Lenovo Yoga 3 Review – 14 inch Convertible Laptop / Tablet – Web, Movies, Word, Gaming

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“Everybody. It s lan seidman and the folks from lenovo let us borrow another computer computer to check out this is their new yoga. 314. This is a laptop running the latest.

Intel processor. The fifth generation broadwell chip and i ll switch it on. Here so you can see how fast it boots. Up this is a 22.

Gigahertz. I. 5 processor. 8.

Gigs of ram 256. Gigabyte ssd. It is pretty quick. And snappy actually.

This has the same processor in memory as the dell xps 13. We looked at a couple of weeks ago. This one feels a little bit faster and i m seeing that in the benchmarks. Too and i think.

It s because this one has just a 1920 by 1080 display versus the quad hd. We saw on the dell and i think that s the better combination of processor. Gpu and display. So really to get the best real bang for your buck.

I think the 1080p displays are better than the quad hds in this processor configuration. This really is a nicely performing device the screen is a little bit dimmer than i would like it s also very reflective as you can see so if you re not into these reflective screens. This one may not be for you. But it it looks ok again a little bit dim.

But the resolution looks pretty decent and you don t see any pixels on the screen. And it is a nice display to look at overall now the reason. Why they call this the yoga is that you can contort it into a whole bunch of different positions. So you can fold the screen.

All the way down flat like so you can flip the keyboard underneath. It here like this and i kind of use it in a little tabletop stand mode. Here so you can watch a movie or something like that you can flip it over into tent mode. Too if you wanted to do that it gives you a little bit more you know options for how you want it to hold itself together the latch here does have some nice friction to it so it s not going to very easily drop off there on you and then you can also fold.

It all the way back into this big tablet mode. And what happens here is occasionally the the keyboard and mouse don t shut off fast enough when you flip it over when you go into tablet mode. But normally when it is in tablet mode. It s going to disable the keyboard and the trackpad so you can hold it like this and because this has an ssd you don t have to worry about it getting shaken around or something like that that you would have that you know an issue like that with a spinning drive which could get damaged by doing all this kind of movement this this works pretty well in this configuration.


But this is heavy. It s about three and a half pounds. And it does feel a little weird to have these keys underneath your fingers. While you re using it in tablet mode.

The trackpad. I really don t feel comfortable holding it on the trackpad side. Because it feels like it s putting a little too much pressure on the trackpad. When your hand is holding it like that.

But it s pretty neat that you have that option. I think it s probably gonna work best just sitting flat on the desk here as opposed to something you might want to walk around with just because doesn t feel all that comfortable as a tablet device exclusively. But again you have all the options that you could possibly want for contorting the screen and keyboard and you ve got your usual array of ports on here. Although you ve got this special yellow usb port and what this is is the power adapter for charging in and of course using it while it s plugged in and it s got this little notch on here to prevent you from using this plug on one of the other usb ports.

Because it puts a lot more voltage through that power adapter than it normally would over usb. But when it s not plugged in you can plug in a usb device and actually use this as a usb. Port it ll be a slower usb 20. Port.

But you can put like a memory stick or something printer or whatever in there and use it when you re not plugged in which is pretty nice to see you also have a usb 3 port on this side another one on the other side. A headphone microphone jack here so it ll work with one of those combined the headset devices. There and you can also plug in a sd card. It does stick out quite a bit so it s not going to be something you ll leave in as a supplementary storage device.

But you do have that card slot available to you on the other side. You have that other usb. 3. Port hdmi out for plugging it into a monitor.

So you can use it kind of like a desktop. If you wanted to volume rocker up and down this is the screen orientation button. So you can move the screen orientation around just by pushing this button here this button next to it is recessed. Because it is their recovery button.

So they call it the novo button. So if you ever have an issue with the computer. You just turn on the computer. While pushing like a little pin or something into that a little button there and get it up and running and then of course right.

There is your power button. The one thing. I m not too crazy about on here is the keyboard and the reason is is that they move the enter key and everything else for that matter over to the left a little bit to accommodate this other row of keys on the side here. So.

The page up page down and key and and what happens is is that because of a touch type. I m used to everything being a certain way and this feels like it s a little bit off center. I m often feeling like my my keyboard is pushed off to the left a little bit more than it should and i m hitting this page up key a lot when i really mean to hit the enter key. So it really has been a bit of a problem for me.


As i m typing the keys also have a little bit of an odd shape kind of a curve to them so sometimes i m not hitting the keys as accurately as i d like to hit them that might be something you can get used to and there isn t a lot of travel either to the keys. Traveled meaning. How far the key pushes down. When you re typing on it so not the most comfortable keyboard.

I ve seen on a laptop trackpad isn t bad it does exhibit some of the same issues that many windows trackpads do when you re trying to scroll with two fingers as you can see it doesn t always pick up your finger movement right away. It does eventually get there. But a little bit better than some others. I ve tried.

But there still is a bit of a delay when you do put your finger down and when things start scrolling and that s been an ongoing issue on a number of windows laptops and this one s no exception this might be the microsoft precision touchpad thing more than it is necessarily the hardware all right we re gonna do some real world performance testing now i promise to get to the fun stuff the games at the end of this section of the review. So what we ll do here just go on to the new york times. You see it really renders the page. Quite nicely as you would expect it would for a computer of this price point.

And things just seem to pop up. Very quickly. The page is rendered nicely. So it s a web browsing device.

