IT S RAINING ANIMALS! Far Cry 4 #7 (Map Editor Funny Moments)

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“Laddies my name is jacksepticeye welcome back to the fire fight for now instead of of doing what i normally do i m not really gonna just play story stuff go around do site missions. But he said i do map browser stuff this time what i said i do it the last two times. I didn t do it so we re gonna go in and play some apps this time i ve played a few before but there weren t very good so i m gonna try and pick some really good ones for today. How could you go wrong with a level called run bitch run bitch run cuz.

I m not okay with that i ain t no bitch. I do not back down from no from nothing. I ll just say no mana nothing at the same time no sand. Oh.

My god look at all the guys down. There i m picking up ammo for the ease. Oh for guns yes. This is ready real fun okay explosives.

I ll just lay. There hey. I don t know what this gun is i ve never used this i don t have this in the campaign. Oh it s a grenade launcher.

Oh. God they re all running at me. Oh god i m dissing this thing. No no no thanks get him get him.

Oh god i m on fire. You better. Run. Dudes death.

Is coming. Yeah. Any of them. Oh god oh.

God no you don t we don t you ll be serious right. Now oh come on oh. My god. It s like an ant infestation come on come on friends.

This is not for me. Okay. Where is it at rice. This what s more now that i know what s going on and then i know seven billion guys are coming well it s this 208.

But shush it feels like 207 is that a dead dog it s a dog with no head that s disgusting..

What did you guys do to find out look at them all they haven t even loaded in until now good jesus okay here we go right smack dab into the middle of them. Oh. My god yes go for freedom and look at them all dispersed. Did you see all those reds disappear.

That s the jack likes to see go mortar full of dead water full of death you glorious. It s just what i like to see like oh. We re gonna take a little break here now for a second. We re gonna take a little bit of a rest.

It s fun. It s nice place the cab. No oh. When did you guys get here okay well.

If you re just gonna sit. There then jack s going out of light and your dirt. Know what you re doing here you re just bashing into each other not anymore. Wait boats you guys fucking boats try to creep up on jack no good today.

This is my kinda level. This just speaks to me who s are eight guys left. I should probably take these out guys out in normal fashion. Huh.

Right this one guy left let s go say hello should we humiliate him. We won t even kill him with the gun will stab him just because he s all alone. No friends left. They re all dead hello.

There friend go chase the rocks go chase. The bunny rabbits glados. Welcome to my farm. This is called an exclusive farm and there s an infinite sea for how could you go wrong right mary.

Oh. My god it actually does go on fire. I m sorry miss and who wants roast pork. I didn t know you could do flips it s okay jack s gonna save the harvest this year you guys don t need to panic this is my firm now my house well i guess technically you re buffalo.

I suppose you re flying buffalo now crackling. I want it s bad no no shit. I want it get up closer and put freaking. C4.

In his head crocodiles fight..

Here. This this is for your friend. Killing. Me.

I think i got him hey. Killing. Or the fish as well you had some snacks right right now sexy for right on who landed on him majestic is fuck. See if you can do it again.

That s amazing. The work on land if you put them all underneath them yep and he clears the fence you re free now apart from being dead you guys are not heavy. There s only one heavy. I know and love you re all imposters.

Oh here we go you re heavy. You re the one. I know and love hey susie. Hey.

Susie. There s nothing funnier than watching. Like people. Fry.

Y. all. About with physics. Yeah look.

At all those chickens. Kfh. You never know i sneak up what the hell is a tree doing over there stop that twerkin trees hey. He doesn t know it s like a football player.

At least you tied fabulously fair. Hell is this the rappers called wow untitled seriously waa susie take me to the heavens. We shall go find all these dudes to kill okay sorry harry he s hairy the hang glider hey you get it oh susie. The helicopter must really make sense.

But susie says. To collate. Oh. Yes.

Oh yes..

We re me. Grenades. Oh. Yeah.

It s the most fun. After the explosions come on it s yours bonin. Now wait. Oh my god look just grenades for everyone here.

We are gonna do this again. Okay everybody. And i have infinite health as well so i don t die um. You guys are over here.

So pants a wingsuit your way in jack into the trees nice and sneaky. We are in the cover of the trees shh they re never gonna know what hit them you re not gonna spawn after the explosions again are you please spawn before that i need you all to die. Maybe they have to kill you guys first okay you guys stay over there you guys stay over there. I m gonna.

It s gonna be nice to meet you in a second easy. Easy does it easy does it easy does it. Oh yes. Yeah.

How do you guys all spawn. Yes. Yes. Good good shit.

I have a really high joke. So good i want to do that again what sister. I have like a super job. I don t know hold shift while you re doing it then he takes out the weasel ow case.

The true the trucks okay no you need to die. Yes. I like that map it s simple but effective. But then way the map is so huge because there s not a whole lot to do okay.

So this matt s call just a ton of fun ring. Vincible again and we ve one shot kills. An enemy okay look at the mall. Yes.

I love these guns..

Why are you guys just floating. This is the calm before the storm you hear how quiet it is oh you guys want to get to me don t you. But you can t get to me here comes the rain no no no no wait i m invincible why do i care. But you guys can beat me all day long sounds.

Weird you guys are cute. You think you can hurt. Me come. On oh hey.

That s deluxe me down. I ain t trying to use that thing against me. No that s suck that s not on that s not on jack s agenda. How dare you use white new weapons against me come here come here you bitch there you go you times yo dice man ouch.

It s cute how you guys still think you can hurt me after pumping 14 million bullets into me and that s not happening god lord hey what super shotgun ouch stop doing that that s the fucking shark good reports suggest that it s gonna rain today yep. What wrong i want to kill the last two guys with this where are you guys come here come on co2 jack fuck. The jack certifier cry for these maps are awesome. I did not expect some of them to be like this i thought cuz when i go to make maps io straight.

That i have an objective or something i mean i know i mess around in the the editor. Myself just creating wacky stuff like this. But it s so cool to be able to download other people s versions of them instead i have to make up all this stuff myself and waste a lot of time doing it i didn t know you could do that which is so cool. I really enjoyed this so let me know if you guys want the next episode to be more maps or more of their campaign.

Kind of stuff. I will make some match both i m not gonna replace one with the other i do like to vary stuff up all the time so let me know this was really fun. I really enjoy this but thank you guys so much watching this video. If you re late then but start like putting in the face like a.

Boss and my face all round at 6 00 am. When i m recording this now. But my my parents for my parents. My neighbors probably hate me.

But i had to cuz they recorded session already and it didn t work and the whole thing was out of sync. So i had to go back and record it again so if i look tired. It s cuz. I haven t slept yet i have to get this video done so i have two videos for ” .


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