LG K30 Tips and Tricks

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“Guys waiting here from h2 tech videos. See i m gonna go over some tips tips and tricks on the lgk 30. We are gonna start with the first tip. This is when you purchase any smartphone.

This is the first thing you should do out of the box you see how the screen is going dim with you fast this can be kind of annoying. If you go to your settings. And you go to display or go to general excuse. Me and from the general actually you want to go to display and then you want to go to screen timeout.

And you want to change this to five minutes two minutes or five minutes this way your phone won t go off so often basically your phone can sit there for five minutes before the screen goes dim for some people this is good for those you know won t be using your phone. A lot you may want to put it on two minutes. But it just stops the phone from constantly going to sleep. And you have it two waking it up so that is that to jump right into some real tips and tricks.

So hey you purchased this phone. It s awesome you might have switched from an older phone and you might have not been able to get all your stuff transferred from the old phone. So i want to show you what app you want to use to do that lg phones are great because they do come with this phone it s called lg mobile switch and basically it comes installed on the new phone so near k thirty and all you want to do is install the same app on your old phone and you open them up at the same time and you hit wireless on both phones they re going to send a code to each other they re gonna link up and that s it you can then select the things that you want to be moved from the old phone to the new phone so pictures contacts call log text messages apps you name it you can transfer it through this app so if you didn t get your stuff transferred and you re still trying to figure out how you re gonna do that that s the app. That you want to use and it does come pre installed on all lg phones so look for that app.

You might see it call something a little different. If your lg if your old lg phone is more than two years old. It might be called lg back up so look for that app as well if not i m pretty sure you can just go to the play store right here you can search lg mobile switch and then you ll be able to download it on the new phone if your old phone is not an lg. You can still download the app from the play store.

So just a little tip there to get all your stuff transferred from the whole phone to the new phone. So the next thing next important tip. We re gonna go to our settings and we re going to go to the general tab at the top here and you re going to go to smart cleaning now. This is them being an important app for you a lot of times from a lot of use your phone will begin to slow down.

Not run as fast and part of the reason is everything you do on the phone is downloading and pulling files..

And what happens is if you don t go in and clean out those temporary files. They store up and they begin to slow the phone down. So you ll want to go to the smart cleaning app. And this will allow you to optimize your phone.

So if there s anything that like extra files that you don t need it ll find them and get rid of them for you so it will free up your storage. If you have a lot of apps running at the same time it ll close out some of those apps. So that your phone runs quicker and it ll also give you some information on your battery usage as well just in case you notice your battery is dropping really quickly you d want to check the battery usage section and that would give you a better snapshot of what app is draining your battery. And what you can do about it so.

This is a great app and it s going to help you to just keep your phone clean and running fast and hopefully lasting a very long time alright our next little tip is going to be a really easy way to take a screenshot on the phone so on any screen. Let s say. I was in the play store. And you found a really cool game that you want a friend of yours to play let s say looney tunes.

Maybe you re in looney tunes. And you want to send it to someone else a download this game. All you have to do is swipe down and in the upper left corner you have this icon. Which is it s basically a screen capture software or a screen capture shortcut that when you tap it it will take a picture of your screen.

And then it will allow you to make notes. So you could you know select a little pencil here and you can circle it oh this is how you downloaded oh make sure you get the mayhem version you can go in and make little notes and then hit the check mark in the upper left corner and that will save your screenshot. We re gonna save it to our gallery. So really cool an easy way to take a screenshot no gestures or anything just straight.

Go to the screen. You want a screenshot. Let s say this screen swipe down and hit the upper left corner. This little button right.

Here not that but this and that will take your screenshot and allow you to run it right after so really nice and easy there we ll save it to the gallery..

Alright our next tip is gonna be one that i think a lot of people are gonna be interested in knowing about which is how to move your apps to the memory card okay so this is a great phone. But let s say you transfer a lot of files from your old phone. You re noticing. You don t have as much storage.

