Let s play Skyrim! Side Quests: Blades Recruitment 1/2

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“What up gaza trim. We re back up scarves. Hey. What s up everybody how how you doing last time on the skyrim zeus is the most uneventful episode ever nothing happened we just i don t know save the fucking world by killing out when the world into that rat bastard son of a bitch usurper dragon piece of shit that s right we did it album well i did it you were busy making dinner anyway.

Let s glow shall we let s just gloat a bit. Hey esmeralda theme has been very worried about you really hey mom who s from white run that you left the city on the back of a dragon fuck ma. Oh zoey even for you whose office. You re still alive.

I assume you have good news to report. Yeah i totally killed that alduin dude. God s above that s better news than i had hoped when you walked into my in that day. I never imagined where it would all lead dragons out of legend sovngarde.

Hello. Insane. Oh right so. Before the next make your choice.

Dragon. Board. You re either. With us or against us.

The reason. I bring it up delphine is that you know normally. I d be like yo paarthurnax totally helped us. He s like one of the cool dragons plus.

A you know king of the fucking lizards and technically he is as part of the lizard kingdom and the king must protect his subjects right you ve done it. Yes don t as the prophecy. Said. Why don t you do it i believed in you and yet.

I still didn t think i d live to see this day. Thank you thank you dragon born you ve done a great service for us all they re still yeah. No problem. Oh really okay not ungrateful for what you ve done.

Osborn speaks for both of us. But our oath as blades binds us paarthurnax must die. There s no excuse now that all doing is dead. I m afraid she s right i m deeply sorry.

That this has to come between us. But just his partner nexus later deeds to not expiate his crimes your deeds do not allow us to ignore our duty. I hope you will return to assume with the news. That justice has finally been done with both alduin and parton ex.

Dead. A dark chapter in history will finally be closed. Yeah. That s the thing guys what i was about to say is that listen a king must be magnanimous to his people you know he must give with one hand and take with the other or something i don t know fucking.

It anyway dude. You ll have to speak up. I m a little deaf. We fucking just sit there and fucking listen.

Then okay. I m trying to talk you old son of a bitch. I m doing my rp walk and everything fucking asshole paarthurnax. Though last i seen him was all talking about getting dragons together and having them follow this way of the voice nonsense are you listening to me pretty okay elbow elbow elbow elbow.

When you re clearly the only one that listens to me so sit down. This is gonna take a. While okay buckle in on this this is a rant okay so anything else just listen okay earth and the hex basically pulling it out when possibly trying to usurp us stealing subjects from the lizard kingdom for his little a thing emic thing or whatever. He s doing way the voice nonsense.

Okay. I would say hey we could do that as like the religion of the lizard kingdom. But now we we worship talos..


Okay. He s basically action jesus so we need to talk to some people follow. Me. Alva.

Going you must be here for this we we need all of our force to be shown this day. So we can be intimidating and fearful. We re not faithful. But yes we must strike fear into the hearts of our enemies dammit.

But i m not gonna just off him right here. And there i m gonna listen what he has to say okay cuz good. He could turn another leaf first let s talk to this arm. Greer dude.

You know the one gray beard. That talks with a. Oh. My god i always have the hardest time fucking finding.

This guy was look around you sleeping the old folks slave ben you need to wake up. We have important lizard kingdom. Business to attend to maybe they re outside yelling and stuff. That s usually what they do when they re not you know staring at it tripping balls on their meds or whatever.

It is a gray beard. All day holy fuck. See that shit okay okay maybe that s him up there. Hard.

To say. Though. Oh is he doing clear skies. Oh.

Yeah. I know that shout. Hi hungry. No you re north no fucking where s your where s the talking one damn.

It okay i m gonna find him ah here you are i didn t realize. It was bingo time see it in your eyes. You ve seen the land of the gods and returned how would you know that mean it is done he s out doin truly defeated yeah i mean some dead dudes killed him it was kind of fuckin awesome. But uh yeah.

I don t know actually i don t even know if he was dead. But can he be completely destroyed perhaps perhaps not dragons are not like normal more creatures and godwin is unique even among dragon kind he may be permitted to return at the end of time to fulfill his destiny as the world eater. But that is for the gods to decide you ve done your part you ve shown yourself mighty both in voice and deed in order to defeat out when you have gained mastery of dreadful weapons. Very dreadful now.

