LG SJ9 Dolby Atmos Soundbar Review

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“To a short video summary of the lg sj9 you can read the full in in depth review via the link in the description or by clicking the card at top right of the video. The sj9 is lg s first sound bar to support dolby atmos new retails for 999 pounds. The sound bar. Itself is reasonably large has been designed for screen sizes at 55 inches and bigger in our test.

We combined it with an lg 55 b7. It has an attractive lo form design with rounded edges and smooth contours of the build quality is excellent. The sj9 is finished in metal and as a wraparound grille with forward firing drivers for the front three channels to side firing drivers that bounce off the walls to create the rear channels and to upward firing drivers which bounce off the ceiling to create the overhead channels. The forward and side firing drivers use 100 millimeter woofers combined with 20 millimeter.

Tweeters. Or the upward. Firing drivers use a two and a half inch woofer and all seven drivers have 43 watts individual amplification. The sj9 also comes with a wireless subwoofer that has a black finish and curved edges to match the main unit.

The sub users of bass reflex system with a rear port..

The six and a half inch driver and 200 watts of amplification. And when combined the entire system can support five point one point two dolby atmos in the box. Along with the sound bar and the subwoofer you ll find an optical digital cable. As well as a brackets and a template for wall mounting the main unit.

All the connections are at the rear of the sound bar in a recessed area and here. You ll find an hdmi. Input and hdmi. Output both of which support 4k hdr and hdcp 22.

And in the case of the. Output a rc as well there s also optical digital input a 35 millimeter analog jack and an ethernet port. There is also built in wi fi and bluetooth. With the former allowing.

The sj9 to support lg s music flow..

Multi room system on the right hand rear of the sound bar. There are some basic controls the power source select volume connecting to your wireless network and in the soundbar to a music flow. Multi room system. There s also an include remote control.

So this is very small and fiddly to use and prone to getting lost. It does at least compute. All the buttons. You ll need set up to control the sound bar or the naming of some of the buttons can be a bit confusing.

In general use the sj9 deliver the great performance with tv programs and movies dialogue was clear and focused whilst music and effects was spread across the front soundstage. The audio was clean and detailed and the lg can go loud without distorting and had no problem. Spilling. An average sized living room.

The bass performance was good thanks to the world s greatest subwoofer and overall..

The salm was balanced with a solid mid range and a good high frequency performance. The sj9 also performance really well with music. Delivering good clarity and localization of instruments. Which is great if you plan on using the sound bar as part of a multi room system for listening to music.

Where. The sj9 struggled was in terms of delivering an immersive audio experience. There was very little sense of a surround envelopment. Although there were overhead effects.

The sound stage was very front heavy with no real audio coming from the sides or behind. However. We re looking for a single sound bar and subwoofer solution. They can deliver at a turd or be at mosque.

Without requiring rear speakers..

Then this system might work for you. And given the bill quality features and overall performance. We re happy to award. The lg sj9.

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