I put my PAYPAL in my Fortnite name and made this much…

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“Right so this is my balance right now. I see can t believe that people people are actually sending me. Money 1 million. Subs is a thing of the past s now time for 2 million sold.

I couldn t subscribe in the next five seconds to 2 mil subs. Thanks. You know sometimes i ll be wandering around the beautiful world of fortnight parral and i ll kill some young souls. I m.

Young bought. And his name will be like hey pal. Me on geoffrey star. And i m always thinking to myself.

He s supposed to make it serious money am. I missing out on a lot of dollars a lot of bread. It s a serious but gets to be made by putting your paypal name in your fortnight name so today that s exactly what we re gonna do i m gonna create a new account hold my paypal name in it and see how much money we can make by the end of the day before i go ahead and do that we all know something big is happening this week. The zombie skins are already out well ghoul trooper has not come out yet.

It s definitely coming out. I think it might come out on a 31st. So when it comes out i need you to all stop doing what you re doing i don t care. If your parents to get married or you re at a family funeral make sure you use support craco done chip and i am shot please thank you so i embarked on an incredible journey on my pc of course.

I don t leave the bedroom. I went onto paypal and had to create a brand new paper. I used the name ashley because i thought to myself you know guys love giving money to girls right right or is that just me ashley greg. That was the name i was gonna use so once i create the paypal.

I had to create a paypal username. I actually wanted to go with the name ashley fn kiss kiss. If you don t want to send money to someone called ashley fn kissed kissin you re crazy. The name was too long.

Though actually had to go with kirsty fn and then went on to the epic website and changed one of my other account names to paypal me hearst efn. Which stands for for tonight. If you didn t already know and here we are she looks incredible absolutely magnificent evolved enough that s work but whatever so i guess now i just need to play for tonight. And hopefully some 15 year old who really wants a girlfriend called kirsty offense will send me some money on paypal.

This feels morally wrong. I need some money okay oh boy you see me i m shining paypal. Me kirsty offense. All here s a plan we swoop in kill a bunch of bots.

Hello and hopefully they send us some money. It s a really dodgy. Way of living hot bluetec lets me up let s go no way no way hey born to your death looks like that that s unfortunate. I mean.

It s not there he s got a beautiful young chap. I literally can hear that bob bob oh. My god i should quit this game forever that was awful..


I m insane. I m insane all right well hopefully. She ll send me some money what we re gonna do is i m just gonna keep checking my paper see if anybody has sent me a couple of pounds maybe somebody will buy me a new pc oh i m gonna die oh hello oh give me all day what is this kid doing whoa i m gonna die now i m gonna die i m gonna die there s so many players y all gonna chill don t get a chill and send me some money oh i m so bad. I m so bad just ignore that little scream.

I did that never happened anyway all right well. I m gonna take a look at my paypal and see if anyone sent me some money okay. So i mean. This is pretty disappointing news.

First efn. Myself i have received no money i mean i only got a few kills. I still have faith that we re actually gonna get sent some money well as of right now we got nothing all right boys. Let s make some money.

Oh. I see all y all. You know i see right here. I see a lot of sugar daddies.

And hello. I just want to say i m available on all days of the week 6 pm to 9 pm. Weekends i m available from 6 to 11 so i ll hit me up on paypal you know the vibes. I i caught myself a little ar.

Let s go boys. I m over about to get smoked don t wait no wait. Oh my god i thought you actually got punished to use that fire well there s one kill you know the vibe. I wish i had that shotgun beast ain t even asking for much you know you know the vibe got it boys see you later oh the way off from me.

Let s go look. I can just get a shotgun from anywhere. Oh hello. That s probably mike.

Oh. Twitch. Streamers. Well your bat dropped some money on me.

I can feel it off shotgun. Let s go. What no way you re shooting. At me.

From up. There. Oh oh you gotta calm that down there buddy we are friends out here i m on four kills. I m just saying there s 100 somebody look spectating me you re gonna drop some money.

I just know it oh hello. I know there s somebody in here. It s good compadre..


It s me your friendly neighborhood. Pay pal ho. Oh. I ll go to chill.

See ya. I really do be destroying these guys right now. Though. Oh you ready you ain t ready you ai.

N t ready full. Oh. I thought that i bought that hit that would have been really nice. Let s go see you later.

Oh. I m dead okay. I m alive. I got six kills.

So i mean i just talked somebody s sending me some money. I m trying to secure a bread paper. Oh. I just massacred this poor boy.

Oh bleep pump on say no to that the songs come in i want to get a slice kill a friend bet. Every kill is a potential sugar. That he donated me some brats. All i m saying hi.

Hi donate me money please good morning or should i say good night. I was pretty smooth on common life like nine kills. I mean you know what am i expecting too much he s guys really gonna send me any money why do but suddenly appear every time you are i really do be here. And those notes.

So i mean i m still on for 20 bombs. Technically oh hello. There my little kick. Oh.

No way no. Way no way. I m just that good well you did wait so you shoot me and then you instantly box up nice. I truly believe that some one of these kids has sent me some money.

What is it what is he doing oh. This is so annoying now he s pushing my box. Oh come on man. This guy s a good player.

I can t even like his best be worth it oh you just wasted my help. What is going on no way. I m coming down no way..


I m coming. I got three minutes well i m coming down again. There s no wait just leave me be i m dead. I m so dead there s no way.

I survived this let s come pop this make it now yes. I gotta make you off. I m. It s a delight boys well hello.

There. Oh my god it s just that easy it really is now give me some money. What no you gotta be kidding. Me oh.

This is snagged by the blobby man. Oh. You big glob. You big blue fat blob.

I had 12 kills as well what a rip okay boys and girls. I died it s time to check the paypal account boys ike i actually believe it our balance is gonna people of people have actually sent us money. So first of all team has sent a pound. Then natalie had sent 76p and then tom has sent five pounds.

He s balled out he s not held back. He literally dropped as a fiver. So tom is left and no with his payment saying added me on fortnight please. And i m not gonna tell i m not gonna say his name cuz.

Everyone i ll add him thighs and mate they was truly amazing oh boy. I don t know if i got lucky or not i think i did get lucky with like six pounds that s pretty crazy. I mean five pound of it was off some thirsty kids from eat at him. But still i m so dead.

Where are the weapons. Hi. Let s me oh no way. I got pump out that chest and a little a out for the boys.

I m sure i ve killed some sugar daddies spike no way you so live sorry snapping toes. What s up where you going little kitkat oh all right mine you would say bruising. You re saying. These kids are crazy.

Boom. Boom cla. Oh. I m insane.

I really am. Sometimes i don t know how i do it five kills that accuracy. Though see ya oh surely one of those boys got donate me a little pound for my efforts right bull dollars fit up a me game chip oh and we re gonna something stop his box oh destroyed this chart really was really really you really love to say it i m looking fine seven kills hopefully i got some money coming into my paper wait can i jump pop this i ma do it no i feel like i should ve known that oh that s right let s go well hello..


There my lost sunflower. How you re thawing. Oh. No way no way.

He s building. One above the belt vomiting. I have been saying. I truly am get lasered.

Oh whoa that s cheating. Oh destroyed absolutely destroyed after after him with a little come on paypal. Me that bread. I m not you want to kids.

I don t want buys this by the way he should go out there and earn your own money that s what life s about i m beg like me i m a beggar. Oh. It s gotta be a kill no way she saw whites so whites. Oh no somebody else who s shooting.

Me please no let me get his kill there s no way that just happened what she just shot me through my wall. Oh this game is such a lie. Such of all of you start to spot wow. Wow.

Oh. I ll tell you how i m. A. Massive potato.

Well. Let s see if anyone sent me any money. Hi boys and girls. It seems.

We ve got a final donation. And it was from osman and of course you know he just he s 70 69 p. 69 classic osman you do know your way with the women definitely except i m not a woman. So thank you for 69 p.

This is my balance at the end of all of it i have played quiet law. Games. Once i didn t even include in the video. So it took quite a while.

But we did make 7 pound. 45. I think honestly you know i could buy v books with that but of course i m not gonna gonna refund all of the donations because you know i didn t earn the money so i don t really deserve it and i m sure they could spend on something better boys and girls. We did make some money and i would personally say it was quite a decent amount considering we just killed a bunch of people on fortnight but guys has been offering me today see every single one of you lovely chats tomorrow.

” ..

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