Kylie Jenner Asks Travis Scott 23 Questions GQ

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“Do i put my highlighter when i do my makeup baby okay moving on we we are gonna play the kylie quiz and see how well do you know me question first question. What color is my toothbrush pink okay it s someone keeping track. But he makes somebody doesn t make it is think. It is pink correct.

What are my dog s name norman. Okay. Lady lady lady well actually what it inlay baby. There s four.

I know i know because there s a girl prettier like what s her name bambi okay and then rosie harley. Yeah. Yeah got it i didn t get that right that was a no wait. It was like who at it okay.

Wait who s who s the alpha dog out of all his dogs all right man i got that right boom. What sport what are like two sports. I played growing up track and sport basketball oh i did play soccer. But it wasn t it wasn t good it wasn t this morning back and i don t know i mean technically.

I did play soccer so i write those words. I chi really i did cheerleading anti sport boys football team two boys football team. I played off the boys football team black. Only flags that s not our sport flag football is it on espn.

No alright is no sport soccer. I got that right right okay then what s the biggest scar on my body the biggest scar on your leg. Which leg how long does it usually take to do my makeup hour two hours two hours it might feel like two hours no like through two hours their makeup. That s a fact is either you tell her wait hours before or she s not going black.


How many cavities have a had done a question what did i eat the most when i was pregnant in and out back. What s my middle name how many tattoos do abs. I don t count your tattoos. But okay you got one right here yeah um ankle like bad.

But type other ankle. I don t think you re gonna get this last. One and then i don t know oh no i know they from the younger days she give me a hint it s a heart you don t know where this is hard cuz. I are the back of my arm.

Oh whatever this isn t we re not even doing this right cuz. You were supposed to guess how many and i m telling no that s impossible how many times do i i don t know exactly okay. What are my parents birth names birth names. My parents birth names first names reason.

No you know this remember the other day. We were talking about this it was a good night. So it s funny that those are my parents. First names.

No. One knows that kristen and william. Oh. Yeah.

Yeah. Oh yeah williams i ll think of any. Yeah. Okay.


Whatever thought you were gonna get that one um. What color are my onyx green sometimes hello where that s like because it s a big deal will color. My eyes wow. You know that what nickname do we call stormy spawn.

There we go you know so many nicknames. What s like one of the nicknames. I call you anything just calling baby or daddy. Sometimes what s my astrological sign.

We hear taurus. I don t even know shit about that so strong as an aquarius. What s my favorite flavor ice cream and the brand haagen dazs. Is your favorite brand favorite ice cream is deaf and dumb vanilla.

What it s definitely vanilla. Oh. I got that right what s my order at madh pizza. Everybody pizza with a little bit of oregano.

Okay. What s your favorite. So that i cook for you late night snack not food. But like peter byrne jovi.

That s your favorite that s my favorite. I am a master peanut butter jelly maker. No he s not just saying that like i really am the best. Yeah just like that it s the way that um.


The crust is cut off it s like no no crust. It s perfect birthday and the perfect amount of peanut butter and jelly like i take it really seriously shoes yeah. But it s something i request personally so much before night night he loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. This is like the diagonal cut yeah.

It is the diagonal nobody like you want to know what there s all started actually. It was like our plane ride back from i don t remember. But we were coming home from somewhere. And the flight attendant on the he s like really bomb sing about our jelly sandwiches.

And then after that i think we eat a pb j. Like every night. Smooth grape jelly and i think that was a problem with the plight of children attendance. Pedro jelly is a crunch like crunchy.

No it was wheat bread yes. We bran has to be white bread pita bread jelly. But it s trying to white bread yeah man yeah. I ll do a youtube video on it.

Yeah. Wanna do first of all we re not giving out my peanut butter jelly recipe to mother fuckers. I love you so much fuck that where did we first meet. We still don t know this answer.

It s a lot of there s a lot of link ups. Oh. Where do we first meet. And what did i think of you you thought i didn t like you well we kind of first always knew each other like we were hanging around each.


Other i mean we just had mutual friends that s what it was but we never really had a conversation. Yes. I thought that he didn t like but now i know it s crazy oh wait i shadow. I don t know is it peachy.

I don t know dude. What the fuck. I don t know she let me go that s really good that s really good well i posted all the time on my instagram and i hope that you look at my instagram may not do you know it s hard to keep up with the names. I m so like what s our favorite show to watch together.

We watch all different types of shows well the thing about it we ve never finished the show together because and watch the mythology finish. Watching do you go. And you watch them. Without me no we shall i start watching them.

And didn t like we try to watch him. And then she doesn t let me watching or one of us falls asleep. What hospital was i born in what see which one of my sister s do i hang out with the most what is my favorite travis scott song. I play the most that s the older one hell of a night laughter actually um long long long long long long long long time.

It s like my first mixtape. I just remember a job that mixtape and i got on instagram and she made this video her i was in fucking thailand. Oh yeah and i made a video like on the beach to sell overnight actually do you like that video on instagram who came up with the name stormy. I want you to just like zoom in on my shape.

Jacques herman webster. In a second and let s not get it twisted. Thank you and the score you did pretty good ” ..


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