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“Back to another exciting episode of who has their camera on i m city. I i m archer. I m wallace i m cam. I have my camera okay cam.

What i was asking in that starting sentence. Where is no one else laughter. Maybe they did maybe that was your answer all right this before we start risk of rain. Some.

Quick. Housekeeping theoretically that high high pitched buzz should have disappeared in our voices. Because. I am providing the high pitched buzz here seems less bad now okay.

That s good could just be there s enough game music and stuff. But i i installed another one of those sound blocker businesses. So there s one going in into this court and one coming out of discord. So hopefully.

It s better for the people out there i m in the way of the menu. I m on the wrong side of the screen. I think is really the problem here dude keep your cord float over here in the right fucking corner. There we go i fixed it i fixed it live good job.

All right party. I invited all my friends music wow let s start my private game. I m gonna remove one of these people to pick one at random. Yeah random yeah.

One of the guys at work was like when i was talking about going to the japanese place from a birthday. He s like why didn t you invite like girls and stuff. I m like because i don t have any friends. Then i just wanted to eat japanese food not alone.

And that was that alright so welcome to risk of rain hey look here s all the characters yeah. By the way we did some homework whoa yeah i see that everyone else is unlocked all the characters without me again quite true not entirely true i have one that i haven t unlocked. Yet that s what i get for playing dot. Hack instead and making cool 3d prints.

Which is impossible to see there yeah. It s on the on this channel. Right there for xiao chao. It s especially at home.

Yeah. See you you wouldn t normally normally like play in front. Only villains. Do that which is gonna be a funnier meme.

If you watch the video. Ok is it going it looks like it s trying to go without me you got it yeah. That s great that you can launch it on the host. Yeah take that host hose needs to forget make it a vine.

Sorry. I was trying to introduce the video. How do i get out e oh first i have to turn the keyboard on to the correct computer. I think that s my real problem here oops wrong button so we gonna farm at all are we just gonna look for the telephone right away okay yeah chop over here.

Oh love love glasses. And syringe. Yeah. I forgot how this works.

Multiple people everything costs more. Oh yeah. Yeah. Who who gets the drop whoever picks it up oh.

We didn t we played this for like five minutes together didn t we i think yeah we did i just didn t really pay attention to how that worked so how s my if you guys could kill more shake. It over there. So i can open up all these boxes over here. I just tried to reload.

That s not how that works and a second extra charge to my secondary skill. Oh okay. What did it i ve made the ui too big..


I m gonna say ui is huge it doesn t fit on the screen increase the size of mine to it on i increased it too much 200 is too much by the way where s my money screen like the middle of your screen. I guess you really did make you a too big. It is very large. Yeah oop shit can i change that right now.

Oh yeah. I can don t die. Don t worry about that okay. Who s felt like the boss kill on here.

Sure. What is the what sir who s the boss killer here of probably me alright well. I got some marvin i got to them i found a box of this summer shooting stuff in it figured i d just like not hog. All the items on the grab one for once i doubt it on all the damn items away you re down there oh by the way this fall damage.

My favorite part is i can t really shake these wisps so a lot more things around here found this boom. Grenade yeah. There s a lot of items. I want that give me the bullets would you rule.

It. Oh shit hi. You re here. Early apparently.

Control of sprint. Take this more bullet. No. Ask the two bullets oops that s the thing.

That s good for me. I was gonna be uh missile launch. Or do you want a missile launcher. It s your cue.

Ah get the alex or something yeah you want one of these these missiles shoots missiles when you hit cue i was cool down though what s this what these. Oh boo. I don t want it. What is it that s the ash jump thing i wouldn t mind that how well too late yeah too late he walked into it that faster actually you know what i like i ll take crit damage.

I want some crit give me some crit. Almost like not i m really useful for my overall game. Plan of like what wow here s a crowbar anyway. Want a crowbar.

I ll take a pro bar for sure all right. Oh jesus. I don t know why these big green guys are showing up so early okay funny. Though do you want me to hit the teleporter or no um susie hit the teleporter and meisel stuff growing up full bar by the way just i m just wondering if you want me to eat.

It or not where are you oh. It s over there okay music we done grenade. We we hope everything s fine. Some this is so much more interactive is it i hit spacebar.

It s like my favorite action to do in every video game alright what it s doing this what is this what you don t want f. It s not jesus christ. What does that do i forgot music oh that guy family that i said ass on fire as well and pretty sure. When i use it.

Oh. That s the pot. Oh. Yes screwed.

Oh. That thing. Okay well whatever you guys find it find the what music. There s the cube that makes a black hole okay and then uh it sucks all the enemies towards it dude.

If i was planning on the old guide pick that up. But feels like it s a really bad choice for the engineer to pick up it s good for the artificer. It s good for the mercenary. Too good for anybody you can just like murder.

