iPhone Charging – Best Practices To Get Long Battery Life

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“Everyone aaron here for zolo tech. And i wanted to give you some best practices practices in maximizing your battery s capacity and length over time many people ask me every day. How often i charge when i charge the phone how to charge the phone and it s pretty simple. But i wanted to go over some different things now first of all this contains a lithium polymer battery.

Lithium polymer batteries do not have a memory like previous batteries did such as naik head or nickel cadmium batteries. It doesn t matter at what point you charge. It it won t really ruin the battery. So with nickel cadmium you could charge them up to a hundred percent.

If you charge them at 50. It would pretty much only charge to 50 percent over time. That s not the case with lithium polymer. So you can charge them if it s a 20 percent and up 90 percent.

It really makes no difference and the next thing is you cannot calibrate the battery. The battery in an iphone is not really calibrate able the software does that for you it knows when it s fully charged it knows when it s fully discharged and then basically calibrates itself based on that you can t really set it in a calibration mode and drain. It all the way and charge. It that makes no difference.

I know a lot of people tell you otherwise but according to apple themselves. There s no need to do that and my experience has shown that there is no need to do that it will make no difference now one thing to know is after two years of use apple. Says you should have at least 80 percent of your battery life. Now.

This is not always the case..

But if we go to this app here lyrium info. Light. We can actually see the battery life over time and right here. This says battery.

We re level now. This is almost one year old and you ll see right here. It says. The current battery capacity is at ninety six point five five percent.

That means. That s how much is remaining. After a year of daily use. And what i normally charge with is an ipad charger that tends to charge it faster.

It it will not shorten your battery lifespan. It s not that powerful to do that really and this is the normal iphone charger. You ve got if you ve got an ipad one you can charge with that i charge with this all the time and since the first ipad came out that is all i ve ever charged my eye phones with i very rarely use this and i very rarely use anything other than official apple adapters and there are some battery packs. I ve used from different companies when i m on the go maybe to charge.

But most of the time almost 99 of the time. I m using this to charge and many people ask me when to charge the battery. And it really makes no difference. I actually charge it when i go to bed.

I leave it plugged in i wake up i unplug it and it doesn t matter because you can t overcharge..

The battery. The battery is managed by the phone software and hardware. And it actually once it hits 100. It shuts off it does not allow it to keep charging the phone.

Because you would ruin your battery. That way. It s managed through the phone. So you can t overcharge.

It now you can drain. It all the way down and then charge it but it really makes no difference. If i m on the go and i need battery i plug it in if i m at 80. I plug it in in my car.

It will charge all the way up it makes no difference how you do that many people have been told otherwise and i m not sure where that s coming from but over the many different iphones plug it in when you need to unplug it when you re done it won t make a difference you don t ever need to monitor it you don t need to look at it it makes no difference whatsoever now one of the other things. Though if you want to maximize battery life and lifespan is to make sure you re up to date with software. But also the main thing is to avoid extreme temperatures so 62 to 72 degrees fahrenheit or 16 to 22 degrees celsius those are the optimal temperatures for the iphone and obviously you can t be in those temperatures at all times. But basically apple says if you can avoid 95 or higher in fahrenheit.

Or 35 degrees celsius or higher and where i live sometimes it s 100 degrees outside all the time and you can t really avoid it. But when you can it s probably a good idea. If you re going from your car to an air conditioned building that s fine. That s not a big deal and it will actually shut off and overheat.

If it does that to save itself from actually killing the battery..

So if it gets too hot. It gives you an overheat message shuts. The screen off and you can t use it until it comes down in temperature now there s also a flipside of that lower than 32 degrees fahrenheit or zero degrees celsius can also be bad for the battery and actually will cause it to drain faster and that s just something putting your battery in a freezer. Doesn t necessarily extend its life.

It s actually bad for it over time or actually will drain your battery faster in the iphone. So that s just something and that s coming straight from apple. That s what they ve actually said another thing to extend the longevity of your phone is to take it out of a case when you re charging and that doesn t mean every case. It means cases that are sealed maybe a lifeproof case or something like that that s constantly sealed it may get too hot so if the back gets really hot when you re charging.

That s what apple suggests is take it out of the case when you re actually charging it so if you re charging. It the backs really warm and it s in a case. And you re noticing that take it out of the case for a little bit until it s done charging and then it will be fine. That s actually apple s recommendation now finally if you re planning to store your old iphone you want to leave it at 50 charge.

So right now i m at 34. You ideally want to leave it at 50 according to apple. If you re going to leave it in any storage. That sort of thing getting rid of an old iphone leave it at 50 charge and leave it in a cool dry place that s less than 90 degrees fahrenheit or 32 degrees celsius if you re going to do that you need to come back every six months or so and top it off to about 50.

It can go 50 60. But apple recommends that if you re going to do that over time you really need to be careful and keep it at 50 to optimize the battery over time. If you don t do that. And it drains all the way down it goes to a point where it really needs to be charged again apple will have it charge 20 minutes before just the software built in is how it s designed then it will power back on so if it s gotten to that really low power state.

No i ll leave a link to all of these tips in the description below this is actually straight from apple..

Many of their maximizing battery life and lifespan tips and i use my phone differently than many others. I ve done different videos on that and i get pretty good battery life over time and my battery has lasted really well over time and i ve had no issues whatsoever my battery life today. I m at 34. And i have 5 hours and 50 minutes usage.

15 hours and 15 minutes standby. So i tend to get pretty good battery life. And that s all i do when i go to bed at night i plug it into the ipad charger when i wake up i unplug it if i m down during the day. Even to 50 70.

And i want to plug it in it makes no difference. I ll just plug it in it won t make a difference whatsoever. It s fully regulated by the phone itself. That s it for the tips on maximizing your battery life and charging it let me know if you ve had any other experiences.

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This is aaron i ll see you next time ” ..

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