It is up to you to decide what to do with your power and skill will you be a hero whose name is remembered in song. Throughout the ages or will your name be a curse to future generations. Or will you merely fade from history unremember. Let the way of the voice be your guide and the path of wisdom will be created breath and focus dragonborn.

Oh. Yeah. Here s the thing aren t rare. We know dead.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We got that so here s the thing.

I m thinking about killing your boss were you waiting now you see why i ve warned you against them bloodthirsty barbarians. Did so was it true yes. But understand during the days of old winds rule. All dragons were his allies.

There was nothing else they could be if not for part onyx aldrin could not have been overthrown. It was he that first taught men to use the thune hmm. I don t know man ah you re learning dragonborn..


Doing nothing can be the wisest choice. That is rhetoric. Strangely often the most difficult i trust that you will make the right choice in the end. Listen to the voice that kynareth has placed within you and your path will be clear.

Yeah. I m listening to shit. So you use the elder ones alice. But understand during the days.

Yeah yeah we were okay let s talk to the dragon. Himself the possible new usurper of the lizard kingdom. Gah both sides both sides bringing up some solid points on this shit man. How s that hammer is that paarthurnax.

I see you re that oh devine fuck is that honestly alva. I don t like this seems like he s recruiting dragons is that not a thing who the fuck is that announce yourself uh huh wait if i do the oda pings shout will uh hold on what do i not have that on my thing well dragon here we go whoopee that you onething get your ass down. Here. Where are you oh yeah.

That s what the gold dragon shout. Does it goes above oda. Being that him that way does all day. He just hangs out with paarthurnax like that at all he s supposed to be like my number one lackey.

Damn it oh actually dern appear whatever sidetrack paarthurnax. We need to talk babes in your look. Greetings hey. So the blaze wants you dead.

The blades are wise not to trust me. Only calm neova. I would not trust another dov interesting so why should they trust tove wollen ferrell. We were made to dominate the will to power is in our blood you feel it in yourself do you not yet only i can be trusted.

I know this but they do not only con me off devar. It is always wise to mistrust a dov . I have overcome my nature. Only through meditation and long study of the way of the voice.

No day goes. By where i am not tempted to return to my inborn nature zing grif horwitz says you egg. What is better to be born good or to overcome your evil nature through great effort you fucking prick you bring up an excellent fuck ooh. This is always a tough decision for me to be born good or to overcome your evil nature through great effort mattis that is wise words still i don t like elders dragons hanging out here you re recruiting them paarthurnax you helped me out.

But you bring up some good points. So i m not gonna kill you okay. I m not gonna do it alva. I need you to do something what do you need kill this bitch can t do that really oh fine god dammit.

What are you gonna do you re gonna punch him is that your plan alva. Suing juice fuck you pour the next. Oh. My god i hate doing this bar.

The next. It d be so much better if you fought back ass. Oh. Come on oh.

You are fighting back holy fuck. Okay. Let s cool. Let s have something here.

Here. Come. Here. Come.

Here. Bitch. Oh..


Wow. Really are fighting back. Oh. Crap.

Fucker. Oh. Yeah. Oh.

I didn t think you fought back alright. And it s on come on i ll get jam come here you fucker. I m gonna get a kill move on your engine stop it don t be shouting happy bro come on give me a kill move on part the next. Oh hope.

It is part the next. I m so sorry i m so sorry at least. I could kill you like an awesome fucking dovahkiin. Though.

Oh i don t feel good. I don t feel good about this alva. Oh. I need a hug oh man that was not pleasant for me.

But oh well honestly to do this next portion that we re gonna do today you have to kill for the next total bummer. I know but hey we gonna do at least we kill them in style right i guess the best any consolation ahh normally. I don t kill them in my blazers. I mean like when i m playing this game on my own.

But for the sake of being thorough in this playthrough. You know yeah we didn t not proud of it though alva not proud delphine what south binds me dragonborn until paarthurnax is dead you aren t welcome here. Yeah yeah i didn t decided to do the right thing dragonborn. It s done.

