Lenovo Thinkpad W541 – Quick look and short review

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“As a quick look at the lenovo thinkpad to be 541. We ve come for for the ssd option on this so they drive it pretty damn quick. It s a 16 gig of ram and this is the 15 inch screen. It s got a sort of a keyboard with a number pad on it which i wasn t sort of keen on at first.

But it s growing on me. The keyboard is lovely to type on actually so dead please. Without the trackpad not so much bothered about that the i m getting used to it. But the the clicking on these on this lower side.

I can do with dedicated buttons like the the t 40. I heard before a t14 t60 the previous one i ve dedicated buttons down at the bottom..

I m getting a bit more used to clicking at the top. But it still i used to take with my thumb so that s not as not as good. It s got color calibration built in which i ve used once. I don t do color sensitive work.

Maybe. That s more useful for people that using photoshop all the time. And doing sort of image editing. Well fingerprint reader.

Which i don t use either around to the side a couple of usb ports. One of those is certainly usb..

3. I m not sure. Which is which which they kind of color. These usually put a blue one and nothing quite little blue.

But i ve got ss on it so i guess. That s the superspeed and that may be just usb to the network port and this one looks like a usb port that is the new sort of rectangular power port grills for the farm which get noisy under full load. You ll certainly notice it in quite environment. Don t notice.

It work at work do at home than the lightning port vga. Two more usb ports..

One rated for delivering more power or amps to like an external device may be charging your phone and an sd card reader. Which if i put an sd card in at the moment. It will blue screen the laptop because of some conflict with mcafee. Which is great and then we ve got a combined headphone microphone and headset socket.

So you can do both in that port. And nothing around at the front speakers really weak they used to be pretty good on me the old one. I had there s no speaker girls on the top anymore that they re these kind of weedy little cuts on the edges. So you ll probably want to invest in some proper little speakers.

If you if you re interested in getting. Better sound out of these..

Oh yeah flip over on the bottom. Got a docking. Connector. A couple of panels to access the insides.

I m guessing ones they i think he s got em to a memory slot or ssd kind of slot. When the other ones will be drive bays in and standard memory. That s what s underneath all in all a good laptop nice and speedy noisy on the noisy side. But that s not too much of a worry battery life is pretty good especially with the ” .


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