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“Homies. What s happening. Thank you guys so much for clicking on the video hope hope that you guys are have an adult. They now listen to this this is i want to let you guys know this happens to so many people your mind can be your worst enemy at times.

Don t let those thoughts get you down man get out the house and actually think positive and be around people that want to support you trust me it gets a lot better all right you guys can do it okay so i woke up this morning and i m practicing my other languages because you guys know i m fluent in at least 37 different languages and you know i always bring that to you guys so. I was practicing words big words like uno. Dos. Tres cuatro.

You know saying things like that. And i checked. And i see that sony has just announced cross play is now in veda cross play ladies and gentlemen. I never thought in my life of life s i will ever see cross play between consoles.

So you guys let me know what you guys think about this in the comments section between xbox ps4 and possibly pc. Now. I m gonna give you guys a breakdown on what is actually happening what this could potentially mean for warframe and this could be the just the boost that freakin warframe needs. If they follow this in the right direction.

Okay okay guys now listen before i go into this i just want to ask you guys a quick question in the comment section. Do you guys remember this cartoon from back in a day. It used to be one of my favorite cartoons named doug do you guys remember doug and the intro used to go like dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude okay he had a barking dog i m just saying i pretend you didn t hear pretend i m sorry i m sorry no. But listen you guys know i m random.

And i love it nostalgia in the cartoons. So here s what s happening. When you have such a giant video game company like sony. Saying that they re now starting cross play beta.

This is game changing. I never thought i would see it people have been asking for this for over a decade..

It s completely insane that we are now getting this now for the people in the comment section with their briefcase ready with their resume to write in a comment section and their shirt. Fully buttoned up to the top let me let you guys notice warframe is not under any contract. The agreement to say that they cannot do cross play. There s none.

The only reason why there was never cross play in the first place is the fact that sony would not allow it. But now that sony is starting beta for it probably as soon as next year. We can probably see you guys on xbox and you guys on ps4 actually planned the game together. Which will then increase.

The community and get warframe to be pushed past that glass ceiling to be more even mainstream. Which is what the game needs. Oh my god now i know a lot of you guys out here getting nervous because you re like oh. My god they re gonna take warframe away from me if it goes mainstream listen do you guys want the game to survive do you guys want the game to be amazing.

I know a lot of you guys don t want the game to be mainstream. Because you re as good a brit it looks like people listen. There s toxic people in warframe right now the game is super toxic check. The comment sections check the comment section before you all say anything okay now here s the thing.

What s gonna happen is that warframe needs this to branch out to really push past that glass ceiling now. I m gonna give you guys a breakdown on what this actually means for everybody right now. I ma let you notice. If warframe does not go cross play at least at some point.

It is gonna miss out on a huge beneficial curve that other games are going to take because cross play is that giant sandbox of what you need to communicate with other players. I know a lot of people that have x boxes or ip. I know a lot of people that have playstations and the thing is with the games. People don t they don t have the same platform.

So they don t get to play the game with each other now you can do that and plus. The easier references to talk about with xbox and playstation is because the reason..

Why it s easier is because xbox and playstation is basically on the same cert. They re on the same update. So it s easier for you to update both of them to actually keep it there there s no excuse to why it s not when sony and xbox is now open to it it just means that de would have to get their console team on the same page. But this would mean so much for it.

But wait a minute boys and girls ladies and gentlemen does this mean that the nintendo would be able to be on there and i m gonna tell you why this would be a bad idea for nintendo nintendo shouldn t be on there a lot of people already have bad internet okay and nintendo uses a lot of wi fi having those people run as host. They just need to be by themselves they just need to be by themselves unless you guys can give me a better response to why nintendo should be there it s just not a good look for me to have nintendo even included but playstation and xbox. Yes that definitely needs to be there now another thing that we got to talk about how would this go with pc and ps4 because pc. And ps4 already have a contract agreement with every single pc.

The ps4 video game that they can actually cross play majority of those almost together okay. Now the problem with that is that pc is on a higher update. There the beta testers that gets all the bugs and everything out the way before playstation gets it right now for a lot of you guys don t know warframe on playstation actually get hot fixes they get hot fixes they can read text they can get it out there and hot fix the game. If there s something really major going on it happens.

