INAPPROPRIATE People At Walmart!

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“Guys what s up it s charlie here and today. We re going to be be looking at ten inappropriate. People at walmart every year millions of different people go walmart stores across the usa. So it s no surprise that some bizarre people sometimes into the store and walmart has somewhat of a reputation for weird people in their stores.

Well here are the 10 strangest people out of all of those millions of weird people at walmart before we get into it be sure to subscribe to little things for more amazing contents daily also why not subscribe to top tens and hit the bell and comment down for a shout out at the end of our next video coming in at number 10 is super model walmart is known for competitive prices and a lot of products. But one thing. It doesn t exactly have a reputation for is being glamorous supermodels on the other hand do that is why the national press was shocked. When courtney stodden.

A famous actress and model showed up in walmart you may remember her getting pretty famous from marrying an older richer guy called doug hutchinson don t get me wrong. It s not uncommon for celebs to do things everyone else does. But the odd thing is she was all dolled up as if she was going to a photo. Shoot doug was with her and she dressed to impress with a tight gray dress and large transparent heels next up is father of the year.

We all have dads and there s a certain stereotype about dad switches that they re kind of embarrassing well this walmart dad takes the cake usually parents push shopping carts while their kids sit in them. But one walmart shopper. Saw this working the other way around this that had stocked up on everything from toilet paper to cereal and he enlisted the help of his young daughter to push the cart oh and himself she seems to be struggling. But the data appears to be having a great time one thing s for sure this dad is father of the year right.

But if he s not perhaps you should push up the cart rather than his kid doing it next up is good deal. This photo was actually taken outside of a walmart. It shows. A couple on the edge of a walmart parking lot holding a sign the man sign says.

I will wrestle your mother in law for a buck walmart is known for their great deals..

But this guy trump s them all seeing as many people dislike their mother in laws. This guy s found a pretty good market. However there is caught in the background of this photo. So maybe you should keep that sign hidden and to any mother in law s out there next time you go to walmart watch out for this guy.

You never know your son in law could have paid him a dollar next. Up is president while he s not president right now. Barack obama was president of the usa for eight years. And he was definitely still president when he was randomly spotted by a walmart shopper in a store.

It must get pretty hot in the oval office. As he was seen by some standup fans for the low low price of thirty nine eighty eight as i said before it s normal to see people in the public eye do datato. But for some reason. It appears.

Obama had no security despite being president at the time in fact he seemed totally relaxed. When a shopper snapped a photo of him browsing walmart s deals and like courtney stodden. He didn t exactly dress down for his visit to walmart wearing his presidential suit. Next up is car you may not like grocery shopping.

But one group of people who are known for really not liking shopping is kids they find it boring and often run off to the toy or candy aisle. Because let s face it shopping for carrots. And chicken isn t that fun at all well. One harsh mom found a solution to that problem somebody in walmart snapped.

A photo of a mom who had handcuffed her kid to their shopping cart..

I guess. This also stops the kid from getting lost and those giant walmart s to sometimes. See we ve already seen the father of the year. And i think this could maybe be the ma next up is abe.

We ve just seen one president at walmart on this list. But one super famous historic president has to be abraham lincoln. He was the 16th president of the united states until he was taken out in the ford theater. But it seems he has since been reincarnated in the candy aisle of walmart.

One guy who was shopping spotted and all the guy wearing a giant hat just like lincoln used to wear. He looked the part and even had similar facial hair to aid. The modern trousers and sneakers may not have been in lincoln s wardrobe. But his top half is perfect.

I m still not sure if he was trying to look like lincoln or if this is one big coincidence. But then again this would be one weird coincidence. So let s assume this guy was going for the lincoln look next up is dragon. We ve seen some very odd people on this list.

But what s weird here isn t so much the person okay it kind of is but it s more his pets. It would be odd. But not crazy to see people taking their dogs and cats shopping with them. But how about somebody s pet dragon.

One shopper caught two guy walking around walmart with a pet dragon..

It wouldn t be so bad if it was in a cage or something. But this dragon was on the guy s shoulder just like a pirate with a parrot or something next up we have hobbes. We ve already seen a supermodel at walmart and it seems most of these odd people you see at walmart aren t usually odd because of how good they learn. But what about a regular hot woman this incredibly attractive woman was spotted in a walmart and was snapped by a fellow walmart shopper.

The image went viral and now the internet s calls. It the most glamorous walmart shopper. Ever. I think that would have to be a battle between courtney stodden and this woman.

The woman was in the first vegetable section. Probably to keep up a great figure. One thing s for sure he won t see this woman at most walmart stores next up is bed bound. Do you ever get a serious craving for some food or drink.

Which makes you stop whatever you re doing and go get it when i say stop whatever you re doing i mean stop working or playing video games. Not stop being in the hospital. Well this guy didn t get that message. He was supposed to be bed bound in hospital.

But it seems he couldn t wait to grab some groceries. He bought his machine from the hospital to keep him in good shape. While at walmart and what s more he even wore his hospital robe into the store hey at least he had underpants on next up is goat. There are two very odd things about this photo taken in a walmart parking.

Lot the first thing is obvious that being the woman is walking a goat..

But the other weirder thing about this is that the goat is wearing a diaper goats. Obviously aren t toilet trained so i guess this was to avoid making a mess in walmart. But whatever this woman s recent work for bringing it goats into walmart s good or bad. It definitely makes her one weird person to come to walmart check out the polling.

The top right corner and can vote for the weirdest person in walmart. I think. It s obama. Thanks.

Obama this video shout out goes to britt. Britt. Two. Five.

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