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“Guys kimberly kole here so the other day marina and i were sitting around listening listening to some music when this happened poppin bone in the eyes like a blizzard. We drink we do it right gettin slizzard sippin sizzurp in the ride in my bride 36. I m feeling so fly like a g6 like a g6 like i m feeling flo get cheap big gee nick like what the heck is a g6. Know that it s a g6.

So you know when you re singing. A popular song and you have like no idea. What you re actually singing about not a bad. Lad reza.

Like a douche in the middle of night. Wow. We thought it d be fun..


If i analyzed the lyrics of popular songs to see we re actually singing about why was singing on to them. And this first video is on the song like a g6 by the far east movement hit it moustachy gosh whatever like a blizzard. Okay wait wait stop the music what are we just sing. There the first line means.

They must have some sort of bottle service at the club papi bottles of champagne. When we drink. We do brad get. Me flint is the second line when they drink they get slizzard.

Well slizzard is from a void. In the hood song still slizzard and that means just being drunk. I know that one in social mustachio..


You stifle sizzurp in the rap in the graphic. 36. Sippin sizzurp in my ride like a 36. Okay now i m lost marina can t you pissing please sure.

Kimberly sizzurp is an illegal drink that contains promethazine and codeine syrup mixed with sprite and sometimes joel ranges candies the combination of the drugs makes you extremely lethargic and is dangerous. So i recommend that you do not try it i m shocked that this thing is singing about such a scene. Now like 36 appears to be a reference to band called the three 6 mafia. That has a song called sipping on syrup back to you kimberly never feeling so fly like a g6 like a cheese.

Okay. What the heck is a g6 mustachioed. You know you stash whatever you were no help maria yes..


Kimberly. I thought you were supposed to be analyzing this lyrics. I know i know i just need help one last time. Ok feeling fly like a g6.

He s really very funny in that a g6 makes reference to gulfstream g650 jet. Oh. Just six jet as people call. It.

Which is the coolest and the fastest civilian jet on the market. I ve only been on g5 and g4 and the g6 is like super super cool so i feeling fly like a g6 is a joke get it fly means being cool. But you also fly in the g6 jad that s so fun now the g6 is so cool and so expensive that when the band shows themselves getting into the g6 at the end of the video well they re actually getting into much cheaper g4 because they couldn t afford to actually get into g6 maybe they re not so fly after all thanks really but be nice artists have to start somewhere the rest of lyrics are pretty straightforward give me some away chris..


I ll champagne girls acting like a drunk then they drink some more that sizzurp watch out with sashay that s some pretty crazy stuff stuff then they mentioned 808. Which is a popular drum sound using all dance music and they dance then they get in there g4 jet. Which they pretend is a g6 so cool now we ve analyzed that song and when you sing along to it you ll know exactly what you re singing about okay. Well that s it for today s video let me know in the comments.

Which songs you like me to look at. And i ll make a video about them the next video is about the dougie and i have no idea. What the dougie is bye guys don t forget to subscribe. Ma.

I love you blizzard like a g6 like a g6 g pg. ” ..

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