Is it Lit!? ATGOIN Bluetooth Earphones Unboxing – Amazon Reviews

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“What s good amazon j. General tv hd. We out here with the act. Going going okay.

Basically. I m gonna put the name of this product. In there. The um cuz.

I can t actually remember what it is my copy to make it out from what it is yeah. But they re headphones and it earphone things more earphones more legs. I m gonna see what one for them i think they re magnetic things you know i was looking for a little pair of magnetic sings for a while now you see it boom there we go there we go magnetic kings. One time okay put that to the side boom.

See what else is in there little peace emanuel. There one time manual user manual check it out i got an outlet receive with your english instruction. I think. It s looking all promising to be honest.

One english instructions..

English instructions there you go one time one time instructions there we go. But we know what is let s see what s in here. Okay. Replacement air foam pieces minor ting.

What else we go in here. Standard procedure. Micro. Usb cable.

Done know the dunno dunno. The myspace prenup one time. And that s it i got its little back. It s kind of nice just kind of mushy.

One so yeah. Anyway headphones. They look alright. Let me just try and unwrap them.

See how long..

They is yeah. Standard headphone designed to be honest. I ll put the link to them in the description below got your three buttons here plus minus. And you got your play button.

Which is also your own button you sis dcm. But yeah that s your charging port right there quite your microphone on the back and you got a little bit of brandon at green comm tings um. These look a lot like the i don t have them at the moment. But i got some sand peeps q12 sand this looks like the exact same design um.

So yeah. Let me just let me just have a listen to them i ll get back to you it in a second. So yeah. They don t sound too bad.

They don t sound too bad. I mean i missed like any exemplar every quality or anything like that but um. They do their job. You know if you change the air cups.

Get some air cups or earbuds whatever..

These things are called they actually fit your ears. And you stick them in there comms ago and they got this little bit. I don t know what this little ear lobe. It is but um basically it keeps the thing in your ears.

So you re nice. And if you re doing a little drug. You doing a little bike ride boom. When you re not using them.

You just put them together on this magnet team like so one time. It s just not long it s just not long with these magnet headphones. I think mac mir headphones are actually the wave they re actually the way forward like lateral um yeah. Thanks for watching guys.

That s that s it really connects to your phone. One time you know obviously you hold the um. The play button to turn it on you hold it for longer for it to go into pairing mode. This whole video is out of focus.

But hopefully you can i get some can actually get some focus please for the people in there we go get some focus for the peoples..

Them. But a little metal bit on the back. There comm tings. There we go thanks for watching.

I m like a subscribe or if this is on amazon. Yeah. Just give me a thumbs up and let me know if this really helps you at all. But um.

Oh sorry. I forgot to mention bachelor battery left. I ve done i mean my camellias only about half an hour anyway. But i ve made it from monday to thursday with them by the time you ll see in this review.

So yeah. Counting linette counting s thanks. ” ..


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