Justice League Action Wonder Woman In Action DC Kids

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“Kinda like that why d you pause. It i just want to say. This is is the most epic match of boulevard brawl or two i ve ever played i right they say you re only as good as your opponent and i have to admit you re a magnificent challenger you re not bad yourself. We can hear you maybe.

It s time we raised the age for new members. It s unfortunate your friends will be the real losers no no i still need more dad no mere man can defy kalin no man does. But wonder woman dares to do anything yeah. But great disaster footage.

Equals 10 million. More hits online. Hello big time this shot is my religion what am i doing just keep my life for fleeting online fame yep totally worth it more well since you asked so nicely be patrol monster. But i ll say this for you keep it coming princess.

There s a spot you missed. My golden lariat can force you to speak..

Only the truth now who are you and what are you doing here. I ll tell you nothing by analysis of the brothers jinn. My scimitar will raise a volcano bury everything in his path in magma restoring this world to its pre human glory starting with metropolis you ll have to get through the justice league. I accept saves.

The day again you never need saving and today was a team effort you did take one for the team by jumping in the sewer you re a super gentleman super pda is the worst is it the sewer smell or the garlic risotto i can do this something s wrong superman your suit. It s a luthor. He s somehow infected you with his repulse power. It s probably too fast.

I m a danger to others i need to get someplace safe. Where is he going somewhere. He can t harm anyone we need to figure out what s going on can we just skip to the part where i thrash you all i m gonna take that doesn t know this is crazy. When we thought there was a break in at the rock county who expected the invaders to be toys wonder woman.

What an honor luckily i dressed for the occasion your battle suit may be invulnerable. You aren t sexy that s right..

The witch is bad circe you re working with this this man. What can he do for you that you can t do for yourself for starters. I dig bald guys also he can do that for me. It s my hands of hercules spell.

She s in a tight squeeze which i do have tighter that s the machine sucking up superman s solar energy. It s time to operate. It s working his vitals are taking up your match heroes. Today.

Gotham falls to the ivy league. Looks like nickel finish early hardly worth the effort of getting together. But since we are together and know why not make sense ajanta batcave is always interesting to slowly dead. The power core that gives me an idea the humans days on this planet are numbered superman birth belongs to the chip cannot beat me i am.

I was sick of hearing. That name aeolus who turned on the fans we re in his long..

We ve got less than two minutes to get out of here his immune system is attacking us things were a disease now to disinfect this place. That s one disease that won t be coming back. We ve got less than 15 seconds. We ll never make it maybe this ll help one infinitesimal it caused such big problems you ve just been quarantined luthor hey.

I know you don t tell me general bod zod in the flesh. Which is more than can be said for your friends this worked out better than i ever imagined soon. My fellow kryptonians shall be free you are the only wrinkle left in my plan too bad. I don t iron out so.

Easy you ll have to do better than that and a lovely little human punching bag. Indeed he will be the first of his kind to kneel before zod batman guys don t panic there s one more thing we can try okay zod you know what you got me you win. But before you start taking over the world and stuff could you let me join my friends in the phantom zone. I do not usually grant requests.

But knowing the torment that awaits you i m inclined to make an exception that x. Man really do miss solid..

Oh. This won t hurt a bit maybe. But i doubt we ll feel it why are you cuter end program. I can t believe how you dove headfirst into danger to save me.

Huh oh no no i just i just wanted a selfie cheese. Enjoy the view it s not on my bucket list the repulse power must be protecting us from the crushing weight of the black hole itself get us out of here before the power is gone. I d love to oblige. This is one trap.

You made to perfectly wheat america and here. She is now the fallen drowned gentlemen. I ve seen worse follow me. ” .


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