Let s Play Spelunky Classic – Episode 6 – Getting Shortcut & Black Market

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“All this is actually really soon after the last episode with paying the tow man man a whole lot of money. I fear at this episode. I m gonna try pay him off completely. Let s be done of it and i was flying here who s sort of asking for it but oh well i missed.

I can t go up there. But let s just you know i m applying trying duties levels. Quick i bet goes right back up nothing over here really so let s just get going i m gonna borrow the bat so this little one does complete uneventful and not really lucrative eater. I only need a little bit money to pay off the guy right so and we got bomb shop.

Here don t really care about that a skeleton. What s up skeletons will basically walk off edges as you can see can t move that not gonna worry about done. There s a move little stone right. There.

There s an arrow trap. There and our stuff. Another uneventful run. Maybe this a little bit more over here a little bit money.

But i m not gonna score over there i ll cross the rope. Oh. We go little to complete this is this going swimmingly quick all right i could pick up stuff now. We ll go straight to told man oh should have thrown that that s why it s bad to sometimes throw pots.

Because there might be stuff in the pots. That want to kill you well one loss of health won t hurt me i m trying to throw. 5 or low for you re dead. You re dead all right.

This is what little free oops get that and that means. There s only one yeah. That s worth help spend a rope for this you re dead angle. Here or else that game of two and a little bit money alright one more level and we get the payoff tunnel man and i ll get to show you what the towline is all about that s pretty much what i m doing here just showing them off jump jump jump jump spike s shop.

There s a damsel over there some missing anything in that shop no it s just a nice clothing shop. All right we re gonna drop the bomb somewhere let s drop it right there. And hopefully it won t kill the damsel. Oh.

It did oh no it didn t hi. Idanzel. Let s go all its dumpty over here. This chakra at the door there s a sacrificial altar.

I could sacrifice there if i want to but oh well maybe you chew off next time ropes. Got washes chests and stuff maybe i ll be you know bombs in them. But so far so good oh. It was a key over there let s even get to it itself a trap over there.

I should probably pick this up. It is possible to those to be thrown at me. So the one i had that happen. There s the ugi that s pretty good good money.


She went in good all right so we got through that ah here s tall man what s up man can you leave me 15 hard dollars. I think i can afford that one shortcut coming up i get my smooch all right i ll show you that off my eye for now we re in the jungle. You ll get a kill a vampire again. Oh oh yeah.

Yeah. I need to caveman and they ll kill both those. Things over there okay kill one that guy can t come back up. As you can see right there.

Yep dave. And okay. Eaten and let s go this way. You re down bombs put that here oh survived the jump.

But you know get hit by that guy who would plant this got killed by the sticky trap down there they ll kill a frog yep. I can survive this what s this gal. I took way too much damage from that one little level at least. It s done right okay.

I don t like these things. At all okay. Got the monkey monkeys can kill you if you re not careful that frog stags good that frogs dead okay. We survived all right off i go well one hp here some think careful.

Somewhat yeah let s drop that dare and i killed the fish and open up a way for me to go. There s the exit below that way never gonna show you something that s the goal of accumulate. That s not working let s go alright. So one more level.

We will have to go ladies this pot as i came i m gonna jump down to his death. Just not what you see uj i blinking whoopsie little person here go back a little faster prada. I ll kill you anyways. I m exploring for the eye up there i m not sure if i think we ve got to a special level for it whoa.

I killed myself oh well we made it to tome and that s why it s really going for it would been nice if i had the money. But whatever new high score. That s that and up here. I got some sort of trophy then well it s far.

But whatever so now we have this ladder. Here. And over here. We have our good friend at oh.

Man so we can take this shortcut over here and now we re starting the jungle. That s what automa is all about he opens up shortcuts to take you her into the game. You re dead. We got a shop over here.

I don t care for anything obviously. Nothing. This way. Casey.


Else s products. Dr. Hickey traps. Maybe that guy will die in a ticket trap nope doesn t seem to be that s this gold that way you wanna go this widow.

Oh. I misjudged a distance. I could run there well let s see like in hope. Yeah.

If you start for the start you start for a start. That s fine. Let s do one of these yes. Well.

I guess we re not gonna start from the start. Oh yeah. If you go like stick to a start thing. Here.

You start to start to yet again and it s actually morph knowing. It s usually a berry idea to start from the start instead of using the shortcuts. The shortcuts are great for like safe. No temporarily exploring a level.

They ve met you know a little conflict. A jungle or later on some blood later levels. But the shortcuts prevent you from accumulating stuff earlier on and double kill there it s worth knowing that eventually you accumulate a lot of stuff in one of these runs or two v s runs and then it s like damn where was that life you know not you know starting from the beginning of each time you re dead you re dead you re shot. And it s to further a chest of gold or gem.

