Kringle Express 6 Posable Starburst Garland Light Strand on QVC

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“Attention that really sets your home apart. Well kringle express. Has certainly done it with with the six foot poseable star bus starburst garland light strand. What does it mean means you have a six foot garland and you have strands of for like four stations and in these stations.

You have eight inch starburst pieces that you can bend and manipulate. Where do you see them 29 and 86 cents for that strand for easy payments of 747. But guess what at retail. We re at under 30 at retail.

These would be 42 dollars so certainly a great deal but here s the other thing you ve got colors to choose from so brin edwards is bringing us this great idea nice to see you here too these are so explain them to us because they re so cool so we started this look last year. With the starlight garland so it s just a burst of beautiful little micro lights strung around this really beautiful metallic small dainty branch. So you re getting that gorgeous look of the metallic bouncing off that light of all these little micro lights. So each one of these strands is 20 lights.

So you re gonna get 80 lights on the full strand. Wow. But so as i m seeing we started with singles last year they re really cute it s battery operated you could put them wherever we thought we wanted to get bigger and better and even more fun we have..


Colors we do so over 2000. Of these have all been ordered and they re new this season. So these came out and everybody was loving and responding and loving them. But the thing is is that these are bendable so we ll show you what to do.

But where are colors so we re winners are all your choosing actually is your the color of your branches. You can take the green yep you can do your silver okay or you can do your goals okay. But after you ve made that choice. That s just whatever you like aesthetically you can change them from a warm white to a multi.

No matter what color you choose god it s a lot of versatility so a silver strand. If you want a green strand. If you want or a gold strand and all of them have the opportunity to be clear or multi. So that doesn t matter you re gonna do have a button yep to do those different life things so with h2 one six five one five show us what you did though because they don t stay looking like a box of i don t know straws.

They do ever you d like to do so you can keep them really straight as they come that s a really cool look what i ve done here is just trolled each one around my finger a little bit. So just makes it into almost like a free form floral shape. So beautiful..


I popped it into a sort of a dollar store. Wreath or garland to be honest with you and it kicks it up to a notch. It makes it look so completely designer and modern and fun. But maybe you re not a you know modern decorator maybe you want to have a little bit more tradition you can loop these into really sweet florals make them look like petals.

You can make them look like candy canes just run the top around and get them smooth at the top there s so much you can do with these cool. Yeah. You could get really bendable. Yeah totally bendable wrap them around your finger make a little zigzag.

If you want there s no green is really on fire and that s what people are loving right now. But yeah and you can just start wherever you want to start i just bent them a little bit. But if you wanted to make them crazy eights or somehow there you go and then you turn them from from the multicolor into the white and you know how would i do this when i get home. So you put it in a garlic.

Where what else am. I doing with it i love lifestyle footage that we ve been showing okay you can do there s about 18 inches between each one and we did that purposefully because if you have a seven foot tree you could have these starbursts all down up and down your tree and get this amazing size impression you d do anything with these you can string them along a mantel as you re seeing that s nice so look at that you re getting all of that light eighty lights on these delicate delicate. Little branches and we ve chosen to keep them completely straight..


There because i think they look almost like sprigs so they match with the other greenery sprigs are in that piece look at them on a tree. I mean. That s a fully lit tree already. But this gives it that pop of design.

Whoa door isn t that fantastic they look like fireworks in the old wood. So you can have such an amazing look in size impression with these and just tons and tons of light. But in that beautiful fairy light. Look that we know is all the rage right now.

And is so soft and gorgeous okay so those are great these are plugin yep. Thank you welcome you have not battery operated so you re never having to buy batteries if you re able to i mean these are amazing. Because i love that you can move and manipulate them. And they can either be like oh like a straw or you can many buy and create a flower make them really wide or like you said.

Like that fireworks kind of display that you re getting how cool is this and all you re doing is choosing color of strand. Exactly gold or green or silver and then all of them can change with the touch of a switch to either clear lights or multi lights right so whichever yeah whichever one you pick this can be clear or this can be multi. It s so versatile it s so fun..


And it s just the touch of a button. So when you get these at home. Just as rachel is doing you push a button you can go from a study white to a linking thing if you d like so here s our multi in the green blinking you can go warm white study. Warm white blinking or the multi.

So there s so many options all that so. But one is there any timer function on this there s just like again just a plug in and that is what it is yeah. So it s h2. One six five one five that s our item number four easy payments of 747.

I think my santa thinks. It s pretty awesome yeah. Thank you appreciate it bryn also brought us from mr. Christmas.

” ..

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