Laptop External Antenna Mod

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“Since i uploaded the internal antenna modification to the netbook. A couple of months ago. Ago. I ve got a lot of emails from people asking me how they can theirs.

Now. I ve got a few of these left over from that last project that i did with the bt home hub. So i thought i d give it a girl with a different laptop now this netbook about this lying around for quite some time in my workshop. It s mainly joe because it s at its end of life.

It s really slow atom processor. But when you have a look at the design of this netbook. It s got these hinges. Here.

And there is actually nothing inside that it s just there for a cosmetic purpose. That s all it is but it s a similar diameter to work one of these sma connectors. So i thought i could do is put sma connectors on either side of the hinges..


And have dipole antennas coming out the sides and then what i could do is put riva on this little netbook and i love myself a little penetration testing and then laptop that i could take out in the field. With me. Now i have come across a image on the internets. Where somebody has done their something very similar not sure what make of laptop.

It was i don t think it s the same one. But again they had one of these coming out out at the side. I think it was either at the side here or in the side of the case itself. But what i m hoping is these are going to be long.

Enough to connect up to the wi fi card and trace it up probably. Through the same channel. That the coax runs up to the top of the lid itself. But how did he come out serve the side here through that hinge.

I think it would look rather cool. Especially. When you ve got your two dipoles sticking out of the side so looking at the amount of space that we ve got to play with here um definitely will not be able to panel mount this as it s designed to do with the nut on the inside of here..


But so we can definitely drill hole to fit the cable through and thread it in and actually glue it onto the side. There s more than enough space to actually run the cable from out of here down into the laptop itself without coming into contact with that hinge. So now that we ve actually got the lid off the laptop. We can see that there s definitely enough room to actually run cables down this side and have the sma connector coming out of that side of the hinge.

But these that i ve purchased for the last project that i did for this side is a little bit too short. So what i m actually going to do is make up my own and then i can run the cable. All along here and underneath the main part of the board to connect to the actual wi fi card that s over here. So.

I ve decided that to make this fit a lot neater. I would have to put some kind of space around here just to bring it out a little bit some kind of tubing and i was looking around for what to use and i come across these speak of headphone adapter jacks. And what i m gonna do is actually cut these down around here and they re already gold so i have to paint anything. And i can have them as a spacer.

So that will sit a lot better coming out of the side. Yes. It will stick out the side a little bit more..


But it means i ve got that space where i m not having to do such a sharp bend on this coax or modify this sma connector in any way. So i want to cut these down on the dremel and then we ll have that coming out of the side so i ve cut the end off that jump look. And this is what i m left with and feed the antenna through it just clicks in nicely. Don t need to put any glue on or anything else so now we can attach that to the notebook and we re after modify.

The sma connector and it s not going to catch on anything so i m ready to epoxy this into place. And what i ve done i ve just got a craft knife and got rid of that lip that was there that held this in place. So it s no nice and smooth and flat. So a little bit of epoxy on there and leave from that 15 minutes.

And we should be good to go so i lifted out the motherboard. So i could run the coax on the left hand side here underneath the motherboard and this coax follows virtually the same path as the original but look at the length of these two lines of coax. I ve been so lucky. There s no room to actually play with there whatsoever.

And that doesn t happen very often when you modify things like this. So. Here is a laptop back together a game of its two dipole antennas on the side..


And i think it looked so rather cool. But one thing. I would have liked to have changed is use some shorter bulkhead connectors. There for the antennas.

So they don t stick out quite as much. But other than that i ve modified this on the fly. I didn t do any thinking about it beforehand. I saw it lying around the workshop.

But i thought i ll give it a go so i m just installing reaver to the hard drive. Now and then it can get on with testing it to crack some wi fi passwords so hope you enjoyed that little video and if you did as always please give it a big thumbs up and ” ..

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