HTC Desire 601 Unboxing (Virgin Mobile)

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“Everybody this is an unboxing video of the htc desire 601 from virgin mobile usa. Usa. First of all this does run on sprint s 4g lte. Network and htc already named a phone.

The desire. So it s interesting they marketed as the htc desire cuz. It makes me think of a really old phone alright let s see on the back heart eat. It has htc boomsound dual front facing amplified speakers.

That s pretty cool it has fm radio with the next radio app porgy lte on them here it s as 4g lte. 45 inch touchscreen 5 megapixel camera with hd video capture 14 gigahertz dual core processor 3g 4g wi fi bluetooth so and that s about what we ve got here and here s the phone itself let s unbox it typically virgin mobile packaging..

I still don t like it and here s the phone and htc does have their nice little cornstarch bags. Which is nice we have the charger adapter cable and this is an interesting manual box nice and compact service manuals and stuff are in there. Here. We have the battery again in a cornstarch bag and we have of course.

The bag to recycle your old phone in for free just pop. It in here and send it off so easy as that definitely encourage you to do that all right let s see how much the battery is a nice little biodegradable bags. They re easy to open to let s see it is 2100 milliamp hours. So not too horrible and here s the phone itself let s take off the sticker.

And it s a nice size. I had super light without the battery take this off and then we can see the back oops all right there we go..

It s got a nice smooth back a nice round camera design there it s a very matte back so i don t know if it ll be a fingerprint magnet or not but it s not super glossy. Which is kind of nice. I m here we ve got the volume rocker on this side. Which is interesting and the power lock button on the top as well as the headphone jack and nothing on this side and the bottom.

We have the non centered power power cord thing. There now let s see if i can figure out how to open this right. I think we just pop it off so you just stick your finger in here and pop it off it. Seems like buttons and all the whole side comes off this phone does have nfc.

We can see by this antenna thing in the back. So that s nice and let s pop this in has the sim card for the lte and it has a micro sd card slot..

But there s none included mm. Let s package this up it s got a much more quality feel to it once the now that the battery is in because with the battery. And it has quite a bit of weight here. You can see we ve got the earpiece up here and speaker down here.

And i wonder if this is a speaker. 2. Because it said dual speakers on the front. I m not sure if it met this and this or if there s two in here.

But sound should music should sound nice in here so let this thing start up alright that was pretty quick. And i will get it all activated and everything later today and i will be able to just want to be doing and i ll be able to do a review soon and hopefully alright..

Oh not an emergency call activating home alright let s see if we can get to the home screen. Because it s not going to activate because i have not registered it on my couch. So i m not sure why it s not letting me to the home screen. Well.

I guess i won t be able to get to the home screen and show you much it needs me to activate it right now for some reason so but this is the htc desire. 6. L1 and it has a really nice feel to it overall and it should be a pretty quality device especially for the price that rhymed. But everyone have a nice day and a great thanksgiving.

And i ll be back with the review after thanksgiving thanks for ” ..

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