Joaquin Phoenix s Joker Sequel: Everything We Know

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“Director todd phillips gritty origin nstory u200bjoker u200b starring joaquin phoenix in the title title role emerged in late 2019 as none of the biggest surprise hits of the and all the hub bub got us wondering nwhat would u200bjoker. 2 u200b. Look like all we can do at this point is speculate. But nyou know what we re pretty good at that spoilers for joker ahead speaking with indiewire in november 2019 ntodd phillips set the record straight in regard to a potential joker follow up he admitted nthat.

The idea of a sequel had certainly been discussed. But that there s not a deal in nplace yet and phoenix hasn t been approached about returning at this time phillips dished while joaquin and i have talked about it nand while touring the world with warner bros executives of course. We re sitting at ndinner and they re saying so have you thought about . But talking about contracts.

There s not na contract for us to even write a sequel. We ve never approached joaquin to be in a nsequel. Sorry folks. That s the cold hard truth.

I don t need you to tell me lies. The director also clarified that a purported nmeeting with warner bros. Pictures. Group chairman.

Toby emmerich. Which nwas originally misreported by thr. Didn t go down the way the outlet had described it while he copped to pitching a slate of films nfeaturing dc villains during his initial joker pitch the notion had swiftly been shot down it s worth noting that even in the wake of nthr s jumping the gun. Neither phillips.

Nor phoenix has shot down the idea of joker. 2. In fact phillips might have poured a bit nmore gasoline on the flames..


When asked about the idea at an industry event hosted by deadline nin late 2019. Phillips said with a chuckle a sequel comes up but joaquin and i haven t really decided on nit. We re open. I mean i d love to work with him on anything nquite.

Frankly so who knows. Phillips implied that if he and phoenix do ndecide to revisit arthur fleck s world though it won t be the potential for more big box noffice bucks driving their decision he explained being about childhood trauma and the lack nof love and the loss of empathy. All those things are really what made this nmovie work for us. So we d have to have something that had an equal thematic resonance.

It s enough to make anyone crazy even if joker 2 were to be confirmed tomorrow. Nat. This early date. We wouldn t have any idea who might be filling out the flick s cast n.

But we do feel pretty safe in stating. That there s absolutely no way phoenix wouldn t nreturn to further plumb the depths of fleck s tortured mind. If it were to happen. Phillips has repeatedly made it clear that nthere s no way he d even entertain the possibility of a sequel.

If phoenix for whom. He and scott nsilver. Wrote the first movie weren t on board incidentally while we can in all likelihood nconsider phoenix. A lock.

If joker. 2. Gets the greenlight the only other bit of info around npotential casting..


Which we could confidently go on record reporting concerns. Who we know nwouldn t be in the movie. Robert pattinson. The talented young actor will be portraying nthe title character.

In director. Matt reeves upcoming picture. The batman. But phillips nhas strongly implied that pattinson s bruce wayne and phoenix s arthur fleck exist in ncompletely different continuities.

Asked at the toronto international film festival nif. It were possible that pattinson s dark knight could appear in a joker sequel. Phillips. Nwas unequivocal.

Saying simply not this actually makes a ton of sense for nas joker s fans. Know the film s relationship to dc lore is a complicated one. Again any attempt to parse out the plot of na potential joker sequel would be an exercise in pure guesswork at this point of course. We can offer at least a couple nguesses of the educated variety.

But they mostly have to do with what the movie wouldn t nbe about first and foremost as revealed by phillips ncomments at tiff. The film would not in any way shape or form be about batman yes. Bruce wayne did appear in joker as na child of perhaps ten and since phillips has been clear on the fact that any sequel nwould. Simply continue to tell.

Arthur s story. It s likely that young master bruce would nstill be in middle school during the events of a potential follow up we can infer from phillips determination nto keep the focus squarely on arthur that any sequel is also unlikely to focus on any nother of gotham s budding supervillains. There just might..


However be a slight chance nthat a joker sequel could introduce a cunning cackling threat to gotham other than arthur nthe. Real joker follow us here even since before joker was nreleased fans have speculated that arthur may not actually be the joker with whom we re nall familiar. But rather a sort of proto joker. Who serves as a formative influence on the nreal deal the theory is compelling on its own merits nbut.

It was lent a hell of a lot more credence than had been assigned to it previously when nphillips referred to it in the wake of joker s staggering success. Phillips raised the possibility unprompted nin. A wide ranging los angeles times interview. The director said you could look at it.

And go this is just none of his multiple choice stories. None of it happened a lot of people. I ve shown it to have said n oh. I get it he s just made up a story.

The whole movie is the joke. It s this thing. This guy in arkham asylum. Nconcocted.

He might not even be the joker . Maybe joaquin s character inspired the joker you don t really know hahahahahahah. No we don t but if they deign to give nus joker 2. Phillips silver and phoenix have an opportunity to clear it up for us could we perhaps see the emergence of the nactual joker in a sequel.

It s an intriguing possibility. But only time nwill. Tell obviously we don t yet have a release date..


Nfor joker. 2. As the involved parties have yet to even commence talks. We don t even have an idea as to when the nflick could potentially begin production.

But it s pretty safe to say that phillips nand. Silver would be inclined to take their time on the screenplay for a joker sequel ncrafting. The most compelling story. Possible in fact.

The writing process would likely nbe among the lengthiest parts of any sequel s road to the screen. We say this because considering joker s critical nacclaim and box office clout. Everybody involved has a strong incentive to make sure that if nthe flick does get a follow up it s a worthy one rushing. A second chapter to the screen would nbe folly.

The first movie s titanic fan base will still be there in two or three years nand even at that time the indelible mark left on pop culture by joker isn t likely nto have faded of course. We ll be keeping our ears to the nground for any official announcement. Regarding joker. 2.

And the minute. We have it we ll nbe beating down your door with the news check out one of our newest videos right here. Plus. Even more looper videos about your favorite nstuff are coming soon.

” ..

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