I Gave My Brother 24 Hours To Spend $100,000

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“Have five debit cards each with the. 20000. Limit let s find x play. Exactly exactly 100000.

In credit cards right. Here. You have 24 hours wait i need to it they ve experienced two of these challenges. They will guide you today good run away.

We are going get the best buy good luck brother all right sita you just bought a 32 inch tv. That s it you have 100 grand. Oh yes. That s a good show.

Yeah. He s so distracted right now. I don t know what to do yeah. Why do you need binoculars.

When i watch your youtube videos like i understand them more so i can fully see everything so a lot of these purchases might not make sense. But this guy right here is making a youtube channel. So a lot of this stuff. He s buying is for his channel will tell you more about that later all right let s go.

Speakers for your editing computer. Oh wow. This one s to grin. This one s 22 grand.

It s so cheap see that your youtuber. Now you got stacks okay. I ll take you are a youtuber buddy. You don t have any revenue.

Yet here s somebody give me that one you d go over there. I m gonna veto that just give him that one okay are you buying this desktop for your editor yes. This is his first partner and then he has two editors. And he has another guy shut up i set my brother up good all my employees.

He has the same phone and so i can call them. And no answer that is help phones work yes technology here s your iphones the five iphones wait chris did your boss buy you guys all iphones tell me a google pixel went down. Good enough chandler. Did your boss.

Buy you an iphone. No look. That s a 600 printer. You realize like that s.

300. Yeah wait they have 11 does they have a 1300 robot..

My money not your money okay robo book says now i m gonna hit him with gucci shoes. The ultimate disrespect i m excited for cj. I think four of harrison apply all right i ll take the silver. Ones here.

Chandler how much have we spent 13000. Well. The viewers have a number right here. We have no idea.

I didn t even calculate it so i can calculate how much money. I give away. Chandler forgot my xbox. My soda can i taste this i don t think.

It s a textbook. This is a poster off shoes boom. No way pinata. I got a surprise for you there you go thank you what are you ninja.

I would never throw it at you we just forgot the most important thing just so i can play the part of youtuber and it looked like i have money i need air pump. We didn t get a grip on my channel. Okay i give you a computer. Although i think we re doing business right now you guys we are here at the car lot and cj you can buy whatever car you want alright go it just tells some to go ladies learning wait so we were trying to think so we bought a car with dollar bills here without a car with pennies yeah you smashed my car.

Oh yeah. We we smashed his car buy the new one we smashed ethan s car editor by meniere s point is we bought this is like the 10th story. But i m thinking like it s a lot of money you never had this money before my life. Oh.

My goodness. It s so nice. Oh wait the stickers on that side. Oh 46.

Oh. No that s not your car yep. This is the car. I m getting so you got it out thank you this is the most important signing in my.

Life right. Now. Mrbrother. Yeah.

Cj are you comfy. Yes. Chris are you comfy tyler the. Window doesn t work so how do you like it this is 26000.

Even more expensive than the camaro that you bought me you re gonna own that camaro and then this dude you re building up best. That s i m gonna be on like one of those mtv shows show my cars off all right so we re gonna take a jimmy yep..

Well god go i still got a lot more money to spend we re splitting your money right now make some food right this yeah. Thanks wait i m paying for this i gave you up literally of all my credit cards chandler you got us right so we just ate a big meal you know what that means big tip how much is that 700. But the meal is only 200 why on earth would you ever leave a 500 tip cuz duh. We don t like hey thank.

You so much for the great. This was actually not for mr b. Sooo. Much for bro his brother starting a new youtube channel.

And he s gonna be doing this as well such a huge fan of so next is he needs some cameras. Yeah. I forgot to buy cameras at best buy. So it s all good so here.

We are at a camera store. Should. He just use our big time lapse. Cameras that we use during these violent challenges.

Or a tisha buys. Oh. Good decision. What s your decision.

My decision is i buy my own let s see i m also gonna get a tripod let s get this all right chris. I m just grabbing like random stuff right now am. I doing good yeah. I m getting this guy s these batteries.

