LG V10 Earpiece Speaker Replacement How To Change

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“Guys so today. I wanted to make a video to show you how to change. Change. The earpiece speaker.

In the lg v10. So first of all what you want do is make sure your device is powered off. And go ahead and grab the phone and just start right down here in the charging port. You can just stick your thumb right.

In there. And just pry up and the back cover comes right off to remove the battery. Just put your thumb nail. In the slot.

Right. Here. You can just pick up and the battery comes out just like that so if you have any sim cards or memory cards you want to remove them at this time as well include a link in the video description for any tools that i m gonna be using in this repair today or any parts that i m gonna be replace anything that i think might be helpful to you i ll include links in the video description so check them out there next. We re gonna want to do is use a phillips screwdriver size zero zero zero.

So if you do get a tool set make sure that it has that size in it zero zero zero. And what we re gonna do is remove all these screws. All the way around the perimeter. Here so there s actually fourteen screws that you have to remove and don t worry they re all the same size.

So you know i m too worried about mixing them up so next. What you want to do is remove this back part..

And what i found it works pretty good is if you have something thin like a tweezers or something something like this and just carefully pry right in this little notch right here for this bottom. Part and then you can use something just carefully pull up on this and then what i use is just like a plastic pry tool for this to the prying part. I recommend something nonmetallic for the top here. If you go right in here and behind this little tab sticking up right.

Here you can get that pried up and started and if you use like your plastic pry tool and get it started in this corner right here you can just carefully pry up. Now be careful the logic board is under here you don t want to pry against that you just want to kind of pick up is what you re doing and then so since this is coming loose. You can just kind of slide down this side you can kind of slide down this side. Too.

There s just little clips in here holding this and then this back part comes right off. So next. What you want to do is you want to remove this connector right here just use like a plastic pry tool or something or your fingernails. If you don t have one i would recommend not using metal on this and then you can go ahead and remove the connector here for the headphone jack and then we ll go up to the top here remove this connector right here for the front facing camera that lifts out easily.

So you can just remove that otherwise i would just leave it so next to remove the logic board. The motherboard here. What you can do is just carefully start prying up here on this bottom. Part here.

And you want to watch these different wires. Here that s holding it up then now that that s loose. What you can do is come over on this side right. Here.

There s a clip right in here that we need to pry up on and so what i found is if you just pry up here carefully on the top and slide down towards this this clip is right in here. Particularly and once that lets loose then you should be able to just lift the whole board right out just like that to change the earpiece speaker..

Which is located right here what you want to do is i m gonna use like a tweezers because it s a very fine point. And you want to just pry up under this little contact right here up by the peg holes. And you want to just carefully peel that up that has strong adhesive under it and then what you can do is just slide. It in right.

Here. Behind the speaker and just carefully pry up that has adhesive under too and then the whole earpiece speaker. Comes out just like that so to reinstall grab your new part. If it has a film or the adhesive peel.

It off then you just want to grab it set it right down in there just push down on that and then line up this with the peg holes put it on top of the peg holes. And then just press down make sure it s stuck down good and you re all set next. We re gonna grab the logic board. We re gonna set it down and we re gonna get this part here started first i got to watch the headphone jack and watch this wire.

And when you can just kind of set this down. So first maybe so this stays. We ll reconnect this headphone jack right. Here.

Then we ll reconnect this connector. Right. Here. So that you got those two in let s turn this this way and just push everything down there so it sits down nicely.

Then we ll want to grab the front camera set it down in there reconnect that till next grab the back parts that art right down on here and just start clipping it in and everywhere. Just snaps in and then go ahead and put your fourteen screws in all the way around so at this time go ahead and install any sim cards or memory cards that you want to install next grab your battery line..

The connectors up right here with these connectors. Right here just set it right down in there press down to reinstall your back cover just grab the back cover set it right down on here. Just press down all the way around make sure. It s snapped in all the way around top and bottom.

And you re all set. Sorry i m just gonna try it playing with these two back buttons in the analog stick. Now it s wire circuit. One when it hits like the two on the clock.

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