HP Star Wars Laptop disassembly for upgrading

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“Everyone welcome back and in today s video. I m going to be making a a hat ooh of how to clean your membrane keyboard. I already made a video this where i totally disassembled the keyboard to do it. But i wasn t really showing you guys how to do that because in that video.

It wasn t even supposed to be a how to video. I was just showing you what i did so i m going to be redoing this video right here because i want to show you guys exactly step by step how to do this and i m going to do it without having to take apart this entire keyboard. So let s jump right in okay. So first of all you should take a good quality picture of your keyboard.

It has to be good quality. So that you can be able to easily read the keys next you re going to want to pull the caps off you can use a key cap. Puller or your fingers. And well.

I used a flathead screwdriver and just go ahead and pull them all off the bigger caps have to be pulled off and then slid out because there s this metal bar that gives them extra support next you re going to put all. The key caps into a cup of water and preferably with soap and mix it in and turn it and you know scrub it and all that then if you if the text on your caps are like written on with some sort of ink or something you re going to want to wash them take them out and dry them. But if they re etched on or like laser etched or something then i recommend you leave them to sit overnight. So that the water and soap soaks into that dirt and really gets it off just like how i did it in my mechanical cleaning video.

Which was a giveaway you guys should go ahead and check that out next. The next day or the same day go ahead and take some cotton swabs to clean the under board. If you don t want to have to do all that work and you have the skills then you can take apart the keyboard and then wash it under the sink. But i personally don t like taking apart membrane or well any kind of keyboard.

So i just went ahead and wiped. It all off with the cotton swab. The next day after that s all clean or the same day depending on what you did then go ahead and dry off all your key caps make sure they re totally dry and then put them all back on referring to the pic you took earlier and there you go your keyboard should be done one thing. I did forget to mention.

Though is that there s those rub..

There s these rubber things under the keyboard you re going to want to take those all out. Before you do any kind of scrubbing or anything on the main under board. Because you don t want to accidentally lose those things. Because you need them for the board to function okay.

So another thing. I want to say is that i will be including a little bit of ads in my videos from now on because i want to try making a little more revenue. I m going to try to keep the ads under 10 seconds. So you guys don t have to worry too much.

But i will be including a little bit of ads in my videos. The last thing i want to say also is that none of you guys are following me on twitter. I d like you guys to follow me on twitter at whitey techie over there because it gives me live updates and i can interact with you guys. And ask you what you want to see next and all that so follow me there at my twitter.

And that s pretty much it. So. I ll see you guys next video. Thank you all for watching bye.

start working it through here and start popping off the the edge of the laptop. It s going to start walking through it s going to as a brought a little bit more light to the subject. It s going to start walking through and as you walk through it you ll hear it you ll hit hear popping doesn t as you can see it s starting to separate here. As it does that you can kind of use your finger a little bit and pop it along it sometimes a little difficult so just keep using your tool.

So i am here and keep walking it into the crack and just wiggle it back and forth as you go. And when you get to the side. It s probably best to just tip it over to the side here and continue walking along the laptop here and i ll pause. The video and continue okay.

Once you have the laptop at the part..

Where it s pretty well separated. As you can see here bring a little bit more line onto the subject for a second as you can see is pretty well separated. What i m going to do at this point once. It s kind of separated all the way to the edge near the monitor.

I m going to flip the laptop over show you what what we re going to get to here. Once you have that backside pretty much separated on the top of it anyway. You actually want to start messing with the laptop and separating it right underneath. Where the battery compartment is and what i mean by that is you can take your tool.

Here and you want to push into these little indentions that you have here these little tabs that are located here. And you actually want to start separating the laptop from the unit. And it s going to be real easy at this point. Okay.

I ve pushed into the tabs on the shadow should have some better lighting. But i pushed in the tabs. Quite a bit here and i ve got it to where it just pops right off there s the bottom side of the laptop. And now we ve gotten to the holy grail.

