LG 47LA6205 47″ 1080p LED 3D Smart TV Review

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“What s going on everyone its video engine review of the lg. 47. La 6205 6205 47. Inch 1080p led 3d smart tv.

Now the screen itself has led direct and 120 hertz refresh rate. Which works quite well now what you re seeing is me wearing the 3d glasses that come out of the box on top of my prescription glasses and if it s somewhat comfortably. If you want to know how many 3d glasses on there stuff that come out of the box. I have made a separate video which i do an unboxing you can find a link to that video in the video description now because it is a passive 3d.

The 3d glasses himself don t require any batteries it just like you would find in movie theaters. However what i notice in comparison to watching 3d movies in theaters is that a 3d effect on this tv. The pop of the 3d is a lot better than in movie theaters. Furthermore after watching movies that are two and a half hours long in 3d.

My eyes and feel strained at all inside is a dual core processor. Which allows the smart features to respond rather quickly and of course. It supports dolby digital surround sound on the back left of the tv. You have three usb ports and three hdmi ports on the back of the base as you can see here and here.

These brackets are used to hide the wires. Which don t do a perfect job. But it does a pretty decent job nonetheless on the very back of the tv of your land ethernet wired connection. But there s also a wireless wi fi adapter both inside the tv next to you have your headphone output optical digital audio output just below you have your component output and of course your antenna cable in furthermore.

This tv also has support for plugging in a usb keyboard or mouse and of course. If you have the official wired xbox 360. Or ps3 controller. You can actually plug those in as well.

It also supports mhl connectivity. Intel widi mirroring and of course. The tv itself is dlna certified built inside our. 210.

Watt. Speakers and while the tv is. On it. Consumes.

504 watts of power and while. Off. It. Only.

Consumes. 03. Watts. And with the stand the tv weighs 34.

Point four pounds. This is the remote that comes out of the box. Which is quite elegant lg calls it their magic wand remote it s kind of like a pointer type of remote and it s very accurate of course you have your generic buttons like power back smart button and you have a middle button. Which is used to select options 3d button.

A remote button that brings up a virtual remote pad volume and channel buttons ok. So a few important things to mention before again to the software side of things that the instruction man doesn t really explain how to use a lot of smart features. I had to experiment a lot and discover how to use them just you know randomly testing things also i couldn t find an official list from lg of which file formats are supported in the built in media print is tv. I will make a list of my own and i ll put a list of those supported file formats in the video description.

I will update them if people ask me to test certain file type for them and if it works or not i ll be sure to update the video description of supported file format keep in mind. It can t test all file formats like blu. Ray iso files. For example.


I just don t have access to them. So i ll do my best. But i can t guarantee i ll build it to help also i won t be able to go through all the smart features in this tv. It s just way too many to go through 8.

This video like half an hour long it d be really long and boring. I m just going to go for the most important features or for you guys in the smart features if you want to see a lot more in depth or uh. You know demo of smart features available like playing downloaded games from the app store like these games here i downloaded all be sure to include those in that demo video smart features so be sure to check out that video as well for a lot more smart feature demo now what do you soften the remote is that there s no number pad well there s actually a button. You can click on the remote.

And it brings up this virtual number pad and from here you can set the channel and of course you can select your input list which is a whole bunch of stuff like your usb stick or your home network. If your computer s connected while watching regular cable. You know spouting 2 channels. You have your smart features here a shortcut to your apps.

You ve downloaded or you can actually select your own shortcuts and customizes lists the order of which the apps show up now when it comes to general picture quality playback. The tv is absolutely stunning picture quality. It s absolutely fantastic course you also have the option to change 2d content into 3d. You can select it from either.

Here or just dedicated 3d button on the remote and it works reasonably well not the best because content. Like what i m watching right now everything here would be 2d flat even though i try to simulate it in 3d. However some home videos from my wedding or exception for example because a lot of people on the dance floor that that has the ability to make 3d pop a lot better so it kind of depends on which video you re watching of course. You have a wide variety of options on how to simulate 3d simulating 3d is basically turning 2d into 3d.

If you have a 3d video which is side by side over under and a whole bunch of different options they re all available for you to use what i can t comment on is that the media player plays. A wide variety of different file types. Mp4 mts. Even 3d pictures like dot.

Mpo. Now in terms of network. Playback. You have a wide variety of options as mentioned you can plug in usb stick.

But that s not network playback. But what i can confirm is that regular folder sharing doesn t work with network playback. You can only share files. Through windows media center.

The problem with that is that windows media center doesn t share mkv files. However there s a workaround solution to this which the tv actually explains how to get done for like the connecting guy down here for example is to download it a pc software called smart share which basically allows you to customize which folders you want to share and which file types you want to share with your tv and it shares everything mkv mtx. Mov mp4 plays everything h264 codecs everything now as mentioned you have these quick shortcuts accessible here with this is where you can truly customize easily. However.