It ll do quite well the screen is a little bit dimmer than i would like. But the text quality and the overall image quality is really nice so it doesn t get as bright as i would like it to but it does really look nice when you re reading things on screen. So it is a very readable screen the video playback performance on youtube is very good as well. So you can see here we re playing back a video from my youtube channel.

It looks nice for at 1080p here. Without an issue. I ve also been able to do the 1080p 60 video. Without any kind of problems either it does run a little bit better in internet explorer for that if we take a look at its octane test.

Which is a test of how well it can render javascript and what general webpage isn t for that matter. This test is a google test that i ve run on chrome on all the devices that i look at and you can see the score here is pretty high 24000 69. It actually scores better than the dell xps. 13.

If you also notice that it is pretty close to my macbook pro retina from 2012. Which has an i7 processor and cost a lot more than this one did so you can see really just how advancements in processor technology. Over time really bring prices down brings down the power consumption considerably. Yet we re seeing really good performance either way so really pretty nice.

How things are moving along here. So let s take a look now at its multimedia performance right here. We are running kodi formerly known as xbmc. I ve got a blu ray mkv file.

This is basically a video file that i took off the disc that i own without any kind of transcoding. So it s playing back a really large file right now and as you can see as i hop around here. It really comes up very quickly. There s no delay or lag or anything like that this is a 1080p movie again a blu ray file.


That s running at its full bitrate over wireless and this does have wireless ac. So that does give you some nice wireless performance. If your router supports it. But i think as a multimedia device.

This will work really well i suppose every once in a while you may want to get some work done so we ll pop open microsoft word in this newsletter template that i like to use on all of my reviews. Here. I do like to run word. 2010.

Over the current version of word. Just because they don t have this text animation feature activated in 2010. That makes everything look slower than it really is so. 2010 is a better way to see just how fast the processor can handle stuff.

And as you can see here s where typing in things are very reactive and immediate. I can resize this image here. The text flows very nicely and as i scroll through the document things render pretty quickly too so overall a nicely performing device to do some work on and now that we ve done all of our work. Let s take a look at some gaming.

We re gonna look at minecraft and counter strike go so let s start with minecraft. So i have to say the minecraft performance out of here is pretty darn good it s about running anywhere from like 30 to 70 frames per second which is impressive for the intel graphics. It s not running with a discrete gpu. This is really nice performance.

I am running with the optifine plug in which gives us a little bit of a performance boost. But nonetheless it really is a nice minecraft experience overall. I have noticed some flakiness with the mouse. Though sometimes when i m doing something like flying here.

I can t actually move the mouse. Until i let go of the spacebar. So there is some weirdness to that so if you are looking to do some you know higher end gaming on here you might want to get a separate mouse. Because there seems to be some oddities and just how it performs when keys are pressed.

So you can see i don t have a key press. Right now and once i start moving again. It stops doing that there s no consistency to this so sometimes it stops letting use the mouse other times. It lets you use it it s really bizarre so not sure if that s a driver thing or something else.

But just something to keep in mind. I m actually pretty impressed with how well counter strike go runs on this device. I have it turned up at 1920 by 10. It is really smooth.

I got most of the settings turned up too i can put a link to a screen shot of exactly what i have the settings set to but this is running just really really nicely here in some cases exceeding 60 frames per second because i m seeing some clipping as i m moving around and whatnot so really really good performance much better than i thought it would be out of these intel internal graphics. And i m really impressed with that i don t think it s going to run things like grand theft auto. 5 or some of the latest high end games as well. But it will run them i think with some settings really reduced.


And i think you ll also be able to get things like some of the 2d games out there like league of legends and others to run fairly well on this platform. The only issue. Though is that mouse problem says. I m holding down the key here you see i can t actually move around at all so this is not something you re gonna be able to put on your lap and play with at the moment.

I m hoping. This is a driver issue and ask lenovo about this because. This is really disappointing especially. Given.

How nicely the gaming performance is on here so battery life out of this is about 5 or 6 hours give or take. Least that s my estimate from the usage. That i ve been doing with it and that s kind of just general web browsing some word processing and whatnot you can however get at the power settings. Very easily on here you just have to click on the little battery icon in the taskbar and you can very quickly get to different power modes to either get more performance or switch.

It into a less power consuming mode pretty quickly and easily. But having to dig through menus. And everything. So that s a pretty nice feature and i think overall it s a decent laptop.

I like all the contortions you can put it into that s a kind of a nice ability to have some different ways to consume media on the device. The tablet mode is really not as useful to me just given the weight of the laptop and just how clunky it feels when it s in that tablet mode. But you can put it in that if you so choose maybe you put it down on the desk. And let a kid play with it or something that should work out ok.

My only gripe start with the input on it really. The keyboard is yeah. Again i don t like this extra row of keys here. Which kind of throws off the the keyboard layout a little bit for me.

And i m also a little bit concerned actually a lot concerned about the fact that you can t push down a key and move the mouse at the same time when playing a game. And that s really this appointing given how well the graphics are performing on here for the built in intel chipset. Which is really impressive so i m hoping. This is a driver problem.

I m going to again ask lenovo about it because i think. This is actually a pretty good gaming laptop. A high end gaming laptop. But certainly adequate for running a lot of games.

That are pretty popular out there. So we ll see if they re going to address that issue moving forward. But i really impressed with the performance on this and just wish. The keyboard was a little bit better.

This is alon simon thanks for watching. ” ..

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