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” s good everybody. It s your boy to boogie here. Today and i am playing playing madden mobile. But that is besides the point.

I m here today to ask guys whether i should get mad. 17. Or not do you guys want me to get madden 17. Because if you don t want me to get it i am not going to get it um basically.

I am not a get the game. As i am as i understand that you re gonna say well i m playing this right now. Which makes no sense of my woman with that defeats purpose. But this game is free okay well let me get to my point.

First do it i have no interest in giving ea. Any more money okay. I just i had gotten ripped off by them in the past two years so bad. It s just been enough for me to say fuck it i quit so um.

I m planning on not giving them a dime for man 17. But you know i ve been watching a lot of madden videos. Now the game looks really fucking. Good.

You know they finally put some of the shit in there that i ve been at not just me. But you know things that i ve really wanted in the game for a while like a fucking actually more interactive my career mode sort of thing and they finally got fired gotta admit the shit looks nice and clean and um it looks like a good ass game. But i m sticking to my word unless i get some word from you guys saying that uh come on man just get the game. We want to see you play.


But not just one person is going to be enough to get me to do that i m gonna need at least. Okay. At least 10 likes on the video. I love what he just said.

I need a fun no 10 50 views. Because that s greedy to go for a hundred views. So 10 likes 50 views and we ll say five comments sang get mad and 17. If i get okay.

It s got to be get mad and 17 or something similar that something clear enough where you re telling me to get the game um. Then i will get the game. And i will make madame videos also i have to fix i ll battle there s something like the bastard. I don t know that s why i haven t been i was literally about to make like so.

Many 2k videos for you guys. And then like the shit just went bad. So. I m gonna have to call.

Oh god oh. See what the fuck is wrong with the thing. Because it doesn t unfortunately. So yeah i mean like it s like maybe if you know the so fuck.

I didn t mean to throw line. If you know what i can do to fix. It please let me know it s an expensive piece of equipment. I mean i bought it a few years ago.


But still still expensive as fuck and i don t want to buy another. But you know what if i have to i will but if you know how to fix the damn thing. It says like a usb problem tell me how to fix it please. Because say save it better for me yeah just do that thing yeah that s not gonna happen fucking of that basically that s about it but i ve got to say just to actually just few things about nba 2k.

17. Which i ve heard now first off there are a few channels. Which i got this news from so i will shut them out right now so first off go check out um channel called dabs. I ll leave the link to his channel in my description.

He kind of informed whoa. I learned this information from his video about the fact that there will be a fucking way up needle. So normally when you go for a layup. It automatically fills up the bar.

You know the shot. The shot bar and if you have a good layup shot you re probably gonna make it right. But i heard they re gonna actually make you time to shit like that you know i he made a good point. He said.

If he gets a fucking perfect shot up he s probably gonna be done with that shit don t get me wrong i found fitting. Maddie and brother enough in equal to k jha. I need something to be not boring. But i m a board ass dude.

So yeah also the other channel chris smoove. I pretty sure you probably heard of him. Because it s pretty well known and he confirmed why i received the news about the confirmation of uh. There will be an app on your phone android and apple where you can have a face scan for your micro your player.


And the um app is like going to be a level on sep tember. Eight. Which is a day before one of my science exams. That s gonna be interesting i m suspected but anyways that s something i heard and i pre ordered the legend edition.

Kobe bryant 80 version because i really want the poster. I mean. Kobe s late one of the players i grew up watching you know well yeah. He is the player that i grew up watching.

And you know i ve gotta show some respect perspective even though i m a detroit pistons hey hold on a minute yo it s like what okay babies. I kinda used to support the law is a big lakers fan is so is my uncle so i didn t really give a damn about sports back in the day and i just said hey that s baby. Brian hang up you must be to go right and sure enough. He was but the fuck isn t doing what fuck every time i get to shit is hard every time.

I pick up the player hit fuck. It uh makes him dive shit. Oh. I my block that shit.

But i m saving up for that 89 overall later on delray 90 k. How about 40. I ve been grindin. I ve only had this is my second day with the game.

I only played the tutorials yesterday. So basically he s gonna grind today. I need a thing i need something to do. But yeah.


By the way if you want me to make madame molding videos or something. Like that or nba live mobile videos. I don t know if they reset that i have the i just didn t look. But russell westbrook same picture still there so i m assuming it s still the same game hopefully.

It is because i was trying to get a jimmy butler to fuck a handout if you guys want me to make that video those videos to like any mobile games. I m down you know that s probably the most gameplay you re going to be able to get out of me right now so all right raucous a main point of the video feature. We got to do it already this is mainly should i get mad. 17.

If you think i should comment. Yes. I need five people saying yes to getting mad in 1710. Likes on the video will go without the views.

But let s tell your friends about it let s try to get 50 views on the video. I don t know if i said this in the last video. I posted a very random video i posted but uh i want to thank you guys for getting me like as of right. Now it s like 25 5000.

Views on my joy lions win the superbowl video now there s a lot of comments on that video and i try to be calm with my responses. But i massage. I m just joking. I i like to defend my team and a lot of people like to disagree i have a feeling in my gut.

I ve never felt that before i just felt it somewhat this year. So much shit let me tell the world about it my feeling doesn t mean is that happen. I m just trying to express my opinion on how i ” ..


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