The main core function is accessed by pressing the smart button and this is the core functions of the smart features here you have your quick short shortcuts at the bottom again you have your general premium content. Which is like netflix hulu plus amazon youtube all the good stuff of course there is skype but it only works if you buy an external camera. Which i don t want to do because i don t want to pay for it but you also have 3d world which plays back horrible horrible videos recorded in like the 80s and then looks like they ve been converted to 3d. They re absolutely awful then of course you have video and demand you have game world which i will demo in the smart feature video general news app.

Section. It s not too good because you can t really customize what you see here here s the video on demand and here of course is your media center basically your home network playback usb playback and of course you can make your own app card right here and these can all be rearranged. I can switch them around if i wanted to for example. It can take game world drag it over here and put it in a 3d world.

But i ll leave it as it is for now actually the best looking netflix app. I ve ever used it responds quite well the tv itself responds quite well to it. And it s quite speedy. But let me just play back something for you guys quickly so picture quality playback from the netflix apps is absolutely stunning keep in mind that the apps available to you will vary depending on the region you live in so you won t have access to all the same apps that i do.

But it works quite well and because you have your magic wand fast forwarding to the exact precise moment you want is very easy and it s quite easy to navigate so let me show something else as with the netflix app. The hulu plus app built in this tvs. One of the most gorgeous or ever seen compared to standalone media players. It s very welcoming very colorful it s quite responsive it does a pretty job at keeping up with my commands.


And you know navigation is quite simple song and get into something and play something quickly for you guys and of course. If something is available in hd on hulu. Plus. It looks absolutely stunning on this tv.

The commands are very simple as well left and right to navigate and you know access where you want to play from and of course. You can always use the pointer option now as with most other smart tvs or media. Players. I do not like the general interface of the youtube app.

This is google solution to providing a youtube experience on tv. This will google calls their youtube leanback app. The general interface of it is extremely laggy and slow. But you have your categories and stuff.

Which is still nice. But again it s still slow and laggy. But let me play a video for you guys so. I can confirm that youtube hd videos do indeed play in hd on this tv in fact.

The 120 hertz refresh rate is kicking in just great and i m playing youtube videos. 120 refresh rate. This is the video from my youtube channel. You can fast forward and rewind in 10 second.

Intervals. You have a general quan commands like pay and pause. And one thing. I wanted to mention is that in the hulu.

Plus and youtube app. You can simulate whatever you re watching into 3d here. I m pressing the 3d button and now i m watching youtube in 3d simulated 3d rather the 3d button doesn t work in netflix. Unfortunately there is of course lg smart world which allows you to download ris regular apps or games you can put on your tv onto the 4 gigabyte internal hard drive of the tv again i get into a lot more details like that in the smart demo feature again the link to that video is also in the video description.

Ok so i m going to do at this point is a volume test. The noise. You re going to be hearing is from like this waterfall fountain in the background from this video. The camera is about almost 10 feet away from the tv s just zoomed in so let me play.

Something and increase the volume to give you guys an idea so right now. It s on 20 out of a hundred and i m having to shout over the noise from the waterfall in my video and there s just me my wife talking and the speaker s are very loud on this tv. So so as you can see i had to shout over the volume. So the speakers in the tv are more than adequate for its size all right so i would love to demo a lot more smart features for you guys.

But it s going to make this video way too long and pouring for you all so. Again you can check out a lot. More smart features available that i demonstrate in the smart. Feature demo video.

The link to that is again in the video description for now gonna break this tv down to its final score. And i ll give it a 9 out of a 10 and here s why the pros of the tvs. That is very easy to assemble the 120 hertz refresh rate is very smooth on the picture in speaking of picture quality. The picture quality itself is amazing.

It s very sharp. Very clear the speaker s themselves output decent amount of volume this is a great usb media player built inside in fact the overall media player even in network playback. It is amazing on this tv. I can t stop raving about it lg.

Has done a wicked job of it in fact a media player built in this tvs better than most standalone media. Players including the very popular western digital tv live and the western digital tv. Play that s how good it is there are decent amount of ports like hdmi usb ports. Available on the tv itself and 2d to 3d works well again it depends on where you re watching.


But when you have some detail that can output in 3d. It looks great watching 3d videos for hours on end for example man of steel. Which is almost two and a half hours. I watched in 3d.

It didn t strain my eyes. It was quite comfortable to watch. And i didn t feel any discomfort at all physical design itself is quite unique. But quite stylish at the same time there are plenty of apps available already on the tv and of course.

You can download more into the hard drive from the lg world. There s a ton of apps available for the user this of course is a passive 3d tv which means that your glasses do not require batteries then there is mirroring certain devices onto the tv. You can use miracast mhl or widi. The magic remote might be intimidating at first.

But it s extremely accurate and easy to use one thing. I didn t mention and i can t demonstrate which i go into more detail in the smart feature video is the ability to play split screen video games like first person shooters in full screen mode with special 3d glasses and another thing. I can t show you guys in this video is of course. The built in search mode in the magic remote.

Which you can search for something with your voice. The voice recognition is pretty decent. The built in web browser isn t the fastest ever used but considering its built inside the tv it does a pretty respectable job and of course the lg smartphone app for android phones and tablets is one of the best remote control apps on a smartphone that i ve ever used or tablet rather. However there just a few cons.