As you thought you were gonna have if you do have a microsd card. Which is external storage you can move some of your apps over to your microsd card to save some space so i ve downloaded a couple of apps so i can show you how this works i ve downloaded hulu and netflix now the important thing to note here is that you cannot move every single app. Okay only certain apps are coded to be able to be moved to external storage. So i m going to show you one app that you can move so you know what that screen looks like and then i m going to show you an app.

That you can t move. So you can see if this pops up you ll know hey i can t move this app and from this point. You can then check the apps. That you have and try to move as many as you can to help free up space.

So what we re going to do we re going to go to the settings. We re going to go to the general tab right here and then we re going to go down to apps and the first app. We re going to move is netflix netflix is an app. That is coded by the developer that will allow you to move it to your external storage right now we can see netflix is 65 megabytes of storage which can add up so we re going to tap on netflix and under the storage section.

We re going to tap on storage and right here it says storage usage. Internal storage. I m going to hit change and then i m going to hit sd and then hit move and that s going to move it from the internal storage to the micro sd card. Thus freeing up some of the space on your phone.

Ok so this is an example of an app that you can move. But hulu is an example of an app that you cannot move so if i try to move it this is what you re going to see tap on it tap on storage and you ll notice. I don t have an option that says storage and it doesn t say internal storage. It doesn t say anything.

There s not even a button here for me to press to change it to sd..

So that s how i know i cannot move hulu to the memory. Part. There s no option for it so at this point. What you ve got to do is go through your apps and check them to see which ones have the change button that would like move into your storage.

We re gonna check out facebook s next next so open it storage and notice storage used internal and it has the change button again when you see the change button it means that you can move it to external storage. If you don t see the change button at all it means you can t move it so it s just that easy and that s how you can move some of your apps over to the internal to the external storage of micro sd card to save some space alright. Guys our next tip is going to be around the battery. So if you swipe down from the top pulled down again.

You will have a battery saver icon right in this section. Right here okay now normally the way this phone works is if you get down to 15. The phone will ask you do you want to turn on battery saver mode. Because the battery is low.

I have the kind of person where i don t like to wait for my phone to get that low before i change it to battery saver mode especially if i know i m going to be away from a charger. All day. Let s say you go to an amusement park or family function. And you don t have access to a charger and if i know i m gonna go there and be there all day.

I m gonna turn this on sooner because it s going to limit some of the background operations and it s gonna basically stretch your battery to last a lot longer so the tip here is for you to just swipe down pull down again and just turn on battery saver early don t wait till it gets to 15 turn on even sooner. So that your battery will stretch a lot longer so it s just that easy some days. I turn on when the phone s at 100. Because i know i m going to be gone.

All day and my phone last a lot longer the whole day. Not you know after the phone is at 50 and then i decide to turn it on and it s really easy to turn off it s the same thing you just swipe down twice hit battery saver. This will turn it off now. There s a slash in it and that s it with easy all right guys for our last.

Little tip..

It s a saying that comes enabled in the settings menu and basically when you re on the home screen. All you ve got to do is swipe down. And you have access to a quick search. Which is great because it will search your whole phone.

So you can search for apps for example you can search for a text message you can search for music anything you have on the phone you can search in this section. It ll find it if i type in netflix right. Now guess. What i just downloaded netflix the app comes up and then i can pull the app up from the search instead of having to go to the app section and pull it up from there so that s where super easy and again you may have text messages from people that you re trying to find this will search through all your messages and help you pinpoint that specific message that you sent that you ve been trying to find so it s really cool.

And it does get smarter after a while so if you search for certain things multiple times. It will show up in here. Without you even having to search just to speed up your trying to find it so. Anyway guys.

This has been the tips and tricks on the lg k. 30. Hope you guys do find this helpful. Do me a favor and leave a comment down below.

And let me know your thoughts that you was aiding this video new information that you didn t know before and if so i love to hear which ones you didn t know about we always like to hear your feedback so we can adjust and tweak our videos to make sure they are continuously relevant to you guys. And what s going to help you with your phone. So once again hope you find it helpful like favorite this year hit that subscribe button and follow us on instagram at h2 tech. Videos.

Thanks again for watching take care and have a good one ” ..

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