Lenovo Y700 Touch Gaming Laptop: Long Term Review

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“Gadget groupies. This has been a fascinating month for checking out laptops. I ve been been playing with absolute bookends from lenovo first their entry level sub 200. Idea pad another monster gaming system.

The y. 700. Touch. It s an absolute head trip.

Swapping back and forth between one of the most cost conscious systems. A company can offer then jumping into one of the more powerful rigs. They make this is a nice little follow up to last year s y50 which i reviewed with the uhd touchscreen lenovo s name doesn t carry as much weight in the gaming arena as razer might for example. But their history building business and mobile.

Workstation solutions served them well with a wellspect. Decently. Priced and powerful system. Though.

The u. Hd. Screen. Created some quirks with windows 8 in some games.

Which wouldn t scale properly this year. We re reviewing the hd touchscreen version which sees minor improvements all around looking at build quality. And design lenovo has refined the gamer inspired look. Nice.

Tapers at the screen and speakers are subtle. Providing a little tron touch without looking. Overly mountain dew fuel. And i m still enjoying the read edge lighting on the keyboard.

It s a sharp looking system thankfully. They did address. My biggest complaint with last year s build and the new y 700 is not a sharp feeling system edges corners and seams are beautifully finished and rough edges have disappeared behind a satiny finish..


The only complaint to add about this design over last year s laptop is the brushed exterior top lid seems to pick up fingerprints and smudges more readily we re looking at a lower resolution screen than the system we reviewed last year. But it s a punchy bright display with great viewing angles color and hue are much improved over the yellowish tone. Last year system head and also this screen refreshes at 60 hertz. Which should make some people really happy as i read a lot of complaints from people about the u hd.

Screen. Refreshing at 48 hertz. The keyboard is spacious and easy to type on there s nice key travel. But i ll always want just a bit more of the clack that you ll feel on a proper.

Thinkpad keyboard. As this is a rig for gamers your wazzed keys. Get a little extra attention in case. You forgot how to walk in your favorite.

First person shooter. Did i mention this was a lapping for gamers. Because it is for. Gamers you know videa gaymes the left side holds a 35 millimeter headset jack a memory card reader usb port and where you plug it in to charge of the battery charging happens via a proprietary plug hopefully soon more systems like this will switch over to us bc.

Maybe the right side holds a pair of usb 3 ports full sized hdmi and ethernet ports. The speakers on top of the y 700 are backed up by a subwoofer built into the bottom casing lenovo. Has paid attention to their audio. Here.

I ve used some really anemic sounding lenovo thinkpad x. in the past. But the y 700 improves on the full bassy sound of its predecessor. That rumble is helpful to overcome the fan noise.

This thing can generate when the cpu and gpu get cooking this is desktop grade computing in a self contained unit. But i wouldn t exactly call it mobile lenovo sent along a really nice backpack to review it with. But honestly it never left the house. I look at systems like this as being excellent solutions for saving space.

Think bedroom or dorm room. The y 700 is way easier to move around than a gaming tower obviously. But it s not something i would want to lug around with me regularly like to class or back and forth from the office..


I would love to have a system like this for tradeshows though just leave it in my hotel room to render video from a show floor for example. It s big it s heavy. It s maybe just a bit too large for my lap. But i did use it to cut up a little video while sitting on the couch.

The system vents well enough to keep lap usage from getting uncomfortably warm the y 700 fulfils its role as a gaming machine. Well. We don t have any of the funkiness with older titles not supporting uhd screens this year. We move up to an nvidia gtx 960m over last year s 860m.

The card bench is better but in game performance. Doesn t seem very much different. I m in the same ballpark with games like arkham city delivering almost 60 frames per second average frame rates. But thankfully.

The minimum frame rate. Has actually improved over last year s model. Touchscreens usually aren t high on the list of priorities for a gaming rig. But i ve come to appreciate the mixed interface on windows 10 some things are easier to use while hitting the trackpad.

But some things like notifications and settings. I prefer reaching up and tapping the screen. I also prefer touch for interacting with apps and there are a few games like my favorite tower defense games. Where touch feels like a better control than mouse and keyboard.

I m not as hardcore gamer as i used to be but another benefit of shopping. A gaming system is the knowledge that you re getting a really. Powerful computer which can serve multiple roles often for less than a similarly spectat workstation. The y 700 is where the overpowered for chewing up traditional work office and documents illusions.

It s a solid system for moving up to video editing and rendering. While i wasn t blown away by the gaming performance improvements. This thing was substantially faster at rendering uhd video. Our test consists of two minutes of footage.

Rendered. At 50 megabits per second in sony. Vegas..


Pro. Which does utilize. The graphics card last year s lenovo took almost 27 minutes to produce a new video file. The wai 700 completed.

The same test in just under 20 minutes this puts the wai 700 about 6 minutes behind my desktop workstation powered by the gtx 970. There s usually a glut of pre installed value added software. But happily this laptop stayed fairly clean out of the box. We do get the normal collection of lenovo assistant and settings apps and of course.

I almost instantly uninstalled mcafee protection software. But otherwise you re really only getting the standard outlay of microsoft services. This is a very positive move from a company that has abused pre installed software in the past. Now.

I m not too keen on battery benchmarking power systems like this chances are pretty good you re not trying to hyper mile. This battery you re wanting to use it for that horsepower the system reports about 4 hours of battery life on a full charge depending on your system settings and screen brightness streaming. 30 minutes of hd video over wi fi resulted in 16 battery drain. Which is one of the worst performers.

We ve had on this test. Cranking the screen brightness and hitting the gpu harder will drain that even faster depending on how demanding your playtime is expect only a couple hours on the battery at most but honestly are we really expecting that kind of runtime from a semi portable powerhouse like this i think not the 15 inch y 700 starts at eight hundred and forty dollars for a non touchscreen eight gigabytes of ram and a one terabyte spinning disk drive. This unit as reviewed sells for 1150 for a touchscreen 16. Gigabytes of ram in a 128 gigabyte.

Solid. State drive and one terabyte spinning disk hard drive pricing doesn t get out of hand for the top level systems either is the u hd. Touchscreen version with a 512 gigabyte solid state drive will top out at 1550 dollars. The y50 was notorious for being difficult to shop.

All the different hardware variants lenovo produced. But thankfully. The y 700. Product page is a bit simpler to follow between hd and uhd.

Screen. Resolutions and touch or non touchscreen displays so where s that leave with the lenovo y 700 man. I hated sending this back to lenovo..


I really thought i was going to miss the uhd panel. We got to play with last year. But a higher quality hd panel really wasn t that bad sure my super high resolution photos didn t look as crisp and uhd video playback wasn t quite as sharp but the overall practicality of the laptop kinda wand. Me over it s a beast of a rig.

While i m cooling off on gaming as i get older. This machine was more than capable of running my favorite titles. It better than console quality. And it gave.

Me the horsepower to produce high quality video content you can almost look at this as a lower cost competitor to products like the thinkpad w. Mobile workstation year to year. There isn t anything shocking about the improvements on display. But i m really happy to see all the little issues that lenovo has addressed in improving their gaming gear.

A number of smaller adjustments really did add up to a more enjoyable experience. I m really happy to see how competitive this category is right now with some phenomenal offerings from msi asus. Dell and razer lenovo competes. Very well on price and is one of the few companies offering a touchscreen in this space.

I ll of course leave links down below. This video. Where you can get more info. And shop.

The y 700 online. As always thanks. So much for watching be sure to subscribe for more reviews like these and i would not be able to continue producing on this channel. If you all weren t out there supporting.

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