iRobot Roomba 595 review

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“Right hi guys today. I m gonna be doing a review on the irobot roomba roomba 595 robot vacuum so here s a quick rundown of it this is its dock with the power cable and then here s the vacuum itself so on the front. You have your clean button your dock button your spot button your dirt detect light and then here s where your air will pop up if you have one then you have your schedule button your clock button your day hour and minute button so these buttons down here you use to schedule. The robot.

And what that means is say every day at 10 o clock. You want it to come vacuum. You can just set. That.

And it will come vacuum and then go back to its charger at that set time so here s the bottom so on the bottom. You have this little caster wheel right here..

The two charging ports. Where it connects to the two charging port. Then the home base. Then you have this little spinning side brush.

And then you have your two brushes right here. These things counter rotating like that pick up the dirt and put it in this dust. Bin and the dust. Bin is right here.

And that s a filter. And there s actually a motor in the dust bin..

Which sucks all the dirt into the back of the dust. So now i ll show you a demonstration. So all you have to do when you want it to start cleaning is press. The clean button.

It will play a song come up with charging dock around in fact on tile and carpet as you can see it has a bumper on the front. So it can sense walls table legs stuff like that so let s stop it for a minute. So now at the end of a charging cycle or if you command it to it will go back to his dock. And i ll show that now so if you all you have to do is push.

The stock button so now way back once it gets to a socket slows down. And it parks itself on the charger plays a chime and this light..

Means. It s charging right here. So this vacuum costs 300 at costco. It came with the vacuum.

The charger. Two virtual walls. Which look just like the home base. They look like this and what these do is they keep the robot out of that room so we have one going along this doorway.

So the robot will not go into that part of the house. It ll stay over in this main area..

So it comes with two of those it comes with three extra filters. Two extra sets of those two brushes two side brushes and two brush cleaning tools so for your money you get a lot of extra attachments and pieces to help keep your roomba running so overall. I like this a lot it did have some problems like at one point. It wasn t docking and then i had short run time.

But all those just fixed itself with time so it s not super reliable. But it works fairly well so i really like it so thanks for watching please rate. ” ..


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