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“Wrote for some more redneck reason with red aikens and jeremy stover. And it was was rats idea and which we all know rhett. It s so good and soon soon as he said that title. I go yes yes let s write it and it s one of those songs that you know my hardcore fanbase is going to love and we were writing the last verse and and i m thinking to myself.

I don t know if i said it out loud or if i just thought it d been going out i got to get charlie daniels on this song like if i don t get him on this this verse cuz this verse was so him i don t even know if i put this verse on the on the song. It s just so him and weeks or a month..

Or two after we finished writing that song will happen to play a show with him. I believe it was in colorado and i said man. I m just gonna ask him and so i walked up to him fully expecting him not to have a clue who i am. I said.

Mr. Daniels..

We ve met a time or two he goes. What s up justin how are you and so i m going i m already on cloud nine because of that and i said man this is probably not the most appropriate time to ask this. But i just wrote this song called for some old redneck reason that i would love for you to be on i don t know when i m cutting an album. I know it s gonna be on it he goes.

I ve never cut a song like a redneck in it and they kind of chuckled he goes man. He goes..

I don t even need to hear hey guys you tell me when and where and i ll be there and so i it s one of the coolest moments of my career or my life for that matter. But he went in and cut. It played fiddle on it sounded fantastic and and you know for me to have not only one. But two future hall of famers on this album is it kind of mind blowing.

You know and charlie daniels is one of my heroes in this bit you know to me they don t get much much better than that and you know it s just for those times. He was perfect for and thankfully..

He did it so ” ..

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