Where we wanted to get two of the laptop as you can see the bottom piece of the laptop kind of actually curves around almost this is just underneath. The lcd part right here. Where it says the star wars lettering and of course. It s the bottom side of the laptop not really too interested in that what we re really interested in is focusing on upgrading some components of the inside of the laptop.

The main one the main one i want to focus on is the hard drive the slowest piece of equipment that s going to be on this laptop. The one that typically comes with is just spinning 5400 rpm drive. This is the drive that was actually in here. I ve already swapped it out the point for me.

Taking apart..

Today is to add some more ram to the machine comes with eight gigs of ram. I m going to add another ain t kicks. Bringing it up total of 16 gigs of ram. Just going over some of the parts you ve got this is where your cd rom drive plugs into i ll what you could do with that if you re a movie enthusiast is you could take the cd rom drive that it comes with just like this and you can actually swap it out for like a blu ray drive.

Which is what i ve done already you can take this plastic bezel that comes with the drive that you purchase. I got this particular drive this one here is the actual blu ray drive it s a panasonic blu ray writable drive if you re interested in the models sorry about that if you re interested in the model number is let me focus in on it and you i know. It s panasonic. That s the model number.

It s basically a blu ray writer. I bought it off amazon for about 60 bucks. And of course. You want to eject the tab.

Using like a paper clip will do once you eject the drive with the paper clip. The bezels pretty straightforward to come off the existing drive you kind of want to focus on the little tab right here pop off the teta. The front bezel and you just kind of walk your way this way. And it pops right off the one that comes with the replacement drive.

You do the same thing take. The paper clip stick it in the hole eject. It and then has a little tab. The same the hole tab that the bezel comes with and you just pop it right off and swap the bezel and that way it ll look like it came with it you can see here.

I ve already replaced the drive with a solid state drive big difference in boot. Time trust. Me you ll want to do that you want to use some cloning software like our kona s 2 image or some other brand them that that you prefer i use our conus and just clone the drive right on over from what it came with popped it over to this one. I didn t even power on the laptop.

When i got it the first thing..

I did was pop it open clone the drive and cloned it to this ssd drive and booted it up from there like i said the purpose of this video as you can see the cd rom drives right here just as these bumpers cd rom drive sorry hard drives here it s got these bumpers right off you just slide it right back in as some little notches here. So you want to make sure you put it in the right way as well as a couple notches. Here that the bumpers slide up under and of course. You ve got your ear ribbon here that plugs into the motherboard and then if you re not real satisfied with the wireless card comes in it if it s not an ac card you know if it s just like regular bgn card.

You can swap that out this is the wi fi card and of course your ram slot. That s what i m here to do right now cpus right up underneath. There i bought the ram off of amazon of course you can get it anywhere new way will have it you want to get the same type and model. This one came with samsung memory.

And i ve got another samsung eight gig chip here just go ahead and slide that in at an angle. Once you re satisfied of course. If you live in an area. Where you could have static charge.

You want to make sure you touch a metal surface of the of the laptop. You know statically chart a discharge and motherboard here once it s there you know i ve got the slot in and if you re satisfied seat it in firmly. You re good to go and now. If you ve doubled your ram.

It s pretty straightforward the reverse reassembly is in the reverse order of course you re going to take your bad boy here of your case slop them back on them back in place and put all the screws back in where of course. They calo wanted to post this video because before i swap this hard drive out i had a hell of a time trying to figure out how to pop the thing apartheid. Just just was able to figure it out myself the key part is like i said you want to use something like a nylon plastic non marking tool. If you try to use a screwdriver you re going to mess up the surface of your laptop right around the rim.

So you want to get something like this it s pretty cheap you can buy kit of them for like 10 bucks off amazon you just search non marking or prying tools and you ll find it they re pretty straightforward anyhow that s that s pretty much it if you have any questions or comments. Please leave the those below. And i ll be glad to answer them thank you again have a good day enjoy. ” .


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