All the time now for all the pc boys out. There. That s like oh warframe wouldn t be able to do it pcs. The beta testers and this is what s happening so we test the update for you guys.

And what if warframe actually just made their updates a lot cleaner. What if warframe actually did their updates in time and actually made it to where they can throw it out on all platforms at the same time. What is that would that be crazy no when because a lot of game. Companies do it the problem is that i can think about what you guys are gonna complain about it s probably like oh.

This is not that big of a company. What it s an update just fine tuning. The update getting on the same page and putting it all out together the problem with d is that the e works on most updates at the last minute steve came out and said it most of them came out and said it so what s happening is that they are not being proactive with the updates to really fine tuning it to the point to where they can get everything together. Now.

I know you cannot foresee bugs. The game is still in beta..

The reason. Why the game is still in because if the game is in beta denis on steam. It gives you more leeway to do consistent updates. That s why having that beta right there with warframe is great for it to be an on steam to where it can do consistent updates now with everything going on if they were to fine tune to updates.

I don t see the problem prime s come out at the same time on all platforms. Wukong was released on all platforms at the same time no wakhan was released on pc and ps4 at the same exact time with every single bundle coming along with it so what that tells me and from what i got from speaking of warframe. Is that if they get their updates fine tuned already there s no excuse for why they can t drop it on all things at the same time now i know a lot of pc boards are gonna be out here fighting about like no this is why i can t do it if it was to do it that would be amazing. There s no reason for playstation and pc not to play together now what are you guys gonna tell me the crazy pvp in warframe is gonna give pc the advantage oh my god you re gonna win in a duel that means nothing bro.

This is um this would be amazing. It s a pve game there s really not much of an advantage that you have on pc. When it comes to a pve game a lot of you on pc ps4 and xbox are walking around picking up normal sensors. Why you get to turn faster.

With your mouse to see that in your all sensor before i do you know what i m saying so i m thinking about it. Like what is the major differences that you re actually getting you know oh pc runs at a faster rate. What are you getting people are lagging day by day up in there and things are getting stressful. So what is the advantage that it really is out here.

And that s what i m really trying to understand now here s the other thing if warframe do not get on this train guys. It would be a major letdown. It would be a major letdown because so many people have been asking for this so. Many people have been talking about this.

And then the other thing is that warframe takes a year to come out with updates. Anyway so there s no reason for them to not fine tune. The updates within that time okay now i know a lot of you on pc are probably gonna be like wait so we should suffer just so that console and everybody else could get to update at the same time. I don t like it okay you re suffering.

Now there s no update for anybody. There s no update for anybody we re all suffering look how long it s been there s no update for none of us..

We re all dying a starvation. We don t have any water. We are here looking like the freaking hyenas off a lion king with our freaking bones showing. We hungry bro.

So what excuse can you guys give me to why this is not a major thing now for tonight you guys are gonna be able to be there i can think of us so many other games. But the one game that i want to do cross play would be warfarin. I m telling you i want to body you guys on pc. I have a pc account.

But it s not the same mice any stars not on pc. I m just saying i would body so many freakin pc players. I m just saying you guys know how i am this things are happening. Oh my god rio you can outdo me in a survival.

All cross play fam. Let s go warframe is not even a competitive game like that in the pve aspect of it anyway to where pc has a great advantage is just the updates that s all it is just the updates. How do you guys feel about it as always i m just bringing news to you guys so you guys can actually break it down for me in the comment section. And i hope i get some good ideas from you guys.

And see where you guys is mined are at currently at the moment. So much love thank you guys for everything i actually love the idea of just xbox and ps4. If they can t make it with pc and ps4 that is completely fine. But do you know how much of a boost warframe would get to go with pc not pc to go with ps4 and xbox that would be incredible.

And i think that the warframe community should definitely push for that and that would push warframe in a higher bracket of a video game okay. Much love to you guys please give the video a thumbs up. Please please please. If you guys enjoy it and i will catch you guys later on the next.

” ..

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