Klipsch R-120SW Subwoofer Review

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“Everybody is wrong jr in this week video. I m gonna be reviewing clips newest newest reference line subwoofer. It s the are 120 sw. This two 12 inch version of the reference line subs.

This is 400. Watts 200. Rms. So it does have some power.

Yeah. I decided to go ahead and just do this video. Because when i was in the market of searching for clips subs. I didn t really see a review on this i saw in this video.

I m gonna go ahead. And you know do a proper review. And i m also gonna do a demo on it for me this sub is replacing a polk audio psw. 108.

That i had in my living room here. I do have this up behind me. So i will be bringing it out shortly just guys for you just kind of see the science. Comparison and if you guys are interested in actual.

Comparison review between the two yeah definitely let me know let me jump up into it so this is up it comes in black ash in the box. I think she just comes with the general user manual warranty information and it comes with a power cable to let me take the grill off for you guys can see how it looks. Without the grill right now all clips reference line..


They have there s a copper look going on with it definitely. I felt when i first seen it looks better over camera than it is in person because it s really not copper. Obviously you know now with the speaker grill on this one. It does have like little posts.

And there s a little bit of an addition and didn t engine and you just kind of put it on like that i actually prefer these a lot better than the usual speaker cover let me guys show you i m gonna take in the one off mic poke. Right now usually you see you know speaker covers like this i kind of don t like them this is off the pope because these usually been so definitely clips doing this design. I kind of like it a lot better. It s a lot sturdier.

See that they have like the wood right here. I don t know if it mdf and forcing it so it s cool. So this is what the front look like definitely the woofer is uh. It has a nice around zarok beefy.

Now it s a lot more it moves a lot more easier. Because definitely right out of the box. It is a little bit stiff as you will expect from a brand new shop and right here on the front. They did a different they have the power indicator here it only lights up when it s on it ll turn green.

It s not that bright so you ll have to worry about it with the grill on or with the grill off it won t blind you at night. If you have any your entertainment center. So i mean go ahead and go turn this over to stop if you guys can see it it s definitely definitely pretty girthy is pretty long it s a pretty long sub. I m not gonna lie if you have clip speakers.

It s and you have out that 18 inch to an inch either the the icon line or the new reference line. It s pretty much longer than the floor speakers. Okay for reference well how long..


It is because you can t tell let me go ahead and put my my polk audio sub right next to it you guys can t see give me a moment here. So just for you guys can kind of see go ahead and move the camera and comparison to the pope psw 108. Just for you guys and kind of get a size comparison because majority of us let s be honest you have seen as either in person or you ve been looking at it as far as purchase so this is how much bigger this sub is so just for you guys can kind of get idea on the size of it so back to this clips here. I m gonna turn it over to the back let you guys see the back side of it and this is the back panel of it as i said its rear firing there s the support right there happy to say there s no port chuckling noise or anything like that when you do play this up hard so that s great um.

But here s the back the amplifier and all the inputs and everything so it s pretty typical you have a gain right here. You have the low pass filter right here. You have the auto turn on or turn off right here. And then you also have the phase and the input.

If you want to go ahead. And i don t know why people like to run wise connectors. Just if you have a receiver to have a sub woofer out just go ahead. And you just run a single and it s all a label right here is really nicely done everything is clean great thing.

I do want to mention about this sub is this amp stays code pool for example. I call. My pope you play it for long hours. And say music or anything like that does get a bit warm this thing pull to the touch so they did a great job.

I m designing this i don t know wait passively cools. I don t know maybe have a big heat sinks on it. But it s great it doesn t heat up guys built quality is nice up so i m gonna go ahead and demo. It for you guys can kind of get an idea how it is this sub is very loud.

And how is the ability to shake and rattle things in your house. If you want so let me go ahead and do that demo and i ll come back and kind of give my final thoughts on the south yes all right guys. The sub is positioned in the location..


I ll have it in but this is my general listening position. I m sitting down right now if you have curious i m the floor speakers are two clips k. 28. A cons and i have ochio 686 receiver.

But crossover set at 84 the sub okay let me go ahead and play a song just let you know i m not sure if my mikey s gonna pick everything up i m gonna go ahead and kind of give you idea of how loud the sub actually is yes. The window is rattling everything be rattling stuff over here at them right now volume is negative 20 on the receiver alright guys so yeah so definitely that s the demo. I m so over all this sup. It gets loud.

As you can see as ability to definitely router some things shake your house awesome for movies. Because you feel like you re right there in the theater on this sub do get down to 29 hertz sound quality wise for being as big and powerful. It is definitely definitely sounds good if you have any clips line speakers. It definitely complements it it really fills in what it s missing definitely guys you don t have to have this cell turned up to the point where shaking your house.

You know that s just kind of something i like for movies need to definitely dial it back a little bit and just you know have it play. I will say one of the things i didn t like about it is the gain. I don t know if i mentioned it a moment ago when i was showing the back panel. But the gain is very sensitive once you get it s about behind me turns either 10 or 12.

Lines. Once you get not even halfway. I ll say about 1 4. Up the gain just kind of just it doesn t show it on there.

But it seems like you just increase its by a whole lot so it s just the increments is not that smooth you can fine tune it it takes a little bit of time i have mines tuned just from the back. I didn t want to use the feature in the receiver. So that s my only negative thing about it although it is one more thing that the subwoofer and didn t have that issue with the pope..


I even switched out the receiver. This ochio is a new receiver. I used to have a yamaha before but there is a hum for that kind of like if it s like a ground loop or anything like that that happens when you turn off the receiver basie. Seems like i don t know if the self report.

It s a floating ground or something like that. But it s like a low hum. Oh my yamaha. I had it did prevent the auto turn on feature from working.

But when i switched to the ochio even though the humming so there the auto turn on features still work it will actually shut off before it prevented it from shutting it off. I ve tried different different. I tried a different receiver make sure. It s not next to like the subwoofer wire was not next to any outlets.

It still hums didn t have that problem other one so that s something to note those honestly the only two things i can say negative about it i definitely do recommend the sub. If you want something powerful you didn t want to buy you don t have money for svs up you want something powerful sounds clean it sounds good with music it sounds good on movies definitely all around this is a sub to get you know definitely it s a powerful sound you guys will definitely enjoy. But yeah. That s the end of the review.

I think i kind of covered everything. If you guys have any questions go ahead and leave them down below comment like subscribe if you enjoyed the video and uh. I ll see you guys on next ones rummaging or out guys. ” .


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