This shit really fast in an aoe. Oh. I like that well hey you picked up that other the stem thingy only up to a hundred what is this it s all the items picked up now as far as i could tell i think i found everything i m bad with our enemies..


Oh man that makes two of us. Well. You ve got a kurtz well. I kind of a lance.

Oh. It s a dagger definitely looks like a lance from the sides of it. Oh i got one little thing wait. I said blow up here.

Oh no that means look what you just did hey look. I spawn the shop. I m pretty sure which means is the artificer yeah that mean rate when we go we can go through that portal and you can get the last guy all right shall we start this now yeah bleah oh. That s not too bad maybe.

50. 50. For you the cooldown on that queue is a lot. Yep above us.

Oh. Well we all get item. Oh yeah. Yeah.

It s everybody to pick up an infusion. It s not as overpowered as in the first game. Does do lately. Stack yep each one would give you up to 100.

Yeah. Yeah. They do hp seems like a lot higher than normal was weird now that s my turn i will turn buddy really drunk it s not that we kind of share groans your bottle flip on oh yeah it did the blue portal. We gotta go at the shop.

I jumped into the portal or do we have to wait near it is that what s going on here just a hole like a rain thing where it takes all your money and converts into experience. No okay all right. I ll go get your dude room music take a look at this. It is though a feeling cell.

I don t want that nope don t want that alien head would be nice. How do i like look at the thing. I m not sure. What is that where is that in there.

What s this ran out of here. I don t know it s like the alien head. So cool downs. Oh.

I don t think i really a mutant well. I can sack all of my items for that yeah really don t want to do uh. I mean. Most mines aren t particularly useful for me.

Did you grab them cuz the knee like her i need 500 items for that are you see five greenup items for the big run that s lane. Four green items. Oh oh. I kind of want to shoot the shopkeeper.

He s got a health bar. He he s very strong. I didn t say that i d survived no i m just saying. He has a lot of health.

He doesn t i don t think he actually attacks. You yeah. He just has a lot of health. Oh hey a chance ryan mm hmyou know that s crazy for such a sucker hope you enjoy it i should splurge you know baby then i got a salad dead okay so we re getting ice cream.

Now and there are a few spawn points here and two shiny opportunities. We have a minute. I hear a nice burp so let s go ahead and shine check meditite okay well i don t wish any minute. I it so bad i m super excited about it but before we catch that let s show me check match part you never know.

It s not a new one it was the first shiny. We ever seen it folks will go. But i still check every single one i see let s see no shiny there but definitely get to find that berry magic opportunities are always good to come by but guys i know i ve been saying this over and over but this event..


It s amazing. I m so glad night it gave us a new event pokemon go i m super motivated as some of you guys know that follow me on twitter. I haven t been very motivated the past few days. So this is definitely what i needed music two more shiny meditite chicks.

You never know can we get wood enough a nose. Not on that one i can t tell if this other one here is one that i already checked before and forgot to catch. But let s just go ahead and recheck it not shiny on that one but a mock ureter just spun. So let s charlie took it to so much shine check interview for they got successfully insane and the monkey that is inside of three executes so that s complicated and no shiny there on the makuhita what a shame or shame.

We have two more shawnee mafia chicks. Let s go ahead and check this little guy first no shiny on that one now let s check. The other one i think they made a tie that s their is will not have already checked. But we re just gonna check it one more time just to be safe.

I don t want to miss out on any opportunities. Okay no show me on the makuhita is the meditite shiny. Maybe nope not shiny. There music.

Okay. I have a five kilometer egg hatching. Let s see what we can get as you guys. Saw a shiny took so many meditite and monkey hate us no shiny in there.

But let s go ahead and touch it and see what we can get oh my gosh guys. That s what it s like here in tennessee. Okay. So we have to size they re not too bad not too bad.

Let s check. The arby s on it appraised. Strong pokemon defense. X.

That s really bad ivy s on that side. There. Let s transfer that. But there might be some more mocking.

You didn t hariyama here actually no not at the moment. Just a treecko. But as you guys saw we shiny took a lot of those still no look on the shiny yet. But i don t know if we re done for the night or not we may be going on a little bit more so you got to see that i guess makuhita it s a freaking shiny.

Oh. My god with 67 cp holy crap. No freakin way. I didn t know it expect this at all we re leaving the walmart parking lot right now.

I apologize for the awful lighting and everything yes. Oh my god i just got a freaking shiny makuhita. Oh. My god i am so stoked right now i m not gonna mess around.

I already goldenrods buried. It let s throw a great ball at this thing. Oh my god nice dodging please don t run away. I would be so sad if it ran away you guys i can t believe i actually got a shouting on day one at the freakin event.

Oh. My god this is absolutely unbelievable. Oh my god i caught it you guys babe. My husband s moving isn t that insane.

