L.O.L. Dolls Kitchen Video and Shopkins Season 8 World Vacation

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“Guys. This is weekend here and today fancy just moved into a new house. But but she has no idea what to put in her new kitchen. So i think s gonna look for a friend.

Hey maybe this friend will help her let s open this up and see who is inside that will help fancy. We have a pet lover. Let s find out where this pet river is here s the collector sticker here s a surprise size bottle. We have a pink and white bottle.

And you just glue. It here is a pair of pink boots. I wonder who this friend s going to be whoo outfit. Evo will definitely help her out here s her little boo.

And you can put her outfit on you know what let s figure out what her special ability is before we put her outfit on so here is some cold water. She is color changing look at that so cool and then we put her in warm water. She ll go back to white. You know let s feed her.

Oh no definitely don t hold her by her bow. Let s remove her bow. And let s get her some water okay looks like she s a spitter. So let s get her her outfit.

Now oh no don t follow her fancy and then she can t show fancy exactly what she needs to put any kitchen super. Awesome here are her boots to my fancy do not worry i know all about kitchens and i know exactly what you need to put in here here you go fancy. I ve got everything you need right in here. Really mm hmm.

Let me show you you ll need a hot pan. Toaster. Water. Pot spatula.

Ladle. Microwave. Soap. Salt.

And pepper indica. Oh thank you so much for helping me. But i need to go pee hold on hold on i want to show you where everything goes first. But i need to go pee.

Wait just wait let me show you where everything goes..

First. And then you can go pee. Okay. Pan spatula ladle.

It salt and pepper soap. Toaster water pot pick up microwave. But thank you so much diva. But what about the refrigerator.

Oh i forgot all about the refrigerator hold on let me go shopping for that okay i m gonna go pee fancy fancy. I m back oh tv you re back yep and i m here to show you what you need to put in your refrigerator here. I ll open it up for you i can t open up this drawer. And put the carrots.

And the tomatoes in the vegetable drawer and also the lettuce it looks like diva went shopping for more than just vegetables. She got herself a purse. Too handbag harriet from the world vacation. Shopkins season eight world vacation look at that she s ready to go on vacation.

Mmm and there s even a natasha necklace. Maybe. This is for fancy set that there and a lippy lips. Does this go in the refrigerator.

No i don t think so let s put some lipstick on diva and some lipstick on fancy ooh here s some frozen food let s try to put that up here. And then here s more frozen food and the refrigerator or in the freezer. Ha ha ha. Only a few more things.

In the basket. And put that there. And some eggs or an egg and finally the milk. Thank you so much deva let me make you so much okay.

I made you some tomato soup. Even pizza s ready well guys. That s it for this video. So let me know in the comment section.

What is your favorite food. See you guys in the comment section. Bye bye for now. I ve got a plan.

I wanted to eat the trolls..

So that i can be happy. But they keep escaping so i have a new plan. I can just go and catch some babies and then i will be able to lol what you crying for the baby. Let s run swag.

I m gonna get you oh. My goodness. Why should we do we should run it hide. Oh crystal queen.

Don t cry. We sha. N t cry anymore. We just have to be brave and run okay thank you.

But you re drooling. Oh. We ll worry about that later swag. Why are you falling.

Oh baby. Oh. Baby. Where are you hey guys.

I ve got a plan. Let s just hide in the toilets. Yeah. I don t think she ll be able to find us here we hide in a toilet are you okay swag okay.

I think you lost your hat. Oh just hide here for now we ll find it later. Oh you re starting to drool. I think of teething about eating you lol is making me one by one you guys are all stuck stuck record.

You guys won t be able to get out and i ll be able to eat you guys and really oh no one s gonna save you sheesh. No one s gonna save you i told you to shush. No one is going to save you sure paw patrol to the rescue pups. I need your help the lol dolls have been trapped by slime.

What s this i hate dogs oh sure boom. Another one chase. We gotta get her she s surely evil let s get her thank goodness. The paw patrol came and chased away chef let s hurry up and save.

These lol dolls from all this slime..

Let s get crystal queen out first wow. She is filled with a ton of red slime. Are you ok crystal queen. I think she is good thing.

She wasn t trapped in there. Too long and here. She is all clean let s stand her over here and have her wait and i see something else in the toilet. I wonder what this could be oh my goodness it looks like we have a shopkin let s open that and see what we have inside we have a fluffy slipper bun bun slipper oh so cute super.

Awesome let s set her down here and let s see if there s anything else in this yucky toilet. I guess not so let s put the slime back in and there s something else in the back. It looks. Like chef has trapped other people before let s let this out who could this be oh.

My goodness shift trap mickey mouse. Oh. My goodness chef has done this before. And she even took him apart already and was about to eat him up.

Thank goodness we saved him let s get him out of here. Let s get roller skater next. Oh. My goodness roller skater are you okay.

Oh look at all this blue slime. All over her head. That must not feel good to be trapped in slime right let s get all off of your body a new super cool that we got her clean and now it s stand her here while we take a look inside this potty. What do we have we have a shopkins party hat looks like chef was ready to party after she eats the lol dolls.

Let s see if she traps someone else behind the back. Oh. My goodness it looks like she did let s dump this out who is this huh. She trapped a corn dye.

Wow. She is really trying anything right let s set him here. Let s hurry up and get diva out because diva. Should never be in slime right.

Oh. My goodness let s set her here. And let s see what s inside of here. We got sizzles super.

Awesome shh let s see if she trapped someone else back..

Here. She trapped the cloud guy. Oh. My goodness she trapped the cloud guy from trolls.

I guess you couldn t get any of the trolls. So she decided to trap. The cloud guy. Oh.

Thank goodness we saved him. Let s get mc swag. Out of here. She was trapped in a bunch of green slime.

Wow. It s okay you re safe now here we go set her in the back here. She can lay down and rest a little bit while we look at what else is inside here is a shopkins comfy chair a little chair comfortable chair to sit in and let s take a look at what s inside of here. Wow.

Oh. My goodness chef even trap. An alien. She really is about to eat anything to become happy right so here is the alien and we can put him back together and now everyone is safe and sound let s go check on the paw patrol well baby dolls.

What should we do with her. I got an idea get off of me get off of me you pops before i eat you next mmm. Okay. That s it for this video.

So let me know in the comment section. Who is your favorite person that we. See see you guys in the comment section. Bye bye for now.

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