mobile. Number or landline number for free. So for this you just need to install an app.

So lets start open the play store in search type whatscall open the very first. App you can see its. Rating is also very good 46 and millions people are using this app click on install here it may take 1 to 2 minutes to install it depends on your internet speed whatscall gives you 2000 free call credit eachday. But i will tell you an easy method by which you can get unlimited credit on whatscall after installation open this here.

You can see make free calls..

Worldwide free international and domestic calls to over 230 countries. Here. You can select your country. I am from pakistan.

So i click on pakistan and give your phone number here click on sign up a verification code will be sent on your mobile you will receive a code on your mobile and it will automatically verified here you can enter any password click on done give your name here you can also sign up from facebook or google account click on get started when you sign up for the first time it gives you 1000 call credit here is four icon dial pad contacts credits me profile. If you click on credits. If you complete your profile you can get 300 credit. If you invite your friends you can get 1000 credit on each invitation.

You can also earn daily credit by click on go received today 20 credits got it here you can see my credits are 1020 now..

I will tell you an easy method by which you can get unlimited credit on whatscall before this lets make call to anyone select country from here you can call to anyone if i want to call in pakistan. Select pakistan type number here click on call here you can see it will take 190 credit per minute click on free call. Here. You can see its only just for test.

I made call on my mobile. You can also get daily credit from here. Daily check in 100 credit and complete your profile 300 credit. You can also watch video ads and can earn 10 30.


Now my credits are 830. Now. I will tell you how we can make unlimited credits. So for this you just need to install an app open the paly store search for the app hiromacro it will install within a minute after installation open this first i want to tell you how it works this app is automatically record work on android and we can play loop of that recording means we can repeat that work so here click on start here you can see actionkey button press to record and play actionkey volume down button.

Now go to whatscall click on credit and press volume down button. Then click on record. Then click on go and recording will start. Now you have received 50 credit click on got it and add will be displayed see this add 4 to 5 seconds.

Then close it 50 credits will be add in your total credits..

Now again press volume down button recording will stop and saved then again press volume down button to show the recording select the recording and here is 3 options time interval and speed here times means how much time recording will play you can choose as much as you want i select 20. This time interval means break between previous and new recording and dont change. Speed now it will automatically run and add will show and credits will ads automatilcally now this recording will paly 20 times. You can stop this by pressing volume down button.

So by following these easy steps you can make free calls all over the world i hope you will like this video please click on red subscribe button for more videos. ” ..

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