Julianne Moore wins “Outstanding Female Actor in a TV Movie or Miniseries” @ SAG Awards 2013

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“Gentlemen naomi watson we have schreiber this year. Some of the most extraordinary performances. We we ve seen were given to us by female actors in television movies in miniseries work has earned them the appreciation of their audiences and the attention of their peers. The nominees are nicole kidman.

Hemingway and gellhorn i feel like i don t know enough i don t know enough about the war and about about the military and about i just the only thing that really interested. Me is is people. Julianne moore game change hundreds of thousands of people are coming to see me speak not john mccain goblets and they are coming to see me so if i am single handedly carrying this campaign. I m gonna do what i want charlotte rampling restless.

No one knows even half the truths about anybody else not even were very close you went off to germany for two years lived. In a commune had a baby and didn t tell me about it for months did you sigourney weaver political animals you could have gotten yourself fired for that kind of behavior in front of the president he s not just a boss..

He s not your floor manager at chili s he is the president of the united states alfre woodard steel magnolias you are crazy for man and man then for a while i thought she a glutton for punishment. Now. I realize you are on a mission from god and the actor goes to julianne moore is the first win and 10 nomination for julianne moore. Wow.

Thank you so much this means so much to me coming from from all the actors. Who voted. It s really really meaningful and and thank you for putting me in the company of these amazing actresses. All of whom.

I admire so very much you know we watch a lot of basketball in my family and we talk constantly about what it takes to win a championship. But it s not about individual achievement..

It s really about the team so i had the tremendous good fortune of being on a wonderful acting team so i d like to thank them and i want to read their names woody harrelson. Edie harris. Sarah paulson peter mcnichol ron livingston david barry gray larry sullivan michael evans. Jamie sheridan.

Bruce altman colby french spencer garrett brian howe austin pendleton melissa farman brittany underwood taya miller jenna. Stern douglas nelson sandy batum. Tiffany thornton kevin big lee justice. Gaston.

Shirley room. Eric alex hi..

Dwight. Ron perkins. Brian. D.

arcy. James. Tara. Garwood.

Rain. Pryor..

John rothman. And the little adorable baby. Arlo. James.

I couldn t have asked for better team thank you so very ” ..

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