Impractical Jokers Season 12

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“On the other face can i see them oh they re not here. Yeah. I i m just in the park today. We re off tonight.

Okay can i take picture with you sure my ear. Comfortable. Do you take. It.

Yeah. Thanks dude hang out..

Yeah hang out the most fun. Part. Now is to watch. Joe s somewhat subtle approach take a picture so where you from you say joe get him the strip down you know be really funny pop your top awesome great here we go it s crazy how he there s a big fan of the show.

But believed joe that we re not filming here. I know you should put sync on your nose like me push up on yours we never get to mess with fans because they know the show so we don t we just don t use them we can t use this is amazing. I had to go. But what a story it would be ok you met me on my day off and i m not even filming.

And you met me in the park and then we got to hang out that s quickly figured out and took it out right. What s what s right up here..

There s on the right end all right here. We go you should put some sunscreen on me come on pull on my back. Yeah. There you go get it.

Oh my god he s gonna get this fandom. Because it s even weirder that a fan comes up to him in the park and he makes him rub stuff all over because she s pop you want to give me give me a phone. We ll do a video of you putting this thing on my chest. So we re just hanging out in the park.

Me. And my friend don t get me wrong..

Laughter. Murr and sal do get along yes robin as long. As you keep a fine. I can keep talking here.

Yeah. Cuz then we re both getting something out of it. Yeah. I have so much good gossip.

So many danes and you with your big blue. I know my boy laughter..

We re going full on in a thaw in a swim and punishment. He wouldn t get the other backside. Then say he was they both had they ve all had like long term girls. They never really they never really covered up never minded to view that this guy is on his lunch break from work.

I got so mad at her that she came to the finches. People say. It s really nice maybe you could come by 7 00. We filming lattice of the erection joey soft.

” ..

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