I ve just made this tv. Shy of being almost perfect and of course. The first one is that you re forced to download smart share app in order to get the full potential of network playback and of course. This one might not seem like a big deal to a lot of people.

But it is for non tech savvy. People the instruction book doesn t explain a lot of things built in this tv. Kind of makes. Me wonder was the point of including instruction book at all then apart from assembling it or wall mounting this tv.

Now i play with a lot of technology and this tv is absolutely fantastic is one of the best. I ve played with on the best of owned or used period. It s just that darn good so definitely worth checking out it s also available in a 50 55 inch 42 inch. I think even a 60 and maybe some other sizes.

All the smart features run the same the only difference is that the sizes vary be sure to check out the smart feature demo video. Which i go through a lot more stuff and i demonstrate some video games and how good the processor power is in this tv again the link to that video is in the video description if you found this video useful be sure to check my facebook google twitter links and website linked in the video description hit the like button it does help subscribe and thanks for watching. me console. Controller and just turn your controller on put it in discovery mode.

It ll pop up right. There. It ll say xbox controller. You then just click on it and then it will connect your controller to your amazon fire tv.

It says pairing. The controller and once it s completed it ll stay connected all right so it s paired it says connected down below. And then you can maneuver using your your xbox controller or any other type of controller that s bluetooth playstation controllers you know any type of controller so the other bluetooth devices section in here allows you so say for instance you want to connect some bluetooth headphones. Like your beats by dre or air pods or any other type of bluetooth device headphones you can connect it here you can connect keyboards and mouse is any bluetooth device.

You can pretty much connect it to your fire stick device let me show you i have headphones that i m not paired to this device. This is comes in handy. If you don t want to disturb anybody. But you still want to watch tv and you all you have to do is put your device in discovery mode.

It ll pop up here. I have beats by wireless or power beats wireless and it pops up there you click on it and then pairs your device to your fire stick tv. And then i don t say connected and you will get this additional prompt basically talking about frequencies and it s saying. If you do use wireless headphones.


Just make sure you put your wireless on five gigahertz. You don t necessarily need to sometimes it just fluctuates and mess up your wireless connection. But if that happens just change your connection to a five gigahertz and if you re not familiar with that let me know in the comments. I could show you so we continue over to the alexa setting.

This will allow us to just get more familiar with what alexa is capable of the alexa app itself is on mobile phones iphones androids you can download it from the play store or the apple store and then you have things to try these are all the default commands that you can try so the nicest one. I like is get updates on the weather. And it ll just pop up a weather menu in front of you just so you can see the weather for the entire week and then they also have other suggested commands next we have our preference settings. A lot of the settings in here.

You have parental controls. Which allows you to restrict access to you know anyone under 17. You can do that there i have mine turned off because i don t have any people that i would like to restrict. But we ll continue the device privacy settings if you want to turn off collect app data usage so like if you re shopping.

My amazon through your fire tv. You can turn that data off you can turn off any data like if you re downloading certain applications you don t want anybody know turn that off and it ll keep you anonymous as far your internet base ads. I like targeted ads because i like to you know look for stuff that i m actually looking for i like to get ads on stuff that i m actually looking for but a lot of people don t like that because it s kind of tracking. What you say and what you re looking at all day.

And then giving you ad based off of it. If you don t want that just turn it off and then it won t give you any ads based on what you re looking for data monitoring is set to off by default notification settings. If you want to block pop ups and unwanted notifications you turn it off they re your featured content here these are those videos those banners that play on the home screen of the amazon fire stick. If you don t want any video to play automatically you can just turn that off here.

And it ll just show a still image of what that item is that it s showing you as for the audio down below. If you still want the video to play. But you don t want any audio to play with it you can turn it off here. I know a lot of people you know just want to see the video and they don t want to worry about the audio that blasts through the tv screen so you just turn it off there if you want it i don t mind so i ll leave mine turned own sink recent content you can just continue through that location metrics.

That s perfectly fine metric units is for if you re overseas and you want to change your metric units. My fire tv settings. These are the settings. Where you go in and you adjust your third party.

Add ons. But we re familiar with that already and then your accessibility. If you need access ability you would go here to turn it on like your closed. Caption.

You can adjust the text color. The text. Background color. The windows background.

Just so you can get a clearer. Image or idea of what the closed captions is saying on the screen. Then if you don t want closed. Caption.

You can turn on voice view. So anything that you highlight over it ll read it out to you you just like that you need it read out to you this is where you would that line also if you want to view things much bigger on the screen turn on this screen. Magnifier and you can zoom in very quickly. And once you re done you can then zoom out by turning it off.

And then the next setting is high contrast texts. If you want to turn off the high contrast text you can just turn that off and it won t show yellow anymore. It ll just show black and white all right so that s it that s all i have for you for this video. Those are all the hidden features that you may or may not have known about i appreciate you watching this video give it a like comment subscribe.

Thank. You once again you have a great day peace. ” ..


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