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“Guys. It s becca from mtp and welcome back to our channel last time. We we did a hands on review of the huawei p10. And what s a flagship.

Without a case well we ve decided to line up some of the cases for this phone for you and show you what to expect on the market. Now this here are all original huawei cases well most of them. But they all look amazing on this phone. So let s get right to it first one here is huawei s original smart view case.

This case consists of plastic shell. And it s coated with a textured fabric material huawei. Seems to really like this design. Since most of the cases for p10 and p10 plus have this fabric coating the bottom side upper side.

And the right side of the phone are completely exposed. There s a large cutout for the camera on the back as well so as far as the protection goes..

This might not be the right case to shatterproof your phone. But it looks good this cool looking smart screen on the front cover is there for you to check your notifications. Take calls or check the time or pedometer. Even without having to open the cover.

There are more color options at our website. So be sure to check those out next one in line. Is also huawei s original case. This time this one is called p10 mashup.

This case comes in a different shade of textured fabric cover with a nice pu leather part of the bottom the two pieces are connected with neat stiching. And there is also an imprinted huawei branding. The edges of the case are raised over the edge of the phone just slightly. So you can put your phone face down without worrying about scratching your screen.

There is a big cutout on the back for the camera one for the volume rockers and for the power button and one for the usb type c. Port..

The speaker grill and the headphone jack on the bottom. There are a couple of more color options and color combinations of both materials you can pick from at our online store. So you can find yourself a perfect match this one here. The huawei p10 car case is a lot like the previous one as far as the design and the cutout placement go.

What s unique about this case is the magnetic pad that s inside of the case itself so it can be easily fixed to a magnetic car holder like the one we have here and no unfortunately the holder doesn t come with the case. But don t worry we have cases at our webise that also include car holders so do check those out the link will be in the description box this case has a classy black all fabric design without the pu leather part it fits the phone nicely it s a little bit raised over the edges of the screen. So you don t have to worry if you put your phone face down. The next case.

We have is also brought to you by huawei and this time. It is a clear silicone tpu case this case is not completely transparent. Though it has this matte blue hue to it i believe it s mostly because they want to prevent it from turning yellow for a bit longer eventually though they all do turn yellow. So keep that in mind.

If you re planning to purchase something like this it s very flexible and it fits the phone like a second skin. The buttons are coated..

And they have a good tactile feedback and the ports have very precise cutouts next in line. We have another clear case this time by imak now this one comes with some goodies inside as well so in the package. You will find a case a screen protector a dust sticker and a microfiber cloth. We ll push those aside since this video is about the cases only but still thank you imak for always taking care of your customers.

We love it this case itself is completely transparent. And it seems even thinner and more flexible than the huawei tpu transparent case. It also looks like your phone. Doesn t even have a case on and it doesn t have that rainbow effect when the light hits it yet.

It will not really protect your phone from drops or some serious bumps. It is a look some people may prefer so if you like it check the link in the description box and get your own it comes with the screen protector did i mention that because it s does and the last. But not the least the wallet case by 4smarts. Now this is a universal case for phones that are up to 52 inches.

We liked it so we thought why not see how it works with p10 and it looks amazing also we did manage to put in the p10 plus as well and that s a 55 inch phone. So if you have a little bit of a bigger phone..

This case might work for you there are bigger versions of this wallet. Case at our online store. So check them out this case has a nice big pocket for your smartphone on the inside. And on the left side of the case.

You will find a couple of pockets for the cash and four slots for the cards. It s made of pu leather and there s a little branding on the front bottom cover. It s a great case to have all your belongings in one place. And that would be all for today.

If you like any of these lovely cases do check our online store. The links will be in the description box. It s always a pleasure guys and thank you so much for watching. ” .


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