I ve hardly hunted today having us like we ve only do this you got a lot well. I m shawn each act like a lot of them. But we ve only been to a couple areas like i thought. This is gonna take me to so long like what decent pokemon hp.

It s that s indicated that in battle it ll get the job done so that s a really really crappy makuhita. Oh. My god i m shaking right now guys i can t believe this i m screenshotting that and i m gonna post that to twitter guys i didn t get my actual shiny reaction on camera. But i literally started recording my face right after i had the shiny on screen recorder like i was just recording my screen going through the parking lot so i didn t really expect anything to happen and of course.

When i wasn t recording my face it happened does it happen music sunny huff you guys i don t even know what to say i literally am speechless. Right now i m like shaking that was so fast literally we have it started like five hours ago. Whatever i ve only been playing for like the last two hours and i just got a freaking shiny makuhita what cause that means i ve already got one of the chinese..


I wanted now all i need is a strongly meditite of course. I would like to get more chinese of each of them so i could have both of their entire evolutionary families. But guys i just got a shiny makuhita. I don t even know what else to say um should i evolve.

This oh should i evolved it d be like the world s first shiny hariyama or should i wait mm hmm. I don t know what i should do guys let me know in the comments down below. If i should evolve this hariyama and i ll do that in the next video. Because i m unsure if i want to wait until i catch another shiny makuhita and then i ll do the evolution or what i don t know i think i m not gonna pull up on twitter or something like that but i m so excited right now that s please smash that like button for the shining volcano.

That s okay. I can t believe it guys. I m literally. So stoked on how that that s seriously amazing okay so we re still in the same parking.

Lot. Let s see if i can get double treble and shinee makuhita would that not be insane guys like i m still speechless. I can t believe i got a day one shining wakka here that s absolutely insane okay those two weren t shiny. I actually just shiny checked a meditite that one wasn t shiny shiny met it that s what i really want to get and another reason.

Why i m not doing the haryana evolution. Yet is what if i get a better shiny makuhita with better ivs and better cv. Because that one was really awful. It s more of just like kind of like a collectable.

I guess you should say but guys a day one shiny monkey here that is seriously crazy. I did not expect this at all i m pretty sure the shiny rates right now are exactly the same as any other shiny. The only thing special is that they were just released today. I m pretty sure.

Though the shiny odds are exactly the same as normal okay let s try and check this wobbler here. We might as well do that while we re here. Okay anyways guys one more thing. I wanted to talk about while this fighting type event is going on we re getting new fighting top rate bosses in the game.

I m pretty sure. It s been confirmed that hitmonchan is a raid boss so some other ones that we probably will see as hitmonlee. I m harry you almost stuff like that but the only one i can actually confirm it s hitmonchan. But people are seeing new raid bosses in pokemon go so that s a little bit exciting.

But guys i m still speechless. I just shared my shiny makuhita picture on twitter and people are already responding and i m really excited i shouldn t have put the spoiler on twitter. But i just got really stoked about it so but guys. That s amazing this meditite isn t shiny.

But i m just gonna go ahead and catch anyways. I m almost out of token also i m either gonna have to go downtown and stock up or just wait until tomorrow to play. I ve already been satisfied the day over that shinee guys literally what more can i ask for in one day that s absolutely insane so like i said make sure you guys smash that like button that s incredible look right there guys. Another makuhita before i in the clip here no shiny.

That s like the same spot as the last one we might be crazy. But no no shiny on that one a minute. I hear god i keep wanting the in the cliff. You guys and more stuff keep showing up okay no shiny there music applause she knows last shiny checks of the day there s for your meta tides here if we end up getting to shines on one day before we wrap it up that s gonna be absolutely insane okay those two minutes.

We re not shiny can we get a shiny meditite tonight. I honestly kind of believed that we can after i ve realized that my shiny look. It s coming back finally. Oh.

There s actually two more mana ties to check notice shiny on that one will the last one be lucky less shiny check of the night come on no shiny on the meta tide. I guess it s a little bit much to ask for but you guys overall today totally. Pleased me i m so thankful for my shiny makuhita to have that already on day one is insane and we still have 13 days left of this event. So i m gonna be cracking down hard on this fighting type of event.

It s gonna be really fun and tomorrow. I m gonna focus more towards the rewards and benefits of battling gems and doing raids and things like that so you ll definitely see that and i m getting my zapdos tomorrow like i said before so it s gonna be a good one but anyways. I guess that wraps it up for today s video. If you guys enjoyed it make sure you smash that like button.

Hey subscribe a few new to the channel to join my gang. Our gang. And i don t see y all. In the next.

Video bye music you ” ..

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From May 1 to May 14, a special fighting type Pokemon event is happening in Pokemon Go! Learn all of the event details in this video!
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