I Hate Jake Paul.

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“Grab it yank it out bro three two laughter. This entire pulls a green screen screen with a guest. It s our favorite friend and i am is penis hell suddenly my pool is clean. Except.

That s not the reality. And this is gonna cost me thousands of dollars. Some kid hit me up he s like yo you wanted to join my zoom collection and so i was like okay. Why could you get in trouble for this you think they ll recognize me like will my cover be blown like i m clearly not a student.

It s a film class. I m some funds oh karin this that karin. What did you do did you tell me we ll go upside down. Until let dad s ejaculate marinate.


Like my brother probably. Why everything in your life. On your birthday is upside down. Oh.

No i ve been doing improv classes. You didn t think. I was weird this was the birthday gift that i got that mike told. Me would change my life and technically it s a mantis shrimp.

Which you guys watched my podcast it positive it is my favorite animal and of like a knockoff mantis shrimp like a real mantis shrimp is super colorful and i think. That s why i like him. So much i just found out some very disappointing news from danny. Oh.


God he doesn t know doesn t know i hate my kid. My mom said even when i was 2 years old. I would give the gifts back to santa. If i didn t like i gave the gift back to santa so this is just a thing.

I do since i was two years old oh. If everyone knew why did you still give me the gift. I was kind of thinking. It was funny.

How logan got mike a hot girl with the lambo and in return. Logan got a shrimp. Why did you just say what did you just say no no no i got him the michael jordan of porn. And he got me a 6 marine animal feel bad for the shrimp dude like he doesn t know me that he s whackers.


You know what i m saying like he doesn t has no idea it s kind of like most of these like guy tick tock stars like they don t even know how bad they are a proposition for you on the ping pong table you see that a can of spray paint. If i can hit it from here you have to pee your pants on your stream. But if i miss i ll be my pants on your stream. No if you miss you have to pee your pants on every stream with me if i edit what i ll pay 500.

I got a huge bladder here. I m going it s too late oh suddenly you become the little brother i hate again to close my brain. I feel like you hit my brain. Oh.

She s crying. That s not true these are tears of happiness. You re crying. It s too bad taking it out right this hurts so fucking bad son.


It said that sunday. Oh we re an emergency right now because we can t get it out that sounds like torture jesus. Mother of god. How do they go now that we know that just grab.

It yank it out bro. No no you think so 3 2 1. Got yo ass that is so dumb do we got bolt cutters. I didn t think i d be at this point in my life ever this what happens we turn 25 it look like you after your party gets dougie alright.

Don t hey look at me guys i need my dime. I m not gonna actually eat it ” ..

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