I knew we could count on you glad to have you back on our side. Oh whatever whatever delphine so what what s up what do we do now mm hmm. So there s this now more hunted us down remember. It wasn t exactly great for recruitment.

But we have a headquarters of a sort now we will rebuild the blades someday. Why not today if you find anyone you think would make a good recruit. I can certainly take a look at them remember though being a blade is a lifelong commitment their loyalty has to be with us once they re in cool ok new mission we need to establish a police force in the lizard kingdom. Fuck yeah alva you are not joining okay you belong in the kitchen ok so mission of the day.

We re gonna find some hongki s to join the blades ok. We have found home for one yeah. I know it was super snowy tonight. I wasn t feeling it lady he sends a cord.

But gosh it feels warm this from your presence hahahahaha you recruited. I like you already then lead on friend you re about to be in a world of shit you like warmness you re gonna be fighting dragons on the daily. You crazy fucking cat you re in the blades now congratulations let s go until they ll beam all about this shit by the way monumental pain in the ass finding. This guy basically hung out a dawnstar and just waited for like friggin out even though three days for that guy to show up.

But i like the khajiit that s why you re a blade. That s the only reason. I m getting you you re like one of the only could jeep followers well there s just our go. But i don t even think you can make j zargo.

Play it honestly anyway. I digress let s go find delphine tell her we got a fricking recruit now rules for this you can only recruit three guys so you may want to choose people that are i don t know friggin good at killing dragons. I don t know if you are now. But i don t care your fucking kitty sophie.

You re on the team. What is it hey i brought some guy are you sure i ll need to ask them to take an oath to leave their old life behind and stay here from now on yep. We need it mean a mascot that s right very well he seems like a fighter to me. I ll give him the oath do it find any more candidates bring them here you there the dragonborn wishes to give you the chance to join the lost guardians of town the dragon slayers the blades do you wish to become a blade.

I do are you willing to trade away all claims and titles of your former life to live here and devote yourself to protecting tamriel from danger. I do then by my right as acting grandmaster. I name you a blade with all the privileges rights and burdens that brings godspeed..


Yeah. Grats buddy. I am a blade. Now i can hardly believe it yeah then make a new dialogue.

When you do that pretty fucking cool no they hang out at sky haven temple. All the time wow look at him go look at this kitty go. He s gonna be a great dragon slayer. I can tell already and they get some they get blades armor too so it s not wrong the scrub gear.

Adequate who the fuck am. I gonna get next mmm. We have a kitty yes we need we need we ve been an orc lady. I ve put zero thought behind picking these people why i did put some thought behind the kitty that s about it.

We re there you are hey hi. Hey. Orc. Lady.

Soon. I will be of age. The taste is bitter indeed follow me. It s about to be a way more bitter have my steel.

Yeah. You re gonna be killing fucking dragons. All the time are you stoked boar gak. What s your fucking.

Name boar gag. I mean frickin nose get out of here. Wow. Both the people i just got a really kinda just heavy armor shield.

They re really kind of my bills. Other thing huh or loser king bill. You know heavy armor shield. One handed weapon good for killing dragons.

I think i think it s really good you know if you won t be professor about that look this fucking cat look at this kitty. I am. A big you i can hardly be look. At your little fucking cat face look at it at all my god you re fucking badass look kitty nothing dude.

I m just staring at your cat face fucking shit. I am thoroughly impressed with it as well keep it up sir you re making a fine blade. So fuck. Oh hey why are you wake up old woman you need to train these bitches to kill dragons like crazy asshole.

Oh my god it s the kid again ok ok i m gonna find ugly. There you are where were you don t feel you need dragonborn are you playing bingo. What is it i m suing. That s what you do all day hey i brought someone else want this one to become a blade.

You sure i don t fucking know i m just i just grabbed somebody very well i ll do the oath. Later let s just get him geared up and ready to fight. It s a heuristic training one more after that i think we ll be ready for a little dragon hunting of our own fuck. Yeah.

Ok ok ok. The last one i m thinking. We re gonna be slightly strategic. Only slightly and have someone that s ranged it only makes sense right tank off tank dps right that s i don t fucking.

Know anyway. We re gonna go through a dungeon for this so i figured we better do something significant today like some sort of dungeon right. I think it s ” ..


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