Trader and she s in all right four hearts three extra bombs damsel. Think we re doing pretty good for a start hey look be able to make it from somewhere does time asko this and you re dead well. I jumped on him there s a grappling gloves and the compass and ropes. And why not we ll go purchase you so the compass lets me see where i have to go to get out of here.

Now. I ve got two pat s on me they re bats this might suck goodbye yeah. I do it like that if i m careful i should be able to run right across all that and i ll get the danzel you can go in that way. Yeah.

I love these grabbing gloves. So awesome. Hated that right gotcha. Skelton nope.

Go here. The ropes crates are awesome. You always want to go off the crates chestnuts and much because they got bombs in them. I read in the wiki.

There s a one in 14 chance that there will be bombs in those chests. I don t really you know similar for the loot crate s all right we re out here. There s the damsel. I picked up a little bit of items all pretty good man.


This is where you know it s great to start beginning you can pick up like extra hearts. If you re really good to mines and on top of that you can pick up up lots of items you re dead and the best ad. There s the chest here i m going to do the chest. We re going to pick it up and that s gonna carry it around me maybe we ll find a key for it if you re lucky oh.

You re dead you re dead. I freaked out of this. I m tempted to look in here. So put that there i ll go up here here s the key.

I knew it d be hidden like this now i learn it you can do protons or whatever if you re careful like this and you can like you know jump in awkward ways. I don t tend to do those because you know it s dangerous there s you ji. I get to see all this stuff in the ground. The compass is plain to tell me the doors right over there whoops and to explore i have blonde girls.

I think math used to rope. There did i now i ve never actually shown a ghost and one of us should sometime. But personally i don t like messing around the ghost. So we re not going to try to purposely get the ghost to come around i m gonna like say the rock trap prank like that which i have in the past.

The ghost is a one hit kill it just follows you around after two and a half minutes. I believe not a friendly thing to be killed by that s cool that s jumping up a wall really cool these common guys really do do wonders for your character. I used to you know think that your crappy. But they can be useful and you spots that you may not be able to otherwise this way that way yes you can do that too whoo.

This is gonna be asking for it but look at that arrow track right there okay. I don t want going that shot because that makes it off that s trap. We just suck now i set that spider you trapped there nope. Oh okay hit by a skeleton.

Now notice that spider won t come down how this game. Works. There s like a freeze point. Where if you re off the screen stuff won t happen.

So. The spire is way above us won t be moving or anything because it s too far away. That s the interesting thing that can happen it can be used to your bank. Some time too yeah let s go do this you like that hey damsel.

What s up let s go this way first and ghosts again. But whatever we got five parts yet again and i got an arrow to throw around and we re in a jungle. So you know this is why it s good to start off early instead of you know taking a shortcut. Let s see if i can make use of this early start to get some other good stuff.

Don t need you anymore. Oh look at gotcha if possible i want trow this set that exploding frog oh. It s blinking it s definitely blinking i saw a blink yuja. I will sometimes blink for you and let you know.

When you re near a special place. Oh right over there apparently cape drop that here. I ll show you what it s all about there. It is the special entrance.


All right let s see if i can do this let s go in here. We clear a little five. But where have i gone. But of course welcome to the black market.

This is a secret level. And it s basically a place with lots and lots of these shopkeepers and stuff they re selling the sometimes some enemies to know they care about. But nothing really magnum angling is gonna kill me here i get a pistol stuffed them down. There died you the sports.

No it down here is an egg this egg costs always fifty thousand dollars. But it s special because if you have it on you you can t die. Technically you can t die. But it won t be an instant death you basically start to dwell with four hearts.

So it s like your resurrection thing. Okay i want to get you out of here. I ll i can t run out of time here so i ll be careful. But what i want to do here you dead and you re not a skeleton.

Sadly i probably make enough money to pick up the ank. I could steal it and that s something i m tempted to do here duke especially store. There s a jet pack. Let s get that show you what the jet packs all about now something here it s very expensive.

But it s definitely you know work it now you ll see i got this jet pack. It basically acts like a jet pack got learning about fuel. But whatever yeah let s purchase this lose. I bet four thousand.

I need four thousand the bet. So i can t get a nerve bet. The compass says have to go down that direction. So let s just get a rock.

I guess and just go this way my awesome jetpack. Miss oh crap on the wall. His jetpack and the climb goes might be a little bit of a dangerous thing to have both at the same time. But you know he s seeing how this all works right so i got the jetpack did you get you that s you catcha.

Oh it landed right next to me and died. But whatever you get to seal. It is not expected. I m actually show you off the black market that s why i meant to do the first time.

But oh well this is special place you can find you can get the ank there if you get lucky you have to do it from the start. Obviously you can t do it from the jungle. But whatever next time around i ll probably you know look to show off just the initial jungle areas and all that and maybe we ll get to the level after that but for now. I think that s enough for this time take.

” ..

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