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“Is ahead. 3. Nothing and the dodgers trying to find some offense against jon lester lester with a heart of the order coming out hey. Dr.

Fans. I m kate and i m. Here. With your dodgers insider.

Now you just. Saw homeruns. By cody max. And freese.

And even though. The game started. Slow. You wouldn t have guests at the game and hit the way that it did but before we jump into it you re gonna want to see a recap of last night.

Kershaw his last time or another really good start was friday and san francisco gave up two runs over seven innings. But did give any run support and suffered his first loss since last july. Kyle schwarber leading things off for jill matt first pitch to schwarber is hitting the air out into deep center back on it is verdugo. It has gone first gets leadoff home run.

My goodness first pitch home run out kershaw straightaway centerfield in this ballpark. Not really hit her spark. Which schwarber is behind quite. A role here over his last 10 prior to tonight.

And the cubs with a run in now have men at second and third wilson contreras in an rbi opportunity line drive shallow left field that ball is going to fall in there for a base hit rizzo stops the third bryant comes in to score cubs lead two to nothing. He s the big horse. John luster. 12.

Starts. John is five and four with a three point five six here s the one to turner swings and misses at a curve in the dirt. And a lob toss to first by contraries completes. The put out will be bellinger apparently leading players in all star votes.

Hey struck him out good player bad hack good pitch. Good. Start for lester. Four up four down.

We go to the third here at dodger stadium. Chris bryant will lead things off against clayton kershaw. Bryant in the air out of the deep right center that baby kris bryant with a homerun to right center cups. Have taken her shot deep for the second time in the game.

And the cups. Now lead three to nothing here in the third in it squeezed by barnes and kershaw wins..

This battle here. It s a strikeout looking and i m number two in the third dodgers have some work to do trailing the cubs three dedup swinging in the miss swing and a miss strike. Three lester gets out of the inning one out one on in the bottom of the fourth. The batter is cody bellinger.

It s center field back towards day. Toby bellinger snaps a 12 game homerun skid with a two run shot that has the dodgers within one of the four he carries a baton for a while all the way past the 45 fort lee no real bat flip. But he knew it was gone and the batter is back spun see next muncie 16. Home run of the year and just like that the dodgers have snatched the lead from the cub.

Two away here in the bottom of the fifth inning. Doctors have a runner on first base and a 4 3. Lead over the cubs that ll bring up david freese field going back to the wall. He looked up and it s gone but 2 run homerun for david freese.

It continues to be red hot his eighth home run of the year. The third two run home run of the night for the dodgers go now lead lester in the cub. 6 to 3. And the second home run of the three hit on the first pitch by the dodgers tonight leading kershaw to a 6 to 3 lead as we begin the sick missed strike three the bat goes flying the ball goes harmless.

The glove of austin barnes scouts those swings and misses uncle charlie takes up by that eighth strikeout for kershaw as we go to the bottom of the seventh inning. So now bellinger right towards the corner talk about covering the whole plate. They want to go away the ball ends up down the middle to him it probably feels a little bit more like the inner this ball does not have time to a little hooking action on it but as hard as it s hit it gets out in fair territory dodgers seven cubs three all home runs for the story tonight for the dodgers trying to pick up the save try to go nine outs to get it rustling on a bounce to muncie six catches at least one a game. When he s over there at first that the feet are going to get tangled.

I don t know if it s stretched too late stretch in the wrong direction or he just trips on his own shoelaces. But max muncie. Very nimble up the middle has very much improved his rhythm. A defense and david freese.

I don t know what that is it s a stretch right. That s called the fern to play on both ends and ends with a smile for david freese. The tail end of muncie s groundball and capturing the final put out of this dr w. With a wild game last night.

As you just saw and again. I m kansa here with the judges insider. We are live here at dodger stadium. I m joined by rowan conner.

Our expert in all things dodgers so last night crazy game. What are your initial thoughts starting with with kershaw yeah seven three win. I mean you saw some highlights from it already there and i think the thing about kershaw is you re gonna have some games or he s just completely feeling. It he s just the strikeouts are up it s just complete dominance and then you re gonna have some games to where he s just sort of gonna have to figure out a way to get out of this traffic.

And that was the the latter of those two options. There were early on the doctors find themselves in a three old hole. But the thing with kershaw is even when he gives up runs earlier this year. He s still somehow found her way to hold the team to pretty much three runs or fewer and basically every time.

He s out there he s gotten over six innings and all 11 of his starts this year. He s had a quality start in ten of those eleven starts so this was a situation after a few innings dodgers in a three hole and kershaw just keeps him there long enough for the offense to get going well..

When can we talk about really quick that first inning first pitch homered through the center. I mean that would be a confidence shaker. But he managed to hold it together for sure and hadn t allowed any homeruns in june coming into this this outing. And then as you said first pitch immediately out to center field.

It seems like he s less frustrated about giving up home runs. He said those happen he s more frustrated about the walks right after that home run a walk to kris bryant bryant comes in and scores that bothered him more home runs are gonna happen every once in a while he hadn t been getting the hit for him many of them so far in june. But again bounce back managed to get past that gave the dodgers a chance to win. Which he s done every time.

He s been out there. Which is why the dodgers are ten in one every time. He s taking the mound this year for sure now flipping it to the other side for our offense. Things really got hot in the fourth starting with bellinger yeah and then look the often sria lee just hadn t really been there the way that you ve seen.

It been there in april and may and so in june. It s been a little bit of a struggle five their last six games coming into this one they d scored three runs or fewer automatically they re in a 3 run hole. You have cody bellinger getting out it was on a 12 game homeless streak. So it was nice to see him be able to go the other way with it and then immediately right after that another two run home run.

I think the thing. That s been maybe the most interesting about what bellinger s done so far this year. We know the power numbers but nine of his 22 home runs have come off left handed pitchers both of them in yesterday s game came off left handed pitchers. So that just hasn t been a problem for him this one.

Even so with this 12 game joe yeah. He s still post the highest average. Yeah for sure a verge is high on base percentage still high the slugging just wasn t really there. But it was nice to see him be able to get that going a little bit now moving on to muncie.

He s been hot lately. Four home runs in the last four games. Doesn t get better than that yeah you said it after bellinger immediately you got a guy on base. And then muncie hits a home run suddenly a three nothing game was a 4 3.

Lead dodgers would keep the lead from that point on you could definitely make the argument. That muncey s been one of the most consistent players in this dodger lineup throughout the year. Just showing exactly what he did last year. Where he s able to work counts able to hit for powell and they give him something to hit there i think again speaking of left handed batters who can hit left handed pitchers.

He s second on a team and home runs against left handed pitching behind cody bellinger. He has six of them so your two leaders against left handed pitching in homeruns are two left handed batters. I think that s pretty a unique thing and kind of tells you what those two guys can do from a power perspective for sure well with those two two home run home runs two runs here at home. Say that 10 times faster in the fourth inning de fries.

Came up with in the fifth inning. Another two run home right yeah. It s kind of amazing. What he s been able to do he s not getting a ton of starts when he s starting basically when they need him to he s getting kind of these spot starts in situations.

Where the dodgers feel like he might be best suited. Which might mean he gets one at bat a game..

You ll get to about today. I mean he just seems it doesn t matter if he s cold and he s coming into the 7th to be starting a game. He s just been ridiculously productive. He s hitting 400 and he has eight extra base hits in june and only 25 at bats.

It s four doubles four home runs hit one of them yesterday to really break that game opens gave kershaw nice cushion to work with and if you give him four runs or more of support you re gonna win the game. I mean talk about stats that you just used to throw out. But i mean i think the fact he s still dealing with that right knee soreness. So they re trying to find time for him.

He s not in the lineup. Today time for me to kind of rest put him in situations. Where he might be able to thrive. But it doesn t really matter anytime you put him out there he seems to be productive.

During the pregame. Interview dave was asked about the recent homeruns and if he prefers that or more consistent offense. Yeah i definitely liked the recent power surge when we slug obviously shows that we wouldn t baseball games. But you know there are there are times that you still got to manufacture so it i just think that the last ten days.

It just wasn t the perfect storm. Oh. We just weren t swinging the bats well so we weren t slug and we weren t manufacturing. But i think that when we are going well we re still we can chip away as well on the offensive side offense.

Give us the lead and then you re east came in in the last three gave us three scoreless innings. He looked good yeah for sure and i think you re gonna see those situations where if he s on a few days rest the starting pitcher can give you six innings. He s gonna be that guy that s gonna get a two or three inning stint. I think this team is looking for consistency in the middle innings guys in the seventh and eighth who can kind of hold it down for them for julio in his last three outings all multi inning outings.

Which would you expect from them. He hasn t allowed to run and any of them so he s not gonna be a guy that s gonna be pitching back to back days but the days he does pitch. He s probably gonna go 2 or 3 innings in the last few have been really nice things he did well on the road trip. Did well last night in which this brings us to our question of the day which player other than cody bellinger.

Do you consider. The dodgers mvp. Now i want your real answer later on i m going to hold my tongue for now. But i do give a little teaser.

Who are some guys up for consideration. I think well there s a lot of unfortunately. One of them s on the injured list now because corey seager was really starting to get we do count him do you want to put him in there you know you hope you can see him in the next few weeks. But i guess only time will tell with that but i mean yeah you can start with justin turner.

You can talk about a guy. We ve already a couple guys who ve already talked about muncie freese. I think there s a lot of different options up and down to sign up that you can go with verdugo joc. Pederson.

Who is an all star candidate with the power that he s shown so far so a lot of options you can bet from there i mean. That s where you go off the board..

Maybe. I m not even thinking of someone else. Well that s a good problem to have i go. That s right.

I think you d rather that problem beggars can t be choosers. So we re happy for that well guys send us your votes. What you guys think plead your case on who you would love outside of bellinger. I mean.

There s a lot of options like we just talked about and make sure you re going off of how well they re playing don t go off good looks. Because sometimes it can be a little bias on there. I ve seen it so make sure you send out your answers on facebook or on youtube. We ll be checking that out and we will read your answers later on so next thing.

We got is our all star voting. I can t believe we re already at this part i know right in the season. I had a couple more weeks left of voting too so i feel like we were just in arizona for spring training now we re already at all star voting and so you guys know how this works we do it every year. Think about think of it as the fans giving back the players do what we need them to do on the.

Field so we got to support them on the. Internet so go to mlbcom slash vote. We need you to give your support and it works you can go five times a day up until the 21st. So we have a week left to vote up until five times a day.

So we gotta get our guys into the top three position. So in it right now. We ll have a look for the outfield. We ll get them into the top nine for the outfield and then top three for each position player.

So. Cody bellinger is in first with over a million votes of course there can never be too. Many make sure you log on vote a lot we got joc pederson and forth and then doogie is in ninth. We got to bump those guys up they deserve a little bit more a little bit more they they you know they do a lot on the field.

So let s get them into the next round for the all star. Voting but again make sure you guys check it out mlbcom slash votes. We need as much help i mean. I voted did you have you been voting every day five times a day every day fine.

It s easy to go five times a day. You think you have to read through it out. But you just put it in once and you just say vote five time bellinger s setting. I guess a record but leading the way at least so far for all star voting.

But yeah things can change really quickly every it seems like every time there s a balloting update. There s a few guys that end up switching cores and you look at turner and seeger and these guys who were sitting there in third place. They can go kind of either way so definitely up for grabs with a lot of these spots to get them into that next round of voters. Sure and now for first base max muncie is in fourth place.

He s got over two hundred thousand votes behind freddie freeman of the braves we got to help him out ” ..

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