Kate Spade Case – Note 9 (Incipio Playful and Strong Case)

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“Everybody welcome back to tech odyssey. So today i m here with something a little little different kind of special. I m doing a case review for a kate spade for the samsung galaxy note. 9.

This is actually made by incipio and i ll pull up the insert here in a minute. You ll see it has ncos information and they re one year warranty. But it s a kate spade case. So there you go a little bit different.

I realized that you know i like to try to do something a little bit special for people who maybe outside of the normal viewing audience that i have because of course women make up half the population so for all of you lovely ladies who are interested in having a glittery sequiny cool case for your samsung galaxy note. 9. I figured i would go ahead and dedicate a little bit of my time to showcase a wonderful case that would be good to go on your phone. So not only is it pretty and a sequiny and it has all these little jewels and embedded into the exterior of the case.

But it also has six feet of drop protection so in the event that you re taking your phone out of your purse. You re walking you re talking you re doing a lot of things all at once. I just got your nails done if you accidentally drop it it will protect your phone from up to six feet. So that is very good especially because it s a very minimalistic style case for having a 6p to drop protection.

It s actually very slim so if you want to pick one up incipio sells them for 3999. So i think that s fairly comparable. I ve seen some of the other case paid cases they have over at like best buy and stuff and they seem about the 30 40 price. Range i think some are even more so 3999.

I believe was on par a little bit of decoration on the back..

I know that this is hello. I know that bonjour and ciao and ola and hello mean hello. So i m assuming that the ones in the other languages. I don t recognize also say hello.

So let s go ahead and take it out of the box. Here we go and true kate spade. New york style. We ve dressed up functional cases.

For your phone. Combining our signature colors and playful designs. Each one promises to spark a smile every time you pull it from your bag. So that s their little model thing they have there and as i said in scipio with their limited one year warranty.

So says this product is guaranteed against defects in materials and craftsmanship for one year. So you have the one year warranty that goes along with the 62 drop protection. So this is the case lets you get a good look at it there i m taking it up close here as you can see it s got these little jewels. This is actually look they resume a little pearls so you have three different colors.

The pink. The white and then you have clear here from one to represent the diamonds and then these pink ones here as well so you get a white gamut of different colors. That some of them are sparkly. Some were kind of flat so it gives it that nice little jewel to appearance.

But still it s a nice clear tpu style case and again..

If you want to look it up. It s called be playful and strong so as i said 62 drop protection. There s the strength. But also you get the nice little bit of jewels and it gives it a little bit of added character in addition to just being a clear case and one nice thing about that is if you paid a thousand dollars and you got one of these fancy new samsung galaxy note.

9 phones. I m gonna be able to show it off so regardless of what color. I know. 9.

You actually got you can see it very well loud clap loud and proud and clear underneath. The case. Now if you see some smudging on here. I ve been using this case for probably about 4 or 5 days now.

And it does pick up you know the oils and the residue from your fingers. Whenever you re holding it so. If you re gonna be using it all the time it s good to clean it off periodically. I have these lens wipes that i like to use so whenever i clean my phone screen which i do periodically and i don t imagine you do as well especially if you wear makeup.

My wife i have these zeiss lens cleaning wipes all over the place because of my wife she gets her screen dirty and she s like oh can you clean it for me so i m always cleaning our phone screens and also take that time to clean off the case as well. But as you can see it fits well to the phone you ve got these nice cutouts here so you ve got easy access to your fingerprints to your sensor. The biometric sensor. The cameras are free and unobstructed.

So you can take the best quality pictures possible plus..

It s safe if you place it down on flat. Sir this and won t get scratched up and then on the front. It has this enhanced raised bezel around the front and the edges. That gives you extra added protection.

So. If you need to place your phone down on a flat surface. If you don t have a screen protector on it should still theoretically protect it. But i highly recommend to put a screen protector on it because of course.

If you have this beautiful and expensive fountain. You wanna make sure that it s completely protected all the way around the buttons are nice and have good quality feedback. They re easy to press and are easy to distinguish from one another so if you need to press. The blind buttons or you have your big view button.

Here. If you use that no all around it s a really nice tpu style case and that s just a standard material that case manufacturers use especially these clear designs. So it s really solid ample protection. You ve got nice easy.

Cutouts. Here. You can get to the stylus. Also known as the s pen no problem put it right back in and then you ve got your headphone.

Jack and then your usbc connector to charger right there..

But anyway. That s about all i have with regards to the review on the case. I have been using it for the last like i said four or five days and actually i worked with an office full of women. So they ve actually been really intrigued by the case they liked it a lot i have gotten a few funny looks.

But i m very well secured my masculinity so i don t worry about it too much all on a day s work to review a product and it s a good quality product. I think if you re interested one and having a nice clear case or two you like kate spade products then it will be something that you would like to have on your phone. So again this is the playful and strong case. The kate spade edition made by incipio you can check it out on their.

Website and it s available for 3999. That s all that i have for today. I hope that this has been helpful and that you enjoyed the review and if you d like to see more of this stuff. Then of course.

I will reach out and try and get some more products. It may be a wider variety of audience and women might be interested in not just the more male oriented items that i m typically reviewing because of course. Y all are the fairer sex and make up half the population. So i would like to be able to have something available people look at it so thanks again as always thanks for tuning.

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