Oh these are not those batteries. Here freak out your bags engine. I want this one i ll get you this one why you could pick literally all the cameras you just bought in there alright so i m gonna grab all these sd cards. So i can make fire content for you you got a lot of people relying on you you ve spent a lot of money and don t fail or it ll be really.

Bad five. Helpers a warehouse office space huh you got 100000. Starting budget. Okay we re doing your thumbnails for you.

And we re helping you think of con actually anything s here. I m shouting you out and giving you over a million subscribers literally all you have to do is not suck and you should be fine just here you go check i threw it out next place is lowe s we just pulled into lowe s. I don t know we re gonna get here. But probably a lot of supplies extension cables.

We never have enough extension cables. They actually has some employees and rentals that i m currently paying for so if you don t go watch his videos. I m gonna have to keep paying for him go watch his videos. My friends so they have to debit cards left by on it let s go windows oh wait i do need a clock.

Bro yeah all right so we re at the tools section. This is the most important part..

If i don t have this equipment. I can t make y all. Good content. I m out where protection good just i don t know if you haven t shirts.

Yet. This is a little table saw so i can go like this with the wood and cut it it s kind of a heavy box. I got this i can t get this alright. So many a lot of drills.

Just so i can work on some things because in hammers cuz. It s hammer time so we broke off from cj cuz. He was taking too long so we re gonna help them by we re sears canada life that i was buried alive. We are on a jimmy jimmy hart cam right here.

It got some economy. Assuming accountable over your good first. Yeah. So we accidentally bought all your stuff cuz.

It mixed in with our sure to appreciate it thank you thank you mr. Beast alright brothers. We just finished at lowe s and now we re going to staples. We still have like 18 hours left and i think he only has like 15 grand so it s good he s gonna manage that printer looks like a small child in his eyes.

This is me holding this printer that s shaquille o neal. That s insane right in the basket. I don t know how many anthony take four total came out two two zero nine eight zero three two thousand ninety eight dollars and three cents. And i put all this stuff in chris s truck chandler keep cj blindfolded first surprise cj s just walking bus guys come on cj come on come on i don t want to kill him you take the hook man.

Oh. There s your own mini warehouse to him you can torture your friends here you can torture yourself. Here you can torture people who aren t your friends here he s seen this place before but we re acting like his new on camera. Oh yeah.

This is the warehouse. We gave them the film all those videos go watch it so we can afford to pay rent. Yeah. So boys.

We got. 13. Grand also zack chandler s brother is actually my brother s other partner. Hey that on my channel.

We have chris chandler and me on their channel. They have my brother chandler s brother and tyler. Which is chris s brother. We re trying to get him adopted by chris s family.

It s literally my squads brothers is his chip. See what you did there yeah so you only have each thousand two hundred dollars bucks nep horse trailer it has two wheels it can hold 15000..

Pounds. That is teen hunter close 1500. Let s do a 100 steal let s do it this that we order on their channel. They eat later are not willing to raise your hand.

If you re all for it you re not part of this team. Yeah. Let s try to just business for giveaways yes all right from the bottom of our trios heart. We want you to go subscribe to our brothers and watch every single one of their videos.

It is your sworn duty when they upload to click on it and watch it all the way through make sure you do the same for us. Though still yes don t forget about it. And remember. It is your job to flick on every mr b s and mr.

Bro video. All right guys. We have 500 left to spin got to go through the drive thru and see if they can pay for the people stood behind us can we pay for the people behind us too as well yeah hold on your hands. So you have some work to outreach.

Yeah yeah trade you then there s more there s more one wait. This is for the napkins right now. We. Need barbecue sauce.

Oh wait honey honey mustard for everybody. Just everybody split. It. Yeah.

You want some money come here boss man. I am. God rose. Yeah yeah hi guys those first time.

I ve actually ever done that that was actually pretty exciting and exhilarating actually if you love giving the people return these ones. And yeah really i do love giving just like my brother does and if these will eventually turn into hundreds for people i really like helping people i really like having a lot of fun and just making difference in people s lives. I also like they my brother for also allowing me to have this opportunity because i am really lucky to have this and i was trying to make the most of it and be the best person that can be all right brother. And catching the next video peace.

Oh. Mr. B. Yeah.

You know his name he changed it once or twice